1. OMG!!!!! All services today were BEYOND AMAZING!!! To have pastors who never back down is PRICELESS!!!! The vibe of Faith was so thick !!! My favorite was all the horns honking and all the people that showed up bc they realize the value of CHURCH!! Thank you to all pastors And leaders for all you did!!! We NEED each other and we’re soooo grateful you made it happen in such a short amount of time !!!!

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  2. y’all…. seriously today!!!! i got to be with the kids all day and their faith and love for the Father is so contagious, tangible, and sincere!!!! Pastor Faith taught that Jesus did the ULTIMATE act of Faith… raising from the dead!!! and that same power lives in me! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! this same statement keeps ringing in my head that Jesus didn’t back down so i won’t either!!!! so so so grateful to call chooselife church my home and my refuge:)

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  3. Today was so special!!!!!!!!! I don’t even like outside and it was awesome….I am sunburned though lol!!
    My takeaway from all three services is my job is to believe…how easy is that?????? I am choosing from this Easter forward to meditate on the Word even more in some specific areas of my life so it puts on flesh and manifests in my life in an even bigger way!!

    I love my church family and never take for granted one opportunity where we all get to be together!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. WOW!!! Today was AMAZING!! YOU KNOW IT HAD TO BE GOD!!😩 He saw this day way long before we were ever born, so He made a way, put things in place, people were planted, there was provision, gifts & talents brought & supernatural things took place today!! Sighhh!! So in Love with Him❤️❤️ So thankful for the family we were led to that have played a HUGE role in lives being restored from the inside out! Hallelujah!

    Before I ever heard a Word – I was so – I can’t even describe the feeling – but sooo grateful & humbled!! As I walked through that parking lot seeing everything coming together – all of that was done for me & my family, for the lost, for every person who is hungry for more! I saw the hands of Jesus – His compassion for the world & extent of His great Love that He went over & beyond to get His will done & I’m so honored that I got the opportunity to be a part of that!

    My takeaways:
    Regardless of what the enemy tries to do to steal, kill or destroy! I will not be moved! he can’t take the fact that I am a child of The Most High GoD!! 🙌🏼 and in saying that – I am declaring VICTORY!
    I believe that heaven is in my future & heaven is in me NOW!!
    This is not the end for us – but the preparation
    The Word can’t be an addendum – it has to be my life
    He’s a world class forgiven!! Yesss!!
    A believer BELIEVES – that it is settled!!

    I can do my purpose through full faith because the tomb is empty
    The life of a believer should be the most fun!

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  5. Sunday services were amazing! I want to “Thank” all of our Pastors for making Easter Sunday so special outside , (Drive -in )services for all of us, and for staying up all night to Get it done ! So grateful for our Pastors whom will not quit , will not compromise the Word and love us so much they are going to do whatever it takes! I really enjoyed all the horns honking every time they connected with the truth of the Word! Lol!!!

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  6. Chooselife Church is so amazing! To have pastors that preach the truth about God’s word without watering it down. Having service outside…..we did not miss a beat from the service inside. Its Monday and I’m excited all over again! The word was sooooooo good, as usual. When we sit still, be quiet and allow the Father to speak to us, it does’t matter where we are at, we just have to be receptive.

    Take aways……..don’t mince words! Stand up for what you believe, not aggressively, but let others know what Gods word says, what you believe versus what the world is saying. We don’t have to understand it, JUST BELIEVE!!!…..I believe 🙂

    The life we have is the life we choose!….Deuteronomy 30:19…..

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  7. I really liked being outside for church today!! Church was so amazing and I’m so thankful we were there together!!! I love my church family!!!
    Service highs// all He has asked me to do us believe! How easy is that?? What could I do for Him???? All He wants is relationship with me!
    The light of the Word first dispels darkness in me. The more I walk in the light it pushes out the darkness.
    When I choose life I authorize Him to work with me I’m this life!

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  8. Gosh Easter Sunday was amazing. I’m so thankful for our Pastors. I’m thankful for every person who made service possible. It was literally amazing praising God in the sunshine, it was like a kiss from Jesus,, I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful for the Uncompromised word that we hear!! I’m so grateful for everything Jesus did for us.. we just have to have faith. Only believe. I will get in the word more,,!! Also I really liked when PD said we have to resist the desire to get upset or angry about any of this going on. and it doesn’t matter what they take away God will restore it. Honestly God has provided for us supernaturally. I’m so thankful!!!!! I’m so honored to be apart of the family here. I love all of y’all

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  9. Wow!! Just when I think I have the best church in the world…EASTER 2020 happens and I realize there’s even more to love about chooselife church!! To see how intentional our pastors, staff, and leaders are in not letting this change water down what our focus is was honestly, motivating. Chooselife’s mission has always been the same: to tell the lost, teach the truth, and to set the captives free and complying with state mandated regulations and using honks as “amens” DOES NOT CHANGE THAT!! We are about JESUS and people!! Pastor Charity’s jumpstart message was so on time…there’s no cute in staying up all night, setting up, and being ALL IN for His kingdom!! And I learned that you’re either all in for His things or mad…which will you be? First service was powerful with PD teaching all about JESUS RESURRECTED!! One thing that he said right out of the gate, sums it all up…”We’ve got the only thing that makes a difference in life; we’ve got JESUS!” And the rest of the day was just as powerful…Kidz church for 3rd service was so good with the visual of the empty water gun and the simple but powerful truth that Abi learned: satan leaves me empty but JESUS fills me up with power! Abi was so blessed on Easter Sunday ❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you to our unrelenting pastors, leaders, and volunteers for making a way to have CHURCH! Like Yasmeen said to the kids at the end of 3rd service, “this was one for the books”! 🙌🏼💪🏼

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  10. Walking by faith means you are walking by the Word and confidence in what it says and what it will do and not by feelings! You cannot trust your feelings!

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  11. I’m GRATEFUL for Easter Sunday!!!!!! Goshhh I am grateful for our pastors stance & so honored to be a part of this flock!!!!!! All services soooo blessed my life..

    Jumpstart- hard times come but we CONTINUE!! I refuse to be CUTE-all about self!!!! If your attitude hasn’t been affected by what Jesus did for you your in religion.. NOT MOVED BY THE TEMPORARY!! I’m not from here! Consumed with Him!!!! I so enjoyed what PC said don’t be critical with your kids but communicate with them.. no pointing fingers.. GOSHH WE ARE ALL GROWING.. help them! Jesus is about people! Don’t be shallow – KNOW HIM

    1 st Service- THE LIFE I HAVE IS THE LIFE IVE CHOSEN! I DECREASE SO HE CAN INCREASE…. BELIEVE IN HIM!!! We are blessed even in or worst times! He is ALWAYS THERE TO BE MY MORE THAN ENOUGH!! He is my POWER!!! People aren’t my problem! FOCUSED ON HIM! Heaven is my future! We have absolutely no reason to fear!!! GRATEFUL!!!!

    2nd Service Kidz- WOW!!! I was so blessed by this service that I cried through the entire Worship time! Grateful for our church! We continue moving forward!!!!!! FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!! He’s got his children… WE CAN BANK ON IT!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  12. Service was so special to me! I’m so grateful for everyone who helped set everything up! It was amazing meeting new people as they pulled into the parking lot and just seeing how what we had the opportunity to do gave people who don’t normally attend our church a way to check out our church in a non aggressive way!

    Don’t ever let your light not shine. He never hid anything from us! He was always truthful no matter the situation or circumstances! I need to not be intimidated but tell everyone what He has and wants to do for them!

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