DEEP 4.13.20

So thankful for DEEP!! So thankful for the TRUTH!!!!

In Him!

We are righteous IN HIM!!! We have power to overcome! What was your favorite part of class?


Why would God want you to have less than the best when He GAVE US HIS BEST?! What was your favorite part of Prosperity?

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  1. I’m so thankful for this tool!! It’s really helped me to keep my eyes on what He’s been showing me, at the click of a button. 😝
    Some of my takeaways:

    In Him:
    I am The Righteousness of GoD in Christ Jesus! – we have to be righteousness conscious – understand your stand in righteousness
    Prov 4:23 Guard your heart(I HAVE TO DO THIS)
    1 John 5:4 success is guaranteed!!
    Use of The Name of Jesus creates The Jesus image in me – I never lack power – never sense failure or defeat – I have His ability & I’M COMPLETE IN HIM ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

    We have to be fully persuaded!! I sooo enjoy reading about all the men/women who were not moved – they stood their ground, on what The Father has already said is done!!
    Pursuing something for myself = fear 😐 we have nothing we should be trying to get when we are a child of GoD! Who ever heard of a King/Queen trying to get something to eat, wear, finances etc.. they already got it all!!
    When you have a “fall flat on the ground in gratitude” attitude – you will be whole in every area of your life!! Hallelujah!!


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