Coffee w/PK 4.14.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so good!!! Make a plan and STICK TO IT!! Regardless of the natural, our spiritual life should go higher and higher! What was your favorite part of service?


  1. First thank you so so much for doing all you do so we can still hear the word and come together. My favorite part of today was when PK talked about Samson and how he saw the Philistine woman and how he told his parents like go get her for my wife and his parents told him why? Can’t you find a Jewish girl with a covenant. He lusted after the flesh and it lead to his downfall. I do not need to edify the flesh at all in any sense because I will pay the price. And especially in these times we need to be like Peter on the water and focus on Jesus and that’s it. Everything on either side of Jesus is just noise to distract us from what is really important. ♥️♥️

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  2. I really really like the 7 things to WAKE UP!!
    I think my favorite part of today besides all being together was when Pastor Kathy said, “You can tell what is in your heart in abundance by what comes out of our mouth.”
    I want to be more intentional than ever before in believing and speaking the Word only!
    I also liked when Pastor Kathy talked about getting a plan; that is so important; I don’t even have kids and I feel like my routine is thrown off because their’s is and it doesn’t even affect me. That tells me our flesh is always looking for a way out of discipline and focus and we can’t let our flesh have what it wants!! We will go harder and than we ever have before!!


  3. WOW! Coffee With PK drive -in service was amazing today! I liked what Pastor Kathy said , this is a Wake Up call for Christians!!!!! We are the church to be Strong and of good courage. Strong in the Lord and the Power of His might! Let God arise, let peace and joy rise up and be seen in us as we are the light to finish the work like Jesus did! I will continue to pray for people for laborers to go to the hopeless to make Jesus their Lord and Savior. We have the ANSWER! iT IS JESUS! I will determine to tell one person a day about Jesus , whether it be a You are loved heart card, a NO FEAR card or the Scriptures! Letting them know Jesus loves them and they don’t have to be afraid. I make the decision to go after God like never before! I choose to live by faith. Worry is fear, panic is fear ! 2Tim. 1:7 Says God hasn’t given us a Spirit of fear , but a spirit of Power, Love and a Sound mind! Praise God! Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. I’am telling you Christians every where choose to be Strong, choose life, choose faith not fear. After having done all, be immovable! STAND! JESUS IS OUR SOON COMING KING!!!! Thank you PK! I love you♥️

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  4. I really liked everything about this morning and how our Pastors just continue dispute any circumstances to do what God told them to do. I really like when she shared with us to get a plan. These practical things always help me to focus on what’s important and even though my son is older now, there still should be a plan for our everything and how we do things. I made a shift. Also, I liked the story about the guy in the box car. His thoughts killed him…are you serious??? It was 55 degrees in that car. I will keep my mind stayed on Him and I will have the victory!!!

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  5. This message was soooo good!! Omg! So thankful!!! I liked how empowering it was to take things up a notch!! This natural world is failing but my spiritual life should be thriving!! I really liked when PK said shadrach meshach and abednego saw the fire but they would not bow!!!! I refuse to compromise!!!


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