1. Church was FIRE tonight, so so good!!! So grateful for our pastors and everyone who works so hard so we can still have church, get fed, and not get lazy ! Thank you thank you!!!!

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  2. Church SO BLESSED ME & The Way PD brought the Word last night was so On point! I’m so grateful For Our pastors! What really went all over me tonight was IM A DEAD PERSON! A DEAD PERSON ISNT MOVED BY ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD! I’m DEAD IN HIM! I’m HIS DAUGHTER-fearfully & wonderfully made & I wasn’t created to ever quit quitting things I need to quit or continue and not quit those things I’m not supposed to quit on! DANG GRATEFUL!

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  3. Now is the time to shine brighter and make a bigger difference. Bringing the Word to all the people of the city by being outside is so cool! Some of them may not appreciate it, but the seed of the Word is still being spread, planted and watered and God will bring the increase.

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  4. The time to go harder is when things are harder. You get more intense and focused. I also liked when pastor said it’s hard to upset someone in a casket. I am dead to the me that tries to not walk in love. I crucify my flesh and determine to do what Jesus always did despite what was going on around Him. And then finally when he said don’t put expectations in myself but on the Christ in me. Then I’m sure things will work better!! Lol!!

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  5. Night Life was so good last night it really is like a drive in theater only better! I liked what PD said about the church should go harder when times are harder. We are the glorious church Jesus is coming for!To endure these times like a good soldier , to stand and continue to flourish . To see ourselves NEW everyday we get up! I refuse to buy into fear ! No fear here !!! We will recover and make a difference like never before ,and be an influence. 🙌 His Love provided a way to live this life by faith right now, He gave us everything we will ever need to do it!!!!! So good PD! ♥️

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  6. Night life was the bomb.com last night!! Towards the end of service PD told us to not spend anymore time focusing on our failures. Oh my gosh that was so freeing. There is no need to rehearse my failures. I am righteous is the eyes of my Father and it’s time I start seeing myself that way too. In my prayer time I just thanked God for helping me to see me through him and not what I see. I’m so grateful for truth and the power it holds ♥️

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  7. My highs from NL drive in service:
    * God called us to be free – whether we can go to the store or not! 😆
    * Every morning = OPPORTUNITY 🙌🏼
    * To quicken means to primarily, make alive; to vivify; to revive or resuscitate, as from death or an inanimate state. To revive; to cheer; to reinvigorate; to refresh by new supplies of comfort or grace. To make alive in a spiritual sense; to communicate a principle of grace to.
    Ephesians 2 is such an awesome chapter!
    * No more setbacks, we’re all about comebacks!
    * IN HIM is EVERYTHING I need!
    * I’m dead to this world; alive in CHRIST!
    * We never lose because we’re destined to win > We win because of Him > It’s settled because He said!

    Every drive in service gets better and better because we’re growing and trusting Him for guidance and answers! To see how smoothly everything flows just shows how He is the God of our every detail ❤️


  8. And can we just take a second to appreciate how cool our pastor is, rocking the all blue track suit and sneakers?! I see you Pastor Dean! 😆😎🙋🏼‍♂️

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  9. This was so good!!! I really liked when PD said when you live everyday like Jesus is coming back, everyday is lived better! I also liked that we have to forget the things of our past, even our yesterday, and not bring it into today!! If we keep bringing up yesterday, today we will never do everything we are supposed to do, or be confident to do the things we are supposed to do!


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