1. Deep blessed me tonight! I’m continually grateful that our church CONTINUES going about their normalcy no matter what!! IT HELPS ME & SO SPEAKS TO ME…

    Pk- WE ARE NOT MOVED BY WHAT WE SEE! God supplies all of my needs! I give no place to the devil GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF ME!!! LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!! Make the Father & Hi business MORE IMPORTANT!

    Pd- what really blessed me was BEING CONTENT MEANS: you know what is most important- HIM.. you pursue what’s most important- HIM.. you know what comes next is based on knowing Him and pursing Him.. being sufficient within yourself With God the Father.


  2. Deep was AWESOME!!! This is the fire that’s needed to conquer every attack of the enemy! So thankful for our Pastors, staff & volunteers that continue to lay down their lives for the building of the kingdom! So we are able to continue to learn, be corrected, challenged as PD said Sunday & encouraged! Something happens when we come together in unity, with such a hunger! And I’m believing that every family has come out stronger as we through all of this! Like PD was saying, “I forgot about the virus” – gosh we’re sooo soo blessed!!🙌🏼 here some of my takeaways:

    IN HIM
    Rev 12:11 this one has been one of the ones that’s helped me through sooo much!! Walking in my healing, overcoming fear, so much!! I overcome by The Blood of The Lamb and the Word of MY TESTIMONY!!! His part is already done, finished, He’s left NOTHING UNDONE, now I have to take my place & get loud, speak The Word ONLY with boldness!
    Power(Greek) THE FATHERS ABILITY!! Wow something I’m still meditating on!! That’s in me – LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! So huge!!!
    I have seed in the ground! Glory!! And it’s springing up☝🏼

    If you’re not doing – you’re not helping! So good! Goes with what PD was saying on Sunday, if you believe it – you ought to promote it! This is life, not some tradition, religion or routine!! This is what we’re about! We believe it enough to do it!
    Pride – positions me in opposition to The Father 🥴 I want no tiny piece of pride in my life! Holy Spirit is helping me to recognize this!
    When you have a lot – you have a lot of options! You have to fight pride, wrong priorities & passions!
    Phil 3:8!!!! In the TPT sooo good!! All I’ve gained & thought was important – was nothing more than yesterday’s garbage – compared to knowing Jesus…I want to know Him inside & out – I want to experience the power of His resurrection😊
    Glory! So huge! We have resurrection power inside us!! PF talked about this in Kidz Sunday. When we take our place our Finances cannot stay dead…etc we have power to call those things that are dead or lacking to RISE UP!☝🏼 HALLELUJAH!!

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