1. Glory!!!!! Today’s message was 🔥 and although Rebekah, Abi, and I listened from home, we are so pumped to truly live the CARE FREE life that JESUS paid for!!! God takes care of His kids and He will supply!!!! We’re choosing to keep our mouths shut if we can’t speak the GOOD REPORT OF THE LORD 🤫 We are not in the unknown because we KNOW HIM!!!! We have the SUPERNATURAL ability to be fearless and strong 💪🏼 We have a choice and the Borquez Family chooses JESUS!!! I will never look at 1 Peter 5:7-9 the same way again 😮 to visualize us lugging that heavy, stinky, hard care around, tired and sore when JESUS is RIGHT THERE with His STRONG, BIG, LOVING shoulders…such relief and REST!!!! The devil wants real estate in my mind BUT it’s too late…JESUS is my owner!!! That story about Jairus and how JESUS took no time to look the man in his eyes and command him to “FEAR NOT” because He knew that there would be an opportunity…yes, there are opportunities to worry and fret BUT GOD has empowered and encouraged us to be strong and to not be afraid!! HALLELUJAH!!!

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  2. TODAYS MESSAGE WAS GOSHHHHH SUCH A BLESSING TO EVERY PART OF MY LIFE! The Spirit of Gods presence was THICK even as we were in cars… THE ENEMY LOSES!!!! I’m grateful GRATEFUL GRATEFUL TO BE A PART OF THIS CHURCH… without the STABILITY OF THIS CHURCH where would I be?! I am GRATEFUL😭😭🥰🥰😭😭❤️❤️ GOD SUPPLIES ALL OF MY NEEDS! I cast my cares onto HIM, I let go of ALL OF ME & I say GOD I NEED YOU!!!! My focus will stay on Jesus – he keeps me in perfect peace.. my focus ONLY on HIM NOT ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE……. I’m grateful for PK who as a mom to me SHOWS ME BY EXAMPLE.. and goshhh I LOVE LOVE WHEN SHE HAS A VISUAL BECAUSE It boots me to another level!!!! GRATEFUL 🥰

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  3. Coffee with PK was fun and so good! I appreciate all that Pastor Kathy always gives us the truth of God’s Word! We do have a job to do and that’s to share the gospel to others about what we know about Jesus. People are lost and hurting , physically, mentally! We have to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, getting everything out of our lives that is not pleasing to Him so we will be led by the Holy Spirit to speak the Word to encourage others that have no hope without Jesus! He will show me where to go, what to say to them! So we are the light! To know in our knower God’s taking care of me! I will stay positive , speak the Word only , not what the world is talking about ,not the tv, not the media ! I know in Who I have believed and persuaded He is able to keep that which I have given to Him! Praise God!!!! Stay in faith and stay free! Thank you Pastor Kathy !♥️

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  4. I looooove coffee with PK, it’s hard to stay sitting in the car I wanna jump and shout, every week rocks my world!!!! Gosh Gods got us in every way CARE FREE, his life is the best life!!! When PK read Matthew 11:28-30 I got a new revelation I replaced yoke and burden with LIFE, vs 29. Take my LIFE upon you and learn from me, for I am GENTLE (I’m going to gentle) and lowly in heart (lowly means humble) and you will find rest ( being gentle and humble is such a place of rest) for your soul. Vs 30 For my LIFE is easy and my LIFE is LIGHT. LIGHT- our life living HIS LIFE is a LIGHT to the world!!
    In him there is NO FEAR- Let it go! In him THERE IS REST!!!
    We were created for such a time as this, this is our greatest hour IN HIM!!!!!

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  5. Oh oh and from my previous comment 😁 I looked up the YOKE they use for oxen, they are made for 2 oxen, 1 ox doesn’t pull the plow it takes 2, we can’t do HIS LIFE on our own we HAVE to be connected to HIM!😁

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  6. I liked the analogy of casting your care or flinging it over onto an animal that was designed to carry the load. I wasn’t designed for that. I must trust Him and give it to Him otherwise i won’t be fit for my race…it’ll slow me down.

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  7. OH MY GOSH!!! Coffee with PK was soo good! When Pastor Kathy talked about Joshua and how the Spirit of God told him like 3 times, “Be strong and of good courage!” and then she said Jesus is standing in front of you saying the same thing!! WOW!! That was so encouraging!! Joshua had to bring the people into the promised land and we have the same but different opportunity to bring people into the promised land!! It was soo soo good, and burning the stuff that is courage robbers was so good too!! Worry robs us of our courage!! NO MORE DEVIL!!! THank you Pastor kathy!! I am excited about when we can be inside again…lol!! The signs were soo great whoever made those!!! We should have them inside too!!! Fan/talk back sign!! 🙂 LOL!! LOVE YALL!!!!


  8. I really liked Coffee with Pastor Kathy this week because I burn stuff all the time…seriously if I am thinking about it for more than two days it is either going in the fire or down the toilet!! I am not an adult Christian so every time I hear a message on living a care free life it brings me back into focus…He is God and I am not!!

    I like when Pastor Kathy said “clean up your act” …that is soo good we will be stronger and stronger families than we have ever been

    What you focus on affects your mood!

    I also really liked when she said we have to get out of ourself and into the Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The enemy is always trying to make something else A BIGGER DEAL TO ME THAN THE WORD!!!!!!!!! I’M SO DONE WITH THAT!! NO MORE CARES!! JUST THE WORD, THE SPIRIT AND KICKING BUTT!!


  9. I really enjoyed coffee with pastor kathy this week! Being care-free is an area I want to develop more in my life. I liked the picture of casting and not carrying it…I don’t want to carry the “care” I have to cast it away! My favorite was when pk said if you’re emotions are running wild the enemy is working on you. It’s so simple, but when my emotions have me I just have to stop and ask myself where I’ve not cast the care


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