1. Last night was soo good!! If you are sowing it, you are going to reap it!! WE have to be so intentional about what we sow!! The harvest is in our hands!! What we have we can sow!! I am so grateful for the SIMPLE Gospel that empowers us to do something with what we have and see results!! The WORD WORKS!!!


  2. Going harder actually makes life easier. That was revealed to me as God doesn’t make it HARD to go HARDER, He makes it EASY and life gets EASIER. We weren’t created to do things on our own or make our own way. We are designed to be dependent on Him. Don’t count on yourself or your own understanding.
    A seed contains it’s definition. Regardless of what kind of seed it is, it will produce what is inside of it.
    We are eventually going to stand before Jesus, and I want to make sure I’m not gonna get the stink eye when it’s my turn, I want to hear WELL DONE. I want to have more in Heaven than I ever had on Earth. Don’t compromise, don’t be complacent !
    Joshua 1:8 – The Word must fill your mouth, heart and mind CONSTANTLY, so you’ll know what to do, how to do it, and then experience prosperity and success.


  3. In me is the victory!! Going harder makes life easier. I am going to go harder. The harder I go the easier it will be for me and those associated with me.

    Whatever is on the inside of me creates the opportunity for me to win or lose.


  4. Night Life was so good! I really liked what Pastor Dean said: You go Harder or you get softer. We will be rewarded in heaven for only what we did in and with Him! Say what He says or just shut up until you can. Be more than a Conquerer!!!🙌


  5. GOSHHH LAST NIGHT SO BLESSED ME!!!!!!! I’m grateful for SOLD OUT PASTORS TO THE WORD OF GOD!!! This so BLESSED ME LAST NIGHT & ROCKED MY WORLD!!!! Humility says I can’t do me but HE CAN!!!! My respect and honor for a HIM CAN PRODUCE IN MY LIFE! I REST IN HIS SETTLED WORD THAT SAYS ITS FINISHED!! I am grateful


  6. Seeds contain their definition I don’t produce anything!
    When I honor God‘s plan I can expect him to honor the promise that is associated with it!
    I won’t compromise or be complacent I’m going to go harder!!!


  7. Night life was so good!! I really liked when PD said now is the time for us to go harder!!! The choice is ours and I choose to go harder!!! What I sow, I reap! So I will continue sowing right, and begin to sow better in the places I’ve allowed complacency!!! I want to be the believer he talked about at the end that will go over!!!


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