Sunday, April 26

Services were soooo good today!! So thankful for truth!!! We MUST agree with the Word of God!! What is one thing, after today, that you choose to believe?

What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Church = 🔥💪🏼 so good!!
    Here are some of my takeaways:
    Sincere gatherers are STRONG 💪🏼
    This is the time to get my house in order!
    Do you want to be comfortable or fulfill your call!! Wow that’s such a real question to ask yourself everyday!
    David didn’t play the teenager card – he responded & killed Goliath 💪🏼 Glory!! When we don’t make excuses, and as we rely on His ability in us = the supernatural
    Mark 8:34 if I want to make the cut – I have to throw away my life
    I have to say NO to cute, ONE DAY AT A TIME!! I have to put my flesh in check!!
    Going harder = life is easier😃 to the senses & to the world this makes absolutely no sense
    We have to be INTENSE – we take this by force!!
    2nd I can always see where I am spiritually – when I encounter situations that are trying to move me
    When I give into temporary pleasure – the enemy makes sure there is many side affects 🤢 Sin = a weed that multiples.
    Jesus didn’t give into temptation – My face flashed before His face!! What a picture!!!!! This IS NOT ABOUT ME!! The life of a believer = a surrendered life in every aspect! I have to say NO to things to make way for Him to be able to work through me!😫
    I Refuse distractions/temptations by Faith!!
    The woe = way of escape
    If I get my focus off my calling – I begin to go off course
    My call matters! Even if it’s just for that ONE!! Grrr this just lights a fire in me every time!! I know that if I was the only one – that Jesus would still go through everything He did & still die for me!! I choose to lay it all down – one day at a time 💪🏼 Praise GoD for The Helper💪🏼

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  2. Church was so fun today!!! I’d rather get sun kissed for Him than be in the AC all day not living for Him!!
    – sincere gatherers are strong!!!
    -activity follows desires!
    – the moment I took my first breath, I was on Gods time!!
    – everything in my life should revolve around His body, the church. So if it isn’t building His kingdom I won’t be apart of it.
    y’all! kidz church is the place to beeee!!!
    – in Hebrews 11:37 it continues to talk about what people went through who wales by faith.
    – John did not care what he ate or what he wore because he focused on the call.
    – pastor faith also used a really really good illustration about distraction trying to throw you off from the call.
    She picked a kid and there was this obstacle course. She told them the call which was to get the 5 dollars from Yasmeen, she didn’t specify that they had to go through the obstacle course, she just said to get the 5 dollars from Yasmeen. When she said go, leaders were telling the kid to do this and do that, one of service the kid went through the whooollleee thing before getting the money from yas. And it was just an amazing picture of what happens when we become distracted, WE LOSE SIGHT OF THE CALL THAT WAS GIVEN TO US.
    this week I will participate in things that build His kingdom and defeat my comfort fight!! I will also FOCUS ON THE CALL. LIKE USING BINOCULARS I WILL ONLY LOOK AT THE CALL.

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  3. Church was so good today !!!
    What stood out to me the most was that I have to AGREE WITH GOD!!! Gosh that is so powerful !! I don’t care what it looks like or feels like , I choose to AGREE WITH GOD!!!! I’m going with him! There’s NO GRAY I either believe him or I don’t !!!! I BELIEVE HIM!!! I’m going with HIM!!!!
    Gosh I like what Jaz said- like looking
    Thru binoculars I will focus on the call!!
    My first call is to AGREE WITH HIM!!! And THAT is what I focus on this week !!!!

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  4. Drive -In services were so good today! A million thank you’s to all those that make it possible! Jumpstart/ God is not in control concerning the stewardship of my life, I’am! We are not to stop assembling ourselves together , we have an accountability not to sit at home ourselves , we’re sure not loving anyone there! But to come together as sincere gatherers who are strong doing this from our hearts continuing together at church! I choose not to be comfortable , but to fulfill my call. I have a work to do so that others can receive Jesus! ♥️ 1st/ We must agree with God!!! If not ;who are you agreeing with? I don’t want people’s opinion , I want what His Word, His truth says! No gray , just more and more Word! He is the One I walk with, Talk with, look Like , think like all day long.Keeping my eye on the prize, Plan A! He makes me a Victor for Him , victorious in this life!!!! Thanks Pastor Dean!🙌🙌🙌

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      1. You need to keep your eyes on those feet!!! LOL!!! IN Jesus name! I pray your arm and elbow are pain free!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!


  5. My highs were from Kidz church 3rd service! Sonia and I laughed about how we’re going to be knocking at the door, once we’re back inside the building, because we want to be in there, listening to such GOOD WORD!!! 😆💪🏼 And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pastor Faith!!!! We love you! Like Jaz said, PF used an obstacle course as a visual of all the temptations and distractions this world and the enemy will throw at us…BUT if we keep our eyes on the prize aka HIS will for our lives, then we won’t end up wasting valuable time!! Also, I was so blessed by the story that we’ve heard before about the boy on the beach, picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. When an older man told him, “Hey! There’s too many, you’ll never reach all of them! It’s not worth it!”, And how the little boy bent over, picked one star fish up and replied, “It’s worth it to this one” 😩🙌🏼 WOW!!!!!!! That was me on My Savior’s mind the day he went to the cross!!!! GLORY!!! And now, I can have that same attitude when I walk in my call, day by day! People are worth me answering His call on my life!!!

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  6. All 3 services were sooo good today!! I’m so grateful!
    I really liked when PC said ask yourself what are you doing with your life? Where are you going? And how you can’t move forward if your not faithful where you are now!!!
    I was thinking about a hamster on a wheel and how it’s running so fast but going nowhere! When I’m not faithful I’m “working, working, working” but I’m really going NO WHERE!!! It’s so religious and deceptive and I will call myself out on that! I want to move forward, I want to do my call so I will be faithful with what I know to do and not put on a show: going so fast and doing so much but really not going anywhere!

    From PDs services I really liked when he said the harder I go the further I’ll go!!! I want to go all the way!!!
    Agree with God or your feelings….you choose!!! That was so little but so HUGE for me!! Gosh, I will choose what God says not feelings!!! It’s a choice!! I just thought how easy it is for me to make decisions about so many other things but not going in my feelings is the same thing!! A choice!!! I will change how I see that and when the emotions come I will remind myself it’s a choice to fall for them or stand on the Word!!!

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  7. Today was sooo good to me. Honestly, the only hang up is that my ankles are burnt lol! I am going to be even more covered next week! LOL!!!!

    I really liked how helpful the 6 steps would be to anyone who will take advantage of them; and how much Pastor Dean emphasized being skilled and learning as it pertains to what God has called us to! I love that he used the example of PG being a learner because I see that everyday and it inspires me as well. I REJECT complacency in all its forms!!

    SERIOUSLY THESE MESSAGES WERE CHOOSELIFE AT ITS FINEST! We agree with God’s Word…we meet Him at His Word. Compromise is unbelief!! Casual is not a kingdom word. If you don’t go hard for the word you will not get word results. The kingdom requires we be violent with ourselves. Stop saying “I am just human.” I am not just human! I am in dwelt with His power!

    You can always find out where you are spiritually by what moves you! Nonsense makes no sense! Agreement is a heart issue not a proximity issue!
    I am not talking about mountains but I am talking to them!

    The substance of what I need is found in what I read! OMG!!
    Evil is anything LESS than what God provided!!

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  8. The substance of what you need is found in the Word you read! Cracker Rapper (self proclaimed) is back again with some linguistic truths that will change our lives. I’m going to give God’s Word more place than ever before!

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  9. service favs// my thought process should ALWAYS be…what does the Word say?!? Casual is not a kingdom word! Going harder makes life easier!!! 🎶go hard go hard go hard go hard🎶

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  10. Be in agreement with God. How can two walk together if they aren’t in agreement, and who is better to be in agreement with than the creator? Go hard or go home. It’s so easy to do. I vow to continue to keep going harder!

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  11. Jump start// get your priorities in order! My activities follow my desire. Cute doesn’t make the cut. Cute=convenient and comfortable…do I want to be comfortable or do I want to fulfill my call…I choose to fulfill my call.
    Service highs// we either believe Jesus is and did what he said he did or we don’t. There’s no gray! I liked the 6 steps a lot…separation, preparation, information, revelation, transformation, then confirmation. The Word is so easy and when I go harder it will be easier for me. He will see to it.

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  12. OH MY GOSH!! Literally we have the best church family on the planet!!! I hope all our mansions are close!! LOL! Thank you to everyone who celebrated me!! I am eternally grateful for the honor it is to be in yall’s lives!! Church was so good!
    Jumpstart//This is sacred!! This call should be treated different!! The Holy Spirit is so amazing that in JUmpstart and Kidz…the call was center stage…I want to fulfill my call! I will refuse comfort this week!!! I might even sleep outside…..jussssssssssssstttt kiddding!! I must to what I am called to do ONE day at a TIME!!!
    So grateful for the kids team and how fun they make each service for the kids!! 🙂
    PD//What I have heard so far…the reason we do what we do…THE WORD!!!! So grateful to be exposed to truth!!!!!

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  13. My favorites from Sunday were:
    compromise//happy medium. You won’t be happy at medium!

    Every season you need revelation because you haven’t been in that season yet!

    You have to agree with God in order have all He promised and paid for!

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  14. I’m so GRATEFUL for OUR church !!!!! Anytime we gather TOGETHER it ALWAYS BLESSES ME! Here are some things in my Sunday that spoke to me and blessed me! It so blessed me to celebrate Pastor Faith! I’m so grateful for ALL of our pastors! I’m 3rd Service- aka the MOTHER LOAD SERVICE lol-I was so blessed by the Separation Preparation Information Revelation & Transformation….. THERE IS NO GRAY IN HIS WORD, WHICH MEANS TO ME I HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPROMISE MY LIFE ! Focused on Him- filled up with His word!!!!! GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF ME!! No pretending and no halfwaying it .. I WAS CREATED TO FLOURISH.. not do things half way.. IM NOT IN THIS ALONE- I TRUST HIM!!!

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    1. OMGEEEE I didn’t share this and it so ministered to me to-WHAT WE WEAR, HOW WE LOOK, ETC ETC DONT MATTER.. WHAT MATTERS IS HIM ALL DAY LONG…. doing what HIS WORD SAYS… John the Baptist didn’t care he did what he was called to do by faith! CONSUMED WITH HIM!!!!!

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