DEEP 4.27.20

DEEP was so good tonight!


Leaders don’t just lead, they follow!! You have to know how to follow in order to be a good leader! How will you be a better follower?

Contagious Not Religious

You can’t go through life with no checks and balances! If God isn’t getting dedicated time every day in your life, you shouldn’t let other things! How can you make more time dedicated to Him?

What was your favorite part of class tonight?


  1. Leadership
    I liked when PC asked what are we committed to- like really committed to regardless of how we think or feel like shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I also liked when she said how Pastor Kathy would show them step by step how to clean and organize instead of just telling them to do it and that created disciplines. You can’t just say you have to do.

    I really liked when Pastor Greg said you can’t just be aware of what is going on but have a game plan to change. I will prepare my game plan for areas I’m aware need to change.

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  2. Deep DEFINTELY was SO MY HIGH from yesterday! GOSHHHH THERES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT RIVALS what the WORD can DO IN A PERSONS LIFE.. GRATEFUL! It was needed for me and my life….

    PC- Following Him means Something!!!! I should be continuing to watch and learn… WHO YOU REALLY ARE COMES TO THE SURFACE… WOW!!!!! So good! LESS OF ME- MORE OF GOD TO RULE.. I’m Gods girl… IDENTIFIED COMPLETELY W-CHRIST! Intentionally lose it all! I want his plan and his purpose for my life! Life isn’t about what I can do BUT CHRIST IN ME.. GOSHHHH SO MINISTERED TO ME!!! I will CONTINUE to pack my heart with the Word! No one can live my life but me!!!! I will be continually asking myself AM I DOING MY BEST?????!!!!! Seriously! This right here so so so BLESSED ME- if the enemy isn’t giving me pressure I wonder if I’m looking like Him?!

    PG – This always blesses me and I just majorly exhale when I hear this- LIFE ISNT ABOUT PERFECTION BUT PROGRESSING… GRATEFUL BIG TIME FOR THIS!!!! preach with your life… my life shouldn’t be just talking talking talking but it should preach by how I do my life.. ARE THE FRUITS OF THR SPIRIT EVIDENT IN YOUR LIFE??? I can definitely be better & I want to!!!! I’m BEYOND GRATEFUL IVE BEEN PLACED AT CHOOSELIFE! Seriously!!!!! Condemnation=religion
    Conviction = GOD-him saying YOU CAN DO THIS PATRICIA!!!!!

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  3. Deep under the stars = 😊 it was the perfect weather with just the right breeze!! The Word were heard was just AMAZING! There’s always room for growth ❤️
    Some of my takeaways:
    This takes a child – like faith & a surrender 😫
    We live in a works where watching never turns into following but actually just creeping 🤢 eww!! Like PC said it’s just creepy!
    You have to ask yourself if what you’re watching/doing benefiting the kingdom!!
    Rebellion & inconsistency = a tell tell of what your relationship with The Holy Spirit looks looks! Ouch!! There’s just things we wouldn’t do or things we would do a certain way when we are in constant communication with Him! Growth!!💪🏼🙌🏼👆🏼
    I control my passions!!
    Faith – a force that will cause you to be an overcomer💪🏼🙌🏼👆🏼 hallelujah!!
    What comes out when pressure comes = what you believe in!!
    The blessing of The Lord = no heaviness 🤗

    Question for my week! What areas am I growing in – it’s about bring like Jesus!
    I have to be aware & have a game plan!! This is one thing I really appreciate about all our Pastors!! Know the what & the why!! You can’t just do life through the motions or whatever – you have to be aware of where you are & where you were called to be!
    Are The Fruits of The Spirit evident in my life 🤭 I can definitely do some growing in some of the fruits!
    Time with Him – is for my own benefit ❤️ this is my daily bread – this is my life!!!

    All sooo good!! My desire is to continue to KNOW HIM & BE LIKE HIM – to be contagious & lead mankind toward my loving Father❤️❤️❤️


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