Coffee w/PK 4.28.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so great! So thankful for the truth! As believers we must tell people in our world the truth! Pastor Kathy gave us an assignment to write out our testimony and share it with others. What better place to start than here?!

Write out your testimony and comment to share it with our chooselifecommunity friends!


  1. Omg ! Coffee with PK was amazing today! I like what Pastor Kathy said, Jesus wants us to have the same compassion for people He had when He was here. He loved everybody.He wasn’t seeing people from the outside judging them He saw their hearts! As messengers of reconciliation I will tell them what Jesus has done in my life so they can know He doesn’t love me anymore than He loves them! But also they must be born -again to have the abundant life Jesus came to give them.His love is in me and I can love people into the Kingdom just by being available , yielded , and led by the Holy Spirit what to say ,I’m not alone He will help me to help people lost, and hurting without Jesus!! I’am only the vessel God brings in the increase, and aren’t we glad He does , we can’t do it. But I can proclaim the good news to persuade others to turn to Jesus!!! Thank you Pastor Kathy! I love you♥️

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  2. I am so grateful for the challenge from Pastor Kathy to write out our testimony and why we should be born again….

    The simple version that I have been rolling around in my head is this…

    I may never know where you have been, but I do not what it is like to live my whole life with a love and a hope that sustained me through every challenge and every hard time. Regardless of what we have been taught and led to believe can you really look at the moon and the sunrise and not acknowledge that there is a God; and if I am wrong, no big deal; I will turn into a cat or nothing in the afterlife or whatever you believe, but if you are wrong you could miss eternal life in heaven and if you go to bed at night and that doesn’t mess with you then I will leave you alone; but if it does I would love for you to not only know the hope and the love that I have but the eternal security that comes with it.

    Why should someone be born-again?

    The beginning of time is communicated in many diff. ways, but the version I know to be true because I have experienced its peace my entire life, involves the first man and woman ever created and their disobedience to the instructions of God that turned the entire world over to the rulership of satan who was a fallen angel and defied God’s authority only to be cast out of heaven. The act of receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that He is Lord literally makes you brand new from the inside out with access to heaven when you leave earth and heaven on earth. Without acknowledging His love in this way you will never know life here really or life there…in eternity…it might seem to good to be true, too simple, too whatever…but its true…its in His Word…the best selling book, with zero contradictions full of prophecies that literally come to pass before our very eyes almost every day!! Receive His love, become brand-new!
    (Romans Road to salvation)

    I want my heart to beat for what matters most to Him…I refuse to be a comfortable and selfish Christian!

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  3. I haven’t given much thought to my testimony in the recent past; so I was excited for the assignment. It really helped put things in perspective for me. It got me out of the “comfortable” bubble and reminded me how big His love is and how it can and will change peoples lives! I don’t want to be all about me, but instead reach into others.
    I think my testimony would be like this:
    For me, I spent my whole life trying to fit in. I was never comfortable with who I was, and I always felt like I didn’t belong. I started coming to church and everything changed for me. I felt welcomed, I felt like I had purpose, in church I finally felt like I fit. The walls I had built my whole life started crumbling as the Love of God and the Word of God became real to me. I can’t imagine doing my life without Jesus and the funny thing is I had for 21 years. I might not know where you’ve been or what you’ve experienced but the one thing I’m sure of is that Jesus changed everything for me and He wants that same thing for you.

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  4. The love of the Father is so amazing!!!! I go back and think of all the things I did growing up not even really realizing that I was searching for a tangible love in all the wrong places💔. Granted I went to church as a youth and I played the part to an extent but inside was just looking for an external love, my heart and mind were not really in it to truly look to the Father for my comfort, peace, joy and love! As I got older and matured and continued to sit under the word I began to truly understand what it really meant to be loved by our Father God!!! He is my provider, my comfort, my peace and my joy! Without Him I am lost in a natural world looking for natural sources and people to fulfill my comfort, peace, love and joy. Now because I know the love that my Father has for me I can truly love the people that are surrounding my life today!!!


  5. I used my testimony yesterday; my neighbor had a birthday which I saw because of the garage door that was decorated….so I sent her a gift from Heaven Scent with a letter…I didn’t even know her name…anyway…she text me and thanked me and I am believing that the seed was sown…it is not my job to bring the increase but I definitely want to allow the filter of eternity to be demonstrated in all my interactions more so than ever before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to allow my heart to beat for ANYTHING more than His will and His desire for people!


  6. Coffee w- PK blesses me!!! Here are some of my highs-

    I LOVE YOU GOD!!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!! Love God with Everything!!!!!!!! Goshh when Pk said we can get selfish see others with the compassion of Jesus .. Jesus loved everybody… IF JESUS DID I SHOULD!!!! I will love HIM & love others the way he called me too! DONT JUDGE OTHERS LOVE THEM!!!! People are watching me…. my actions, my attitudes, what I say, how I respond…. I WILL LOVE!!!!!!!!! I’m called and I’m sent to LOVE LIKE JESUS!!! People need Jesus not patricia! So grateful


    1. AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS CHANGES LIVES!!!!! It changed my life FOREVER!!!!!! I’m grateful he SAVED ME FROM MYSELF…. I grateful everyday I have an opportunity to grow in my relationship with the Father & continue to embrace a love I’ve never encountered till I encountered Him!!! He saved me!!!!!!!


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