Night Life 4.29.20

What are you sowing?! A primary way we can sow is with what we say!!! Are you saying things you don’t want to happen in your life? Change your words, change your seeds!

What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Service was really good!!! A couple of my favs were
    – when everything else is wrong the Word is right!!
    – it takes more discipline to shut up!!
    – when we sow right things go right!!
    That was my favorite!!! When things aren’t “right”, where have I sowed wrong!? Probably where I’ve sowed wrong the most is with words!! I will change what I’m saying because I want what I sow to produce good fruit!!


  2. I get what I sow! If I keep sowing I am going to have that growing! It will be a blessing to me but bring glory to the Father.
    2 Timothy 3:16-the Word will help me develop into a righteousness that can be seen.
    God hastens His Word to perform it in my life. The Word is to be trusted.


  3. Everything you say or do is a seed you sow. What are you sowing? You will be known by your fruit.
    Guard your mouth and what you say. Be around people who help you and avoid the ones who hinder you in that area… Remove yourself from negativity!
    Don’t believe or receive anything that is not in the Word of God. Make sure you are correctly dividing the Word. If it can be rightly divided, it can be wrongly divided. Sowing the Word of God is the only way to assure Kingdom Success.


  4. Night Life❤️❤️
    I’m in control of what I harvest!!
    A farmer doesn’t just expect his sections to put out some random crop!! Lol that is so good!! We will get exactly what we have been planting!
    We shouldn’t believe, receive or promote anything that’s not found & proven in The Word of GoD – with everything we see & hear or even feel – we have to always check, who’s the author of this, whose voice am I hearing. If it’s not from Him – then we don’t need it! BYE☝🏼
    I’m never more fulfilled, then when I’m about my Fathers business
    If I just keep on sowing I’m gonna have me some growing!! Yesss hallelujah!!
    When my life is good = He is glorified 😊 My life is a living testimony of His goodness & that glorifies Him!!
    When everything else is wrong – The Word is right 😃 this is the only place we cannot fail (Sighhh)
    GoDs Word in my mouth – the same as they were in Jesus’ mouth!! POWERFUL!!!
    This week I’ll be more intentional about my words – not only what I’m saying but what I’m not saying. Even if I’m keeping my mouth off the bad – I’m still not speaking The Word – & in that I still don’t get my good harvest

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  5. Night Life was so good! We’ve been made the Righteousness of God to walk out our life in such a way others will see Him. I liked what Pastor Dean said , the Word has to be presented the right way with the right heart ! I’m so grateful for our Pastors that rightly divide the Word of God to us every time! I will sow the Word by speaking the Word only! The Word will produce for me a harvest over and over again, it is incorruptible seed! God’s Words in my mouth are the same as they were in Jesus’ mouth!!!♥️


  6. Nightlife WAS AMMMAZZZING!!! Grateful GRATEFUL…. here are some of my highs-

    Do what you know to do when you know to do it! DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT QUITTING YOUR RACE.. I’m in control of what I harvest… SO GOOD & I know and see that in a huge way in my life… I WILL GROW & be better in this.. I WILL SPEAK ONLY LIFE over my life and others lives! HES MY DADDY & I CAN GO TO HIM!!!! Grateful for this…. ALLOW HIM TO BECOME WHO HE WANTS TO Be IN ME..HE IS EXCITED IM HIS! I will stop saying what I know NOT to say and only speak His Word! Grateful!!


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