May Book of the Month

Divine Approval

Mark Hankins

Understanding you have GOD’S DIVINE APPROVAL on your life sets you free from the sense of rejection, inadequacy or inferiority. You are free to receive God’s best blessings and to follow His plan for your life. This confidence in God sets you free from constant seeking approval from others. One of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible is righteousness. The Gospel of Christ is a revelation of the righteousness of God. The center of the Gospel reveals the righteousness of God. I call righteousness a radical revelation, a revolutionary revelation. It is a reality that is produced for us by the Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. I am super excited about this book!! There is so much revelation in just the title alone!!

    Chapter 1//I think the very first statement of the book is going to set the tone for the entire book which means it will be powerful!!! “Understanding you have God’s divine approval on your life sets you free from the sense of rejection, inadequacy or inferiority. You are confident you have God’s approval.”

    God has made me as righteous as Himself!

    My faith cannot be any stronger than your revelation of righteousness!

    Jesus has made me worthy!!

    I like the three things about righteousness:
    1. It is a free gift.
    2. It is a legal declaration.
    3. It is a spiritual force.

    There is no economy-class righteousness…OMG! What a great illustration…

    Because we are justified, because we are righteous we have peace…and absence of peace is tied to sin-consciousness…

    I really liked the verse in the song that I haven’t thought of recently; This is all my hope and peace…nothing but the blood of Jesus…when there is a sense of hopelessness or again, a lack of peace…I have gotten my eyes off righteousness. AMAZING!!

    I used to confess frequently throughout the day that “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” I have let that slip and the Holy Spirit reminded me…I will be quickened to do that again!!


  2. OMGEEEE as I started this book I was LIKE 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I HAVE GODS APPROVAL which sets me free from the sense of rejection, inadequacy & inferiority…IM FREE TO RCV GODS BEST BLESSING!!!! This right here is another drop the mic moment lol lol, but for real!!!! GRATEFUL! EVERYTHING JESUS DID WAS FOR ME!!!!He is my Father & IM HIS CHILD…. NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!! Grateful grateful for this 1st chapter!


  3. Chapter 2- I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS IN CHRIST JESUS- I Believe that!!!! I don’t have to struggle or try to attain that I AM THAT! Because I put my trust in God it’s a free Gift from Him by Him & I FREELY TAKE IT!!!!!!! Goshhhh I’m grateful!!!!! This has absolutely nothing to do with me & everything to do with HIM!!!! 😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼


  4. So I just read chapter one and I KNOW this is a good book for me right now in this season! I read the first sentence and I was glued. Here were my highs:
    * your faith cannot be any stronger than your revelation of righteousness! My faith works best when I have a righteousness consciousness! *Righteousness is a gift and it cannot be earned! You don’t have to hide from your past because you have been declared justified (this was a big one for me)! *There is no Economy Class righteousness. All of the God-kind of righteousness is First Class righteousness!
    I am learning so much already, but I am gonna go a step further not just “learn” it but allow it to be apart of me!!! ❤️


  5. Chapter 1// this confidence in God sets you free from constantly seeking approval from others.
    Your faith works best with a righteousness consciousness.
    Jesus could not be and was not raised from the dead until you were declared righteous and the penalty for sin was paid in full.

    I really like Mark Hankins! I’m looking forward to reading more of this book!!


  6. Chapter 2//This chapter goes sooo hard!! I think I will re-read it!!
    A revelation of righteousness will produce faith. Salvation is not just about a ticket to heaven but SOZO!!! Deliverance, safety, healing, preservation, and soundness!!

    My confession activates all the power of God and the entire redemptive work of Christ.

    The illustration of the pin in the trailer and hitch was FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! My confession of faith is what holds everything together—my salvation connects me to salvation!

    THIS BROUGHT SO MUCH CONVICTION TO ME: “When you understand faith you don’t ask people how they are feeling.” mic drop I am done. What have I been thinking!!! You ask people what their confession is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Holy Spirit has already been dealing with me regarding my words and this just kicked it up a notch!!

    Jesus dislikes self-righteousness!! Pride is as big a sin as any other kind of sin.
    Your works can never meet the measure of God’s standard of righteousness…it is the blood of Jesus alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Chapter 1
    I really liked the illustration of the airplane…there is no economy class righteousness!! Whenever things come up/mess up/etc…I just need to remind myself there is only 1st class and it’s from nothing I did or didn’t do but for what he paid for me!!! He paid the high price not the just enough to board price. That is where my confidence needs to be


  8. Chapter 2// This was a good chapter! My confession (what I say) is what activates it all!!!! I really liked the comparison of the hitch and pin to what confession is! My confession is what holds it all together! There is nothing I can “do” that will make me anymore righteous than I already am! I know I have received it when I speak it!


  9. Chapter 3
    I really liked this- Sin and Satan are the same way. When the devil gets his head in your life he will not leave until he has sneezed on your life and made a mess. DANGG! This so was a good visual for me of what happens when you allow sin in your life- IT MAKES A MESS.. I pictured snot galore and spit every where! UGHHH! But that is exactly how the enemy does you when you do things his way!
    God wants you to apply the blood of Jesus to your life in every situation and smell like the triumph of Christ. In Christ you have a sense of righteousness and victory. You can forget about the past and press on for the high calling of God today and in your future. HALLELUJAH I PRESS ON!!


  10. Your faith can’t be stronger than your revelation of righteousness. Righteousness is a free gift, a legal declaration and a spiritual force.
    To be justified: Just-as-if-I’d never sinned!
    Jesus didn’t bail you out, he legally justified you by the highest court and the highest judge. We are all legally free of all charges!


  11. I don’t have to try and create my own righteousness… JESUS already paid the price! Glory!!! I’ve been justified and made righteous! It’s just-as-if-I’d never sinned! Hallelujah!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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  12. Chapter 3//God has plugged me into His system of righteousness.
    When you understand righteousness, you will praise with a greater fervency and with your whole heart.
    To be made the righteousness of God means you have been given the same identical standing and access with God that Christ Himself has.
    Jesus was identified with my sinful condition so I am identified with His righteous condition.
    Self-righteousness produces arrogance.
    My confession of faith in His blood gives honor to His blood!!!
    I refuse to let the enemy photo-bomb your future with pictures of past failures.


  13. My favs of chapter one are when justified was explained. Just as if I’d never sinned 🤯 and the fact that because of my right standing in Gods family I’ve escaped a sin consciousness and dominion of sin 🤯🤯 I’m going to write out Romans 6:14 on a piece of paper and just meditate on it all this week. I’m not bound by my sin, I am free in righteousness by grace 🙌🏼♥️🙌🏼♥️


  14. Chapter 2// righteousness which is of faith speaks. The revelation of righteousness will produce faith. When he talked about the Word being near me, Jesus is the Word…He is near me…He is in my mouth when I am speaking!! Christianity is called the great confession!! So good!!


  15. Chapter 1/ WOW! This first chapter is amazing !I really like how Mark Hankins describes our righteousness. I have been Legally declared justified and righteous and I Legally walked out of the jailhouse of sin in front of everybody as the righteousness of God in Christ. I do not have to sneak around or hide from my past , no more running. There is no one chasing me. I have Divine Approval!! Praise Jesus!!!!! 🙌🙌


  16. Chapter 4
    WOW this chapter so SO BLESSED ME!!! I got major revelation in It is God that has declared you righteous. It is God that has justified you. God produced your righteousness by the blood of Jesus. Now in Christ no one can say you don’t measure up or that you aren’t qualified. No one measures up to Gods righteousness… GOSHHH HE IS THE ONE WORTHY OF ALL MY PRAISE not anything or anyone else!


  17. Chapter 3// The chapters keep getting better!!! I am so grateful for the blood of Jesus!!! It doesn’t just cleanse me from sin but from ALL guilt and shame!!!! I am the righteousness of God right now!!! I really liked when he said, “Don’t let the enemy photo-bomb your future with pictures of past failures”. I also liked the llama story and how he said that sin and satan operate the same way. Great chapter ❤️


  18. Chapter 3// 2 Corinthians 5:21 this revelation about Jesus becoming sin for us changed Paul’s life because he understood the method God used to make us righteous was Jesus’ substitution…Him instead of me!! I didn’t do and can’t do anything to produce this righteousness. My confession of the blood honors the blood!! Tell satan when he tries to throw the past in my face to talk to the blood!!! The llama story was so funny…I laughed so hard 😂😂😂


  19. Chapter 2/ In this chapter It’s so clear that Jesus dislikes self-righteousness more than unrighteousness. That is pride! It doesn’t even matter how long you have been in church, how many good things you’ve done or how many bad things you’ve done, works can never meet the measure of God’s standard of righteousness! It is by mercy and His Blood that I’am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! It is His FREE gift to me. There is nothing I need to do nor can I do to make myself more righteous! Praise Jesus! 🙌


  20. Confession connects me to salvation and all of its benefits… deliverance, safety, healing, preservation, and soundness! I will step up my confession!!!


  21. Chapter 4// This chapter was really good! No one can say I don’t measure up or that I am not qualified!!!! It is God who declared me righteous and justified me!!! I don’t have to live with a sin consciousness or guilty feeling, but I can now have a righteousness consciousness (the ball is in MY court)!!! If God declared me not guilty then I am not guilty! The definition of oppression given stuck out to me! I didn’t a have a clear understanding of this word until now! There isn’t any reason for a child of God to be oppressed or depressed unless they choose to live that way and they don’t have a revelation of righteousness!!!! You don’t have to be if you don’t want to!!! Never look back if you want the power of God in your life! Man, the danger in backing up! No more going back!!!!


  22. Chapter 4//I really really like the part about eliminating guilt removes 80% of depression!!!
    It is impossible to be depressed when you have a revelation of righteousness!
    I really liked the part about Shame!!! it is the root of all addictive behavior!
    Faith in the blood of Jesus brings freedom from a guilty conscience and replaces it with a sense of righteousness of being right with God!! We believe in the blood!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let us draw near with a sincere heart!! in fulness of faith!!! –Way

    In Christ, there is no record that you ever did anything wrong!!

    Remission means: forgiveness and cancellation of penalty and removal of guilt!!

    I really really like what Smith Wigglesworth said, “Never look back if you want the power of God in your life.”

    Glory!!! We are right and whole in HIM!!


  23. Righteousness Speaks: A revelation of righteousness will produce faith. Saved means more than just having a ticket to heaven – We are as righteous as Jesus is! What Jesus did for us was too much, but we are able to receive it any way. The confession of Jesus is the pin that holds the trailer to the truck by the hitch. Without that tiny little pin, that big trailer is gonna come off the road and destroy everything in it’s path.


  24. Chapter3/ I really enjoyed this chapter. In the overall of things God wants me to apply the Blood of Jesus to my every day life no matter what’s going on around me and smell that sweet triumph. Having in Jesus the sense of righteousness and victory . Never to remember my past but forget it, pressing on for the high calling in Him today and in the future. Only the Blood of Jesus makes this possible! Thank God for the Blood!!!!!! This knowledge should make us smile!!!!!!! His blood cleanses me from ALL Unrighteousness! The next time the devil comes to remind you of your past sins tell him to talk to the Blood, tell him your faith is in the Blood!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌


  25. Chapter 4/ I will not look back, but instead rejoice .(Ps.68:3! )I have an anointing of joy you get when you love righteousness. There is no stiffness, no religion, no sadness! But instead it releases gladness! Jesus Himself loved righteousness.(Heb. 1:9.)I’am 100 percent righteous! The devil will come and bring thoughts and haunt you with those thoughts , but you and I right in the middle of any situation will say “Oh,the Blood of Jesus, I’m washed in that Blood! I’m free from oppression , free from depression! Come out into the Sun of Righteousness. Now you and I can go free and grow up in the light of God’s Divine Approval! This is who we are in Him!!! I’am Righteous because of what Jesus has done by His Blood!!!!


  26. WHAT UPPP MY FELLOW READERS!! LOL!!! Why is May already almost done and I am still working on APRIL book!! UGHHHH!!! LOL!!!
    Chapter 1//Confidence in God sets you free from what man has to say…sooo good…
    Chapter 2//I don’t make myself more righteous, but because I am righteous I speak in faith and righteousness manifests in a bigger way!!
    Chapter 3 (First Part LOL)//It is all about HIS righteousness!!!!! NOTHING can compare to HIS righteousness..the moment I am comparing, I know I am looking at my righteousness and that will get me NO WHERE!!!


  27. God canceled the requirement of keeping the law when he sent Jesus to give us His righteousness as a free gift. That’s so awesome and amazing and makes me realize once again just how much he loves us and wants to be with us. Praising God is more serious than just saying “Hallelujah”. Understanding the righteousness will make us take it more seriously! You have to know where you stand to keep the enemy from stealing your confidence and replacing it with condemnation. God totally changed the system through Jesus and His blood. We don’t have to do anything through works other than believe. There isn’t one thing the blood does not cleanse! Satan will try to sneeze his nastiness all over you but don’t let him in your head. The blood of Jesus is the cleanser and it smells like Victory!


  28. Wow just finished reading last months book of the month!!! Wow!!! This book was amazzzzing!!!! I’m so grateful!! On the last chapter I so enjoyed all the detailed scripture references & I really just got out of the last chapter that MY PAST HAS NO RIGHT INTO MY FUTURE! I let go and embrace Iam the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! I am right in Him!!!! I refuse to look back but I look forward and move forward in my place in HIM!!!!!


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