Sunday, May 3rd

Wow! First Service was so good!! So thankful for church!!! What was your favorite part of service?

Did you attend 2nd service? When we are rock solid we won’t fall prey!!! What was your favorite part of service?

Third service was 🔥 (both in Word and temperature! LOL!)! If deception wasn’t deception you’d never be deceived!! So good! What was your favorite part of service?


  1. I went to Jumpstart and 1st service and loved how both services complimented each other as if it was like a song that fades into another 😍lol🤣. My favorite part was when during Jumpstart Pastor Charity said “The word works and the Holy Spirit is on point which means your COMMITMENT is the only moving variable” so we are the only reason we ever sway in and out of our lives being grounded. I loved that it goes hand and hand with the statement that Pastor Dean said “Mind renewal is the process of being brain-washed with the Word of God.” This goes back to commitment so in order to be committed you must be renewing your mind, it’s essential for you to flush out the bad by brainwashing with the only thing that matters- getting the knowledge of the word! Thank you God for give us our own free will to expand on YOUR wisdom of the word but most importantly not get bored of it as there’s more and more to learn!

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  2. Services were so good today , so thankful for the Word! JumpStart/ The Word works and the Holy Spirit is on point, which means my commitment is the only moving variable! WOW! That’s huge! I’m giving God my focus , my attention to work with! Loving Him with all my heart! My head has to be in His game of things and to be committed enough to use the tools He’s given me, not leaning to my own understanding! Gods called me to promote eternity making myself available for others . To be wholly committed to Him .Not a cute Christian American!!! So good PC!! 💖 1st/We already have everything! We are people who walk by faith. I’m not capable of doing anything without Him! My life is in Process and will continue until I see Him! Until then I will enjoy getting into the program with God, be encouraged, challenged to run my race and having the victory!!! 3rd/ We can’t just listen to anybody when it comes to Gods Word. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there that sound good, look good , even seem to do all the right things , but are deceptive! We are to follow those who are in faith and inheriting the promises, seeking first the kingdom of God, the Author and Finisher of our faith!!! In this unusual time of gathering together , we will be more serious about Gods Word and our commitment more than ever before!!! Thanks PD!!!🙌

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  3. The Word at sunrise = 😊 even if we got a little sun kissed! Today was sooo good!! Here’s some of my takeaways:
    You don’t get to where you’re going – going back to where you came from!! In order to grow we have to step away from the things that are bringing us down or have no benefit to The Kingdom!
    My flesh is always gonna tell me that what I’m doing is “good enough”
    I don’t have time for complacency – this has really been speaking to me. Our time here is so short – if we’re not about His business – we’re wasting time! We can’t live a careless life!
    GoD lives in me – I should never be caught off guard!! This stuck with me since the first time I heard it! PC then said that sometimes Christians clock in & out of this wholeheartedly commitment. This has to be so real to me He lives IN ME, I have The Answer living in me!
    It’s unacceptable to have a bad day!!😌 this was really loud to me. Not that we can’t mess up but gosh we have The Helper IN US!!!! We should take every advantage of every tool, every weapon & The answer that lives in us
    All the “ask yourself” questions were so good! Something I’m still meditating on…
    Zech 4:6☺️ Holy Spirit had given this scripture to us as a family during the weekend to meditate on – It’s not gonna be by our strength or our power – but by HIM IN ME!!! Until we empty ourselves, we haven’t touched His power!
    I’m called to experience & reflect the divine life 🙂
    To finish my course – I have to continue to be challenged & to take that challenge & challenge myself – i can’t let myself off the hook!!
    I like how Jesus ministered to the lost – but He didn’t get caught up, He didn’t run with people that were going the opposite direction
    We have to learn to take Him at His Word!! If He said it, that settles it!!
    Be prepared to make changes from the inside!
    It’s gonna be a week of focus & emptying of myself😌

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  4. Today’s services were so awesome!!

    I don’t even know where to start! I liked that PD called this “You already have” Sunday
    The process is complete; we are walking it out…we have a part to play!

    You are either gonna be clean or be caught…OMG! that is so great!
    You can’t put new clothes on top of old ones; the Father has to be given latitude in my life!!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg seriously soo soo many great things today!!

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  5. Church is the BEST!! I’m so thankful 🙌🏼
    My highs are from 1st service starting from offering when Pastor Dean reminded us that we have a choice to either believe the Word or reject it! And to ask myself, if I’m not prospering in an area of life, “Why not?”.
    Thank you, Pastor, for breaking down the definitions for how to experience and reflect this DIVINE life! I will NOT allow myself to be “ok” with where I am…I want it ALL! As I honor God, I know that He will honor me and people will notice Him in me! In order to be tight/right with Him, I must separate myself from “them”! This reminds me of PC teaching that love is hate…not hating people but loving God more than anything/anyone else, including my own thoughts, plans, and desires! I like the visual of putting new, flashy clothes on top of old, stinky rags…eventually the old will overpower the new 🤢 We are not trying to cover up, we’re BRAND NEW! My changed life is my greatest testimony to others! When PD said that it’s what we do personally that will affect us, I went back to an old preaching from Pastor John Holler when he came to church, he said, “They’re not required to believe what you believe, YOU are required to believe what you believe!” 💪🏼 And this statement, “with your last breath, you can make a difference” really marked me…being a hospice nurse, I’ve seen people leave this earth and truly change the course of their families’ and friends’ lives ❤️ Me and JESUS are a perfect match 😍 GLORY!!!! So good!!!

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  6. I was in 1st service today and it was sooo good!!!

    It so helped me when PD was talking about how we are only responsible for ourselves! We cannot make other people get it but as we live for Him from the inside out, personally, then they will be able to see Him through us!! I don’t want people to see me in any way!! Everyday I want my life to scream Jesus but in order for that to happen I must be serious about HIM on the daily!!

    I also really liked when He was talking about how God is a God of ORDER! I wrote in my notes “You can’t run in a random way and expect Word of God results you show up in your life!”
    There must be a consistency about my life!! Doing what I KNOW TO DO according to the Word on a regular basis!!

    I am just so GRATEFUL for church and the WORD I am exposed to on a weekly, daily basis!! God is faithful!! 🙌🏻🥰

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  7. Jumpstart kids- I’m called to love with my life not love my life! John 12:25-anyone who holds on to life just as it is destroys that life. But if you let it go, reckless in your love, you’ll have it forever, real and eternal. LET IT GO PATRICIA!!!!! I choose to let it go!!!!! He loves me with a reckless love – unearned, unending, overwhelming, without barriers kind of Love! DANNGGG! My life should scream Jesus! I was created to love people because he loves people!!!! I will follow the leader (Jesus) and what he did I should do.. JUST GIVE ME JESUSSSSS!!!!!! I trust HIM!!!!

    2nd Service Kidz- GOSHHHHH 😭😭 seriously this so spoke to me and the illustration PF gave with Ryen & Jacob! I literally teared up because there are so many people (kids😭😭) who don’t know Jesus and we as believers should be the people who’s lives SCREAM JESUS, that when people see us or are around us they want to know WHY ARE YOU SO FULL OF JOY, WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE SUCH A PEACE ABOUT YOU?! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO KIND?! And we can point them to Jesus & invite them in to RCV Him in their lives!! When people are left alone without Jesus they turn to drugs, drinking, sex before marriage etc, etc, etc…..goshhh! 😭😭 this was so my life before JESUS! I’m so grateful I rcvd him and I’m here at Chooselife where I know that I know I’m called to be & can continue learning and growing in Him & can be a witness to those who don’t know Him yet!!!!!! People see your life patricia! Called to live as example to others…. IM A CHILD OF GOD!!!!

    3rd Service- SEPARATION PREPARATION INFORMATION REVELATION TRANSFORMATION & CONFORMATION- this process is about being like HIM!!!!!! Be an example of what embracing Gods word looks like- EXCITED, FULL OF ZEAL!!!!! Stay in motion don’t just go through the motions… SOOO GOOD!!! Religion don’t care! Be serious.. this is serious!!!! In order to move forward a New is required…. CONTINUE IN THE WORD NO MATTER WHAT PATRICIA!!! I will look to the Father and allow Him to show me things I need to see and change in my life! I will continue learning!!! I’ll dig deeper… THIS IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER, my DADDY!! Hungry and humble… I will not stay the same… our goal isn’t to pass people but to help people! Goshhh grateful!!!!! Love love My pastors!!!!!

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  8. Church was so great today! Pastor Charity and I really enjoy standing at the exit so we can see everyone. In just a short time we will be able to assemble together INSIDE Glory to God! Speaking of “short time” Jesus is coming back for a Glorious Church. I don’t know about you but I’m going to be ready. He’s going to find FAITH in me. JUMPSTART was so good but I’m going to have to listen back because I didn’t get to take notes.

    In 2nd Service Pastor said “I met my match” I’m going to let I AM make me who I’m supposed to be. We’re called to:
    Look Like
    Talk Like
    Walk Like
    Act Like &
    Be Like JESUS!
    That seams like a “tall order” but we can be transformed just like Paul. Paul separated himself and the Holy Spirit gave him revelation and those revelations brought transformation.

    I liked the drafting illustration Pastor Dean used during 3rd service. We can follow closely behind Pastors Dean & Kathy as they lead the way.

    Glory to God, we’re so BLESSED!

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  9. Jump start// when PC talked about the 7 tribes of Israel who content on the land outside the promised land and said complacency is the fruit of comfortable Christians. Those who are growing should be seen as less comfortable. The Word works and the Holy Spirit is on point, so your commitment is the only moving variable.

    Service highs// we constantly need more instruction. It’s what you do personally that makes the difference in your life. A workman works.
    The more revelation you have the cleaner you will be.
    Prepare everyday for whatever day it is.
    You take off who you were by changing who you were.

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  10. Church was so fun!! I am so grateful for Jesus!!!! Jumpstart was so good!! Just another reminder that cute is NOT cute!!
    This isn’t a clock in clock out kind of life…this is 24/7! I really like the 5 areas that PC demands of herself! I am going to embrace those too. I believe for me the one I need to work on the most is Keeping my mouth protected…gosh I don’t want to just talk! I want to Create!!! And probably leaving it on the field…going hard for God!!
    I haven’t listened to Pastor Dean yet!! Great church…and just like I tell the kids when they say its hot…HELL IS HOTTER!! QUIT COMPLAINING!! LOL! Love ya’ll!!

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  11. Jumpstart: Where is your comfort zone? Your flesh will always tell you you’re doing enough. You don’t get where you’re going if you don’t leave where you came from.

    Divine Life: Legitimate children don’t have illegitimate friends. Life and death is not a religious game. Be serious. Separate yourself, prepare, receive information, revelation and transformation.


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