1. Deep WAS SOOO GOOD! Here are some of my highs! It so blessed my life and I’m grateful for our pastors!

    Leadership- LEADERS ARE SERVANTS! How I serve determines how I lead or even if I should lead! GOD LOOKS AT MY HEART! I want to please Him with my life! Get rid of ambition.. if I never did anything more am I good? Is my security in what I do? I WAS CHOSEN BY HIM READY AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!! Get good with The fact HE LOVES YOU!!! Just have an attitude to serve Patricia! We should not continue to do what we do with A wrong motive. DO MY BEST FOR JESUS! Don’t be complicated…. GROW & DEVELOP! Why am I serving? I need to know why I do what I do… THE CHURCH SHOULDNT BE AN ADDENDUM BUT THE CENTER OF MY LIFE! Do what you need to do behind closed doors… how I am behind closed doors will show up everywhere else! WHAT CAN I DO TO BETTER MYSELF?? HOW CAN I SERVE BETTER??? I should be constantly shaving things off…SHUT YOUR MOUTH PATRICIA BE AWARE….. this so blessed me! The questions.. I’ll be mulling over and getting with Daddy because I want to please Him!

    Blood Covenant- THERES POWER IN THE BLOOD! Covenant is weighty… it’s not flippant! ALL HE HAS BELONGS TO ME! I so liked the definition of covenant-complete surrender in loving trust to your covenant partner. MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY DADDY IS INTIMATE! He will take care of me if someone is messing with me.. GOSHH THANKFUL! Everything God has belongs to me and everything I have belongs to Him! The definition of believed also blessed me-unqualified communal, to give oneself wholly to another, loving devotion, to be a part of Himself; utter abandonment of self. ACT LIKE JESUS..BE LIKE JESUS!!!! GOD SEES MY HEART!!! Grateful!!!!


  2. Deep was awesome!! Here’s some of what Holy Spirit brought to my attention & things He reminded me of!

    GoD looks at the inward – when what’s going on – on the inside is right – then the outside will be right!!
    Anything that’s asked of us – in The Word – we are capable of doing! There’s an empowering – Him in us❤️
    Why am I serving? (This matters) I have to constantly remind myself of the why behind the what.
    Is my security in what I do or who I do it for? Something that I’m continuing to grow in, is in remembering that I’m good with Him – it’s not in what I do or how much I do – but in what He’s done for me & Who He is in me!!
    I’m in process – of developing & growing me😊
    This is not about perfection – but direction! Glory!! It’s not about the works I do – but in continuing to grow & doing what we were called to do

    Covenant/based on unconditional love ❤️ – a complete surrender in loving trust to your covenant partner! Wow that is huge!
    Covenant/utter abandonment of self (sighhh) – He put Himself aside to give His whole self for me – really helps me see what my part is now as a wife, His child & part of The Body of Christ😊
    Rev 12:11 this has become one of my fave verses. I overcome by His a Blood & The Word of my testimony. I win with my words (His Word in my mouth) and there should be evidence of this by the way I live my life!


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