1. It amazes me to this day just how much the Father God loves us and the love of the Father that beamed through Jesus in the natural!!!!! From the woman at the well to the woman caught in adulatory and so many many more. It is so apparent that the Fathers heart is that we put down our rocks (hurtful words and attitudes) and begin to love one another! I really liked when Pastor Kathy said that Jesus did not ignore the sin but addressed the sin in love. He let the women caught in adulatory know that she was loved, he protected her from those trying to hurt and cause her harm and lifted her up and helped to point her in a direction that would cause her to be more than overcomer!!!!


  2. COFFEE WITH PK SO SO BLESSED ME! I really liked when PK said We shine through our lifestyle, words and actions! I want to Shine for Him! He wants me to have the Good life- the life more abundantly! FOLLOWING HIM=TRANSFORMATION
    We are Jesus with Skin on.. DONT JUDGE OR CONDEMN PATRICIA BUT FORGIVE! CHOOSE TO FORGIVE! Judge yourself!! Be still and allow Him to love on you-GOSHHH YESSS! LOVE CHANGES! We have the Victory.. be willing to open your mouth and tell others!


  3. Coffee with Pastor Kathy was sooo good to me today!!

    I really like when she said we bow our head because HE IS RIGHT THERE!!
    Jesus told us to make disciples not converts!!
    Something that Pastor Kathy said triggered this in me…Its not my job to work on their heart…(like when sharing Jesus with others…)it is my job to tell the truth…the Holy Spirit does the convincing…
    No body is too far gone!!! Sin cannot be elevated above the blood of Jesus.

    So excited for next week!! 🙂 🙂


  4. Coffee with PK was amazing not to mention so encouraging today! I have always loved the story about the Woman caught in adultery. For me it describes how Jesus has such compassion on us and as He does for the first time we can experience what real Love is all about. As for her accusers Jesus shows us not to judge others, dropping our rocks so to speak which of course are the ugly and accusing words we say about others. We have been called to be the light and salt in the world, to let our light shine before men so that our Father in heaven will be glorified. This is our mandate from our Master -Jesus! To love everyone no matter how they treat us or what they do or say ! So I can only ask myself do I want to be more like Jesus everyday , love like He loves unconditionally , forgive others when they hurt me , do I really want to be the light and salt , an influence to others telling them how much He loves them so they can be saved? Yes! While He told the Woman neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more! We too can judge ourselves , go and sin no more! I will judge myself closer now after hearing this Word today (revelation )than ever before. My goal ,passion and heart is to populate heaven and depopulate hell! God is with us by His Spirit and never leaves or forsakes us!!!!Thank you Pastor Kathy , I love you!♥️


  5. I loved this service so much it was just what I needed! The story of the women caught in adultery always touches my heart. I liked the statement that said “He calls her to an alternative lifestyle: GO AND SIN NO MORE!!” This stood out to me because of the words alternative lifestyle, our flesh is the original lifestyle, our bodies and the world around us want to have it their way with no boundaries but as a child of God, MY GOD has told me to go with the alternative! MY GOD has success for me on the narrow path! The “sin no more” revelation lives in me today! Thank you God for amazing leaders in my life! Love you Pastor Kathy!


  6. I really enjoyed coffee with PK! These are a few things that stood out to me:
    Encounters with Jesus will change your want to…so true, things I used to enjoy don’t pull on me anymore! He wipes your bad story out! PTL! It’s gone!! If he wiped it out then why do I think I need to entertain the thoughts that don’t apply to my present redeemed life!! 😊


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