1. I will not allow myself to chill or diminish!!! I will be not be weak but strong!!! Proverbs 25:10 in the Message…if you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place! It’s not time to drag our feet but increase intensity!

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  2. The world as we know it is history and deception will have an opportunity to run rampant if we let it. The highest level of deception is when godless people try to replace God – wow!
    We are a chosen generation, we have to build a solid foundation in our home, with our families, and a three fold cord can not easily be broken. We are the nation within the nation that matters.

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  3. Night Life was so good last night! The only thing that matters is the Church, not a building, we are the Church. We are in this together wherever we are whether in the parking lot or the building! NO leaven in our life!!!!♥️

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  4. NIGHTLIFE❤️❤️❤️
    Here are some of my takeaways:
    His Word is alive – and when it’s in my mouth = there’s a great harvest!!
    He gave me authority over ME!!
    Though the world around me may be rocked – I WILL NOT BE ROCKED!
    Rocked/to cause great shock or distress to, especially so as to weaken or destabilize
    Agree with His Word – we can’t be double-minded. Division = failure
    The Body of Christ becomes stronger – as we become more stable 💪🏼
    Gal 5:9 – a little urine in your lemonade 🤢 no thank you!! Not a little compromise, little lies, little bad attitudes, none of that here!!☝🏼
    Don’t allow yourself to cool off!! STAY ON FIRE!!!!🔥
    Prov 24:10 – grow up – get ready!!💪🏼
    Service was so good!! Always so Grateful to be in a place- where I have every opportunity to grow, like EVERY DAY!!😫 He never fails me ❤️❤️❤️

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