Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day!!

First service was so good! Insecurity or fear begins in the mind and cripples your faith! Were you here? What was your favorite part?

Second service was 🙌 When you are not thinking right you won’t act right!

What was your favorite part of service?

Third service was sooo good!!! Joy is a spiritual force!! It’s not based on natural things!! What was your favorite part of service?




  1. 1st service was so so good. Now we should reflect him more than ever. Deception and distractions are created only to still put faith or to have us compromise. We have to stand on the word of God and not be moved by what we see. He is so faithful. I’m so grateful for PD and his honesty.

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  2. Church was sooo great today!!!

    I really really liked the definition of righteousness…correctness of thinking, feeling and acting…if fear is present God is absent!!
    A little bit of doubt will keep the victory out!!
    You don’t ask yourself how you feel, you tell yourself.
    Walking by faith works around this world’s god and system!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can press forward like I am invisible!! I can’t lose!!

    There are snakes that don’t crawl in the dirt!!!
    God wants me close enough to Him so I will not be distracted again!!
    Thrive is not an external position but internal position.

    Fear tries to make my God small.
    The enemy is all about distractions…I refuse to play his games!!

    I am soo grateful for the truth we hear. I will continue to walk by faith! I will not fear and I know and believe the love He has for me!!

    None of these things move me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTS 20:24

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  3. Today was filled with good stuff! Jumpstart was just what we need to focus on for keeping our lives on track. “To the degree that you know God you will know yourself!” When you know God the fog is lifted so he shows you deep down what you are made for. First service was what to realize so that deception and distractions have know hold on us! My favorite was “Don’t ask yourself how you feel, TELL yourself how you feel!” As speaking spirits that are children of God the Joy of the Lord is my strength, feelings have know hold on me! Both services were so full of truth thank you God for my pastors who always want more! Can’t wait to thrive inside next week!!

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  4. Mothers Day Sunday! 1st/ There are a people today who will come against and push through whatever comes against them! We are those people at ChooseLife Church! I will see myself as eternal , not temporal. I’am one breath away from being with Him forever! I will not wavier , the Victory is mine! By all these things I’ll not be moved!!! Thanks PD!🙌

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  5. Some of my favs from yesterday… A little bit of doubt will keep the victory out! You don’t ask yourself how you feel you tell yourself! I don’t have to entertain a possibility that people without a covenant entertain! (:

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  6. It was a really great Mother’s Day at church 💕
    Jump start// the enemy is always aiming at my senses. My soul must be brought into subjection. It’s the things you know you let slip! Your soul reveals where you are yielded.
    Service highs//we must look right past what is in front of us to Him! A little bit of doubt keeps the victory out! Fear’s presence reflects God’s absence. No faith, no results; know faith, know results!!

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  7. Church was so Good! I’m grateful! Here are some of my highs from services-

    Jumpstart Kidz-
    John 12:25 TPT is so good to me…. I will meditate on this… abandoning ourselves is true life that I can enjoy! LET GO.. of all of me and my life…. HE IS INTERESTED IN PEOPLE so I should be too! NO INTEREST IN MY LIFE… we are not the most important person in every room.. GET OVER YOURSELF! BE HUMBLE… I can’t sustain me but he can!!

    Jumpstart PC- We come to know God By the Spirit through 1-His word, 2-Praying in the Spirit, 3- OBEY! It’s important I stay on top of my disciplines, meditations, confessions and my attitudes so that I avoid cute! Goshhhh how we look isn’t the most important thing .. HE IS!!!!!!! Doing his things (spiritual things)..

    2nd Service Kids- this message soooo ministered to me hugely! What I am Carrying is huge- HIS PRESENCE! Embracing Jesus = a confidence to witness. KNOW THE MESSAGE-THE MESSAGE IS GOD LOVES YOU! 😭😭❤️❤️❤️😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😭The David Wilkerson and Nikki Cruz testimony was 😭😭😭😭 to me!!!!! No matter if people cut me up into pieces, think the worst of me, hate me, my LIFE SHOULD SCREAM JESUS!!

    3rd Service- The Father supplies the Love! Fear is always destructive… if I’m right or wrong he will help
    To grow!! I want to grow!!! Fear will paralyze you if you don’t understand His love. ALL FEAR IS DEMONIC… GOD DOES NOT THROW HIS CHILDREN AWAY! I’ve been qualified to enjoy and live my life FOR HIM WITH HIM! I’m grateful


  8. Happy Mommy Day😊 it’s always a blessing getting to celebrate with family ❤️❤️❤️ here’s some of my takeaways from services:

    In order to stay on top of myself I need:
    -To be disciplined
    -Watch where I allow my mind to go (my meditations)
    -Watch what comes out of my mouth(my confessions)
    -Watch my attitude(pleasant or fleshy)
    It’s not the time to lay down – it’s the time to be who He’s called me to be
    By my fruit – you’ll know me – my soul reveals where I’m positioned 💁🏻‍♀️ this has been so loud to me. All the outside is a sign of what is going on – on the inside. It shows whether I am taking my place as a child of GoD, if I’m walking in humility, power & authority!
    I always really love how our Pastors talk about disciplines in the small things. – I have to nail my evil desires to the cross! No matter how “small” they may seem
    Inconsistencies in my life = I have not been determined to KNOW Him!! – I have to make the choice every day to Know Him & in knowing Him = I see what I’m & my life is supposed to look like❤️ stable & whole

    When the enemy was defeated – divine life was provided 😃 my part now?? To be RELENTLESS!!! I like one of the synonyms of relentless is – uncompromising! We stick to His Word – no matter what it looks or feels like!!! BUT NONE OF THESE THINGS MOVE ME…
    My goal will be to reflect Him like never before!🙌🏼
    His Love – doesn’t consider who it’s loving 🙂 that Love looks right through them – to Him❤️

    I have to stop partnering with me & start partnering with Him💪🏼 I never lose 😫
    I walk by Faith – not by sight – PERIOD!!!
    I have to KNOW THE MESSAGE (The Message is Jesus)
    – I have to read The Word
    – Speak The Word
    – Work The Word
    As I do my guts will get so big – that I cannot shut up about The Love of GoD❤️

    🙂 services were AWESOME!!! So encouraging & empowering!💪🏼💪🏼


  9. What an awesome way to celebrate Mother’s Day…”on the lot”, hearing the Word! Here are my highs!
    JS –
    The enemy gets loud in our senses bc it’s the only way he has access! Don’t give him access! What I have access to is to the Holy Spirit RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! I don’t lose myself IN Him, I FIND myself IN Him! To the degree that I know God, I know myself…this is the reason why we have so many confused people in the world, because they don’t who they are IN Him! I don’t expect to be caught off guard because the Holy Spirit gives me all answers I need! There should be a constant exchange between me and God!
    1st Service –
    I will not be satisfied with “partial” or “good enough”, that’s not my God!
    I am called to RELEASE the love of God! Once I question what I believe about my faith, I’ve already lost!
    The church is the ONLY hope for the world! I won’t ask myself how I feel, I’ll tell myself what to feel!
    I know I’ve truly believed when I start to receive! I will not be afraid of anything, especially death! 💪🏼 I will NOT take a knee, but be FREE!!
    2nd Service (Kidz) –
    We are carriers of something special – JESUS!
    We can have stability IN Him!
    It’s a struggle to share Jesus publicly when you haven’t embraced Jesus privately! Wow!
    I liked the visual about the mentos and coke bubbling over as how we should be as believers, sharing the Word!! 🌋
    I will ask The Father to show me the Nicky Cruz’s in my life to share the Word with! ❤️

    I’m blessed to be a mom and I’m blessed that be surrounded by strong women of faith to help be an even better mom! 🙌🏼


  10. Jumpstart – Don’t leave both faucets turned on (Hot & Cold) you can only be one or the other and if they are both on they cancel each other out

    Divine Life – Love fuels faith and removes fear, fear will paralyze your faith and you must have a rock solid revelation. It’s the Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom, all you have to do is be willing to take it. Fear’s presence is God’s absence.


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