1. The end of deep is always bittersweet…but onto another season! 💪🏼
    Here are my highs!
    Leadership –
    I will have the perspective of a servant! I’m always serving!
    Wisdom = My relationship with the Holy Spirit
    What I do affects everyone connected to me! When PC talked about being a builder, I went right away to CDT and Bruce the Builder 😃 wow! Our kids are being inundated with these lessons and they may not even realize it! Ask myself, am I building for the kingdom of God or my own? And what a flimsy, weak kingdom mine would be?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I must remember that my place IN Him is valuable and essential! ❤️ I will not hear “well done” doing my own thing! 😳
    We are not convincers or sustainers, but opportunity-presenters! Surrender is from a place of identity, not works! I have NOTHING to prove! When PC was talking about just being who He created us to be, I remembered a HUPOMENE with PK where she said, “You don’t see a bird trying to figure out how to bird, it just is!” Glory!!!
    I am who I AM says I am!!!! PC went off towards the end of her session about going harder than ever and I thought about how the natural body goes into this “marathon” mode right before death (hospice nurse here 🙋🏻‍♀️) and how this is the church today… we’re in the last push before we’re out of here for good!!! We have to give it all we got to take as many with us as possible!!! I will ask myself daily, “Why am I here?” and stay CONTENT, DETERMINED, and FOCUSED!!
    Blood 🩸-
    Pastor Kathy’s lesson for me just encouraged and convicted me to put in place that I know we should be doing already, family prayer, communion, applying the blood of JESUS on a daily basis, setting up a prayer closet for Abi, etc…we will be DOERS of this amazing, life-changing Word!!

    So thankful for NO rain tonight and another night of digging DEEP! 🙌🏼

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  2. Here are my highs from Deep it so blessed me-

    PC- Taking our place is taking our place in Christ Jesus. When we are self focused we are less focused on Him! HIS PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE IS HIS CHURCH! HE SHOULD BE FIRST in EVERYTHING! I’m never by myself HE IS ALWAYS WITH ME! Grateful! What you do affects everyone I’m connected too! VERY WEIGHTY! WOW! I just purpose to put this at the forefront of my mind in everything I do say and how i act. ONE DAY AT A TIME IM A KINGDOM BUILDER.. one step at a time! 😭 Grateful for this!!!! When I just kill myself off then he (the enemy) can’t kill me.. GOSHHHH I PURPOSE TO DO THIS EVERYDAY! I will grow! ALL OF ME FOR HIM.. 😭😭 I don’t have to prove myself IM ALREADY AN HEIR TO THE KINGDOM! He already has me. BE CONTENT PATRICIA! The opposite of content is feeling sorry for yourself! He wants to get me emotional so he can take me out! I really like how PC said WE MAY HAVE LOST THIS BATTLE BUT THERES ANOTHER ROUND! We are all in process….LET IT ALL GO PATRICIA! GRATEFUL FOR THIS CLASS!

    PK- in cutting a covenant with God he has everything that belongs to me but even BIGGER IS THAT I HAVE EVERYTHING THAT BELONGS TO HIM! 😭😭❤️
    WE WIN!!!!! We witness by our lifestyle and by the Word! Nothing is more important than my relationship with Him! When we mess up go BOLDLY To the throne of GRACE- FORGIVE YOURSELF Patricia! The blood of Jesus reconciles my relationship with everyone.. WE NEED EACH OTHER! ❤️❤️ SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS IN A HUGE WAY! GRATEFUL FOR THIS CLASS!

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  3. Deeeeep!! Always so good!! Here’s some of my takeaways:
    Having Wisdom – is all about having a relationship with The Holy Spirit😊
    I’m either building His kingdom or my own kingdom and in order to build His I have to leave my plan behind & choose His
    My place is valuable & essential!! I still have & often look at & my little piece of puzzle I received when we first moved into 700 – I constantly remind myself that what I’m doing is important to The Father – that there’s things He desires to get to me & through me. 😃 I’m a kingdom builder!!
    We reach the masses – by reaching one family at a time!
    Watch distractions!!
    Matt 6:33 – I don’t think like that!
    Staying content – I have to have an internal response & focus

    Everything He has – belongs to me 😃
    Praying in The Spirit = what sustains me ❤️
    There is victory in applying The Blood💪🏼 – I’m thankful for the details PK😃 hearing about The Blood & everything it signifies & stands for has really helped me to understand what’s been done for me! Thank You Jesus😃

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