Coffee w/PK 5.12.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so good!!! The analogy of fishing for fish and fishing for men was great!! It really showed a good picture of how we should be!! What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Coffee with PK was so good today! My favorite part was how Pastor Kathy explained that once we find hungry fish or people , using this analogy ,we need to find the right bait, then we go to them.The fish or person won’t come to you. A fisherman does not give up but perseveres. To always expect success not failure! We are to be sincere, and compassionate like Jesus was when He ministered to people.We then set the hook, telling them Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Have my testimony ready 3min.or less, bringing them to a point of decision , asking them if they want to be born- again if they say yes , pray with them, Rom.10:9-10.Invite them to church! When we pray in the Holy Spirit He will help us giving us What Words to say to those we lead to Salvation! Glory to God! Thank you Pastor Kathy! I Love you!♥️


  2. So, it’s been a SPECIAL kind of week so far…work has been extra emotional and draining and blah blah blah but coffee with PK, along with EVERYTHING we’ve been hearing has me determined to share the Word with anyone who needs it! So, I’m walking out of church’s chicken after another long day and this guy asks me for some cash to get something to eat. I usually don’t have cash on me but I felt led to give him $5 but as I give it to him, I can hear PK’s voice in my head, “Don’t let him off the hook, reel him in!” So I proceed to ask him if he knows if he is going to heaven when he dies. Lol! His face just changed, he smiled and started giving me his life story that included how he was raised in church and how he strayed from Jesus. He told me he has received Jesus as his Lord and Savior so I encouraged him to seek after Him again so that he can have a great life and reminded him that Jesus is coming back soon. His name is Joey and I told him I will be praying for him. I told him about church and I believe seeds of LIFE were sown!!! God will bring the increase and Joey will choose Him again 💪🏼 Sisters, I cried after I got in my car and drove away bc I realized that no matter how “rough” my day is or whatever, I HAVE JESUS!!!! I always win!!!!!! Glory!!! It will get easier and easier to share His love in this way bc we love what He loves…people!!

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    1. I shared this with a smaller group of sisters but believe this can be a blessing for anyone who is wanting to grow in holy boldness!


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