Night Life 5.13.20

Yay!! For our last service as “Church on the Lot” LOL! And we DEFINITELY went out with a BANG!

Each of us must choose for ourselves what we really believe, and then live our lives confidently according to those beliefs! SO GOOD!

What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Praise and Worship was loud and thundering the enemy back to his hole! I enjoyed being able to look up to the blue sky and raise my hands but I am also grateful to get back to serving and sitting up close where the word is in my face! My favorite part about tonight’s service was the reminder that I am only responsible for me and to remember that my job is only to being the truth to people around me and leave their responsibility of receiving and doing up to them. And that I am also only responsible for those in my house.


  2. Oops wrong button.. here’s some of my takeaways:
    I determine whether something will prosper or die unborn – because of my faith & my confidence in My GoD
    I have to know who I believe in – KNOW THAT I KNOW!!
    The answer is easy!! If _____ – my GoD will deliver me!!💪🏼
    Life may have threats – but none can match faith in GoDs Word❤️❤️

    It doesn’t matter what comes against me – He’s got me!! All I have to do is CHOOSE FOR MYSELF WHAT I BELIEVE!! In My GoD❤️


  3. Joshua 24:15 as for me and my house we will serve the Lord! I am to obey God and not men!! Acts 5:29! It’s times like these you find out what you really believe.


  4. Night Life was so good last night! 😃and the last night in the parking lot too! Yeah!!!! When Pastor Dean was saying harms way is over all the place I thought about so many people that don’t even have a clue of this.But then he said ,as the church we walk by faith we have a shield of protection, SUPERNATURALLY!!!!! The Blood of JESUS!!!! I’am responsible for me. God does require us to walk by faith . My life is personally dependent on what I choose. What’s goin on inside of me is what’s important. I have to walk out what I BELIEVE!!!!! I choose not to compromise the Word of God , but will trust Him rather than man! Thanks PD! 😍🙌


  5. The final parking lot service was great. The blood of Jesus covers us and we must use that in every area of our life. We have favor and when we walk by faith and not by sight we will be victorious. As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord


  6. The last service outside WAS SOOOO REFRESHING TO MY SOUL! I’m so grateful for THE WORD TAUGHT AT CHOOSELIFE! Here are my highs-
    GOD WILL BE THE ONE I WORSHIP-I TRUST IN HIM & NOT MAN! JEHOVAH IS MY PORTION. I’m not responsible for others.. we each choose for ourselves what we really believe and who we will serve. Joshua 24:15- but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord! If your deceived that’s on YOU! EVIL CANT COME AGAINST US!


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