Sunday, May 17

Sooo happy to be back inside!!! 😇

1st Service

The real pandemic is a church with little faith!!! What was your favorite part of first service?

2nd Service

We are the CHURCH!!! We overcome!!! We stand and refuse alternatives!!! What was your favorite part of 2nd service?

3rd Service

We must keep our faith in God!! We’ve been crucified with Christ! It is HIS faith operating in us!! What was your favorite part of 3rd service?


  1. I was so glad to see all of the family today. Face to face ❤️❤️ I’m so grateful PD always comes with the truth no matter what. I am persuaded. To not love my life to be a believing believer,, I will speak to the mountain not talk about it. Yes!!!!! I will KEEP MY EYES ON HIM. I like where PD says to focus on him and not the distractions (political). I will choose to not look anywhere else cause you’ll end up where your looking. So so good. I love you all so glad to be back inside. I’m so blessed by our church and family here 🙌🏻❤️🎉

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  2. I came expecting and boy did I receive…when you’re a child of God the Word should be your only option, if it is not then you’re taking the first step toward possibly being an unbelieving believer willing to compromise His plan and will for your life. No alternatives stood out to me today and I’m going to stand on that because I only want what he has….good Word! ❤️

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  3. It was GREAT to be back inside today! So much revelation during 1st service! I’m making a decision to reject ALL other alternatives but God’s Word! I want to keep my eyes FOCUSED on His face because as PD said, where you look is where you’ll end up! I’m going to STOP considering and discussing the current turmoil in the world or listen to the news media. DEFEAT has NO place in my life as a believer! We already have the VICTORY! ANYTHING the world or the media or all the experts have to offer is foolishness to God and should therefore be foolishness to me as well!! So thankful for Pastors who speak the truth of God’s Word into our lives. Plan A is the plan that I will pursue. He’s given me keys!

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  4. It was so good to be back in the House! Here’s my highs: Jumpstart/ The way to life is vigorous with Him. Jesus was about His Fathers business, moving all the time, hearing The Father on His journey on the earth! Shouldn’t we be doin the same ? I will do what He’s called me to do! I have the spoon and it’s up to me to stir myself up!I will not be moved or discouraged. Nothing I do for Him goes unnoticed by Him or is a waste! He is my treasure and reward! When you know who you are, you know what to do, you know who’s you are!!!! Without Grace you can’t stand, cute leaders don’t stand!!!! They are irreverent! I’am free, moving keeping my focus on Jesus doing what I’m called to do! Thank you PC ♥️

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  5. YAY!!! Church was soo great today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st service//I like when Pastor Dean was talking about being quiet!! LOL!! Peace comes in a place where you are quiet!! I am walking on the Word when I believe it enough to act on it!
    You have to put the doubt out and the only way that can happen is by putting the Word in!
    If it is not authorized in heaven it doesn’t have to go on in my life!!
    I really really like when Pastor Dean talked about recognizing the Father’s pull on my heart!! I really liked that…and in light of what he shared with us that was his revelation from the Father!!
    I really like when Pastor Dean said if all you ever hear is plan b how can you walk in plan a?
    Religion makes excuses!
    Faith in God works!!

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  6. My highs : 2nd/ The system of the world is broken, this is just an opportunity to be on fire —for His plan and its personnel for each one of us. It is our Pastor’s heart that each one of us run our race for Him. I really like what Pastor Dean said, as God’s kids all we get credit for is what we did to advance the kingdom! What I do I will do it for Him, my Savior is who I will follow! He is the Way, The Truth, and The Life! 3rd/ Jesus said to Peter “Come” when he walked on the water to Him. He wants us to “Come” too, but we have to be a fighter! It’s the willing and obedient that eats the good of the land! Isaiah 1:19. Thanks PD !for such good Word!🙌😍

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  7. Church was soooo great today!!!! I was so excited to be inside and see everyone!!!♥️♥️♥️
    In JumpStart I liked when PC said you can’t be spiritually tuned in when you are naturally consumed!! So good!! It went along with something Pd said in first service line when you are so focused on the natural and trying to make it happen you can’t operate in the spiritual because your too focused naturally!!! I was to be spiritually tuned in!!

    In 2nd I really liked the statement believing Jesus means rejecting alternatives and then the examples PD gave!! Omg he is my favorite! 🤣 when you seek an alternative for one issue you end up with another!! I don’t want to spiritually have diarrhea because I went with an alternative instead of plan A!!!!!! Plan B-Z always have “side affects”!!

    In first service (I went backwards lol) I really liked when PD said we have issues taking our masks off and now the world is telling us to put them on!! That stood out to me so much like this is our time to take the masks off (literally and figuratively) and show the world what we believe!!! Show the world our stand!!!!! I will not be a believer that wears a hidden or public mask!!!!


  8. Omg I am soooo grateful to be back inside !!!

    Jumpstart //
    You can not be spiritually tuned when you’re naturally consumed ! I’m a leader I have to grow up! I can’t get backed up all week and come to church to detox !

    Where you look is where you will go !
    Considering the storm ASSURES DEFEAT!

    I am DONE considering the storm!
    I will guard my focus more than ever before! I am here to know him. And I win all day everyday !!! I discipline my mind to he focused on him and reliant on him in every single moment of every single day !!
    I have the spoon!! I control what stirs me!!! (Jumpstart ) I quit allowing myself to be stirred by the world ! I am stirred by Jesus ONLY!!!!! His word and his cause stirs me !!!! I am graced and anointed and I don’t have losing seasons !!!!! HE IS WITH ME AND I WIN!!! HE IS MY FOCUS!!!!


  9. Great to be back inside!
    Jumpstart – You can’t grow in grace if you’re irreverent. Don’t do the bare minimum, Do I feel like I’ve got nothing left to give?
    People pay more attention to what goes in their mouth than what goes in their mind. Keep that spiritual diet in check, you can’t be spiritually in tune when you’re naturally consumed.
    First Service – The only thing you will get credit for is what you do to advance the Kingdom. What and how much you believe is on you. “Be not afraid” is not multiple choice – Be all in or all out.
    If you believe Jesus, you reject all the alternatives


  10. Some of my favs from service//
    I have to be intense and it has to command a great portion of my attention!
    It’s not honoring or respectful to not want the promises Jesus paid for!
    I must reject the wisdom & reason of the world!
    Be it unto ME according to MY faith!
    The Father never talks about plan B only plan A!!! One of my favorites is when PD talks about plan A! It doesn’t please God when we use alternatives…we can’t please Him if we don’t believe Him!!!


  11. Although The Church remained inside, its so good to be Back in The Church Yeay!!😃 services were so good!! Going strong!💪🏼 Some of my takeaways:

    We always have a choice to what/who we will bow down to. There’s a supernatural strength & protection when we choose to bow down only to Almighty GoD!❤️

    1st(3-4 year olds)
    Yeay back in the tree house! Kidz so enjoyed service!! It’s always so precious & really pushes me to go harder, when I see those kids praising with all their hearts, even that early😝 I have been given The Witness! I have been given Authority Himself 💪🏼

    I have to be on fire – this has to be personal!
    We have to maintain such a focus! We have to stand our ground & take every advantage of what we have going for us – all of heaven – every weapon & tool to conquer!!
    “Do not fold!! Don’t allow some punk virus to cheapen the price that The Lord Jesus provided!” Yesss!! This virus & everything associated with it – all fear that’s trying to attach itself along with lying symptoms HAS NO POWER OVER A BELIEVING BELIEVER!!
    What & how much I believe is on me!! Be it onto me – according TO MY FAITH!!
    “Be not afraid” – is not multiple choice! There’s no ifs!!! He’s given us a command & such an empowerment to do so!
    When Jesus says “come” – I can when I believe!!
    Believing Jesus means REJECTING ALLLL ALTERNATIVES!! This is easy!!!
    Where I look is where I’ll end up!!
    I have to be a fighter!!! Be Aggressive!!
    He wants to stretch me – if I want to go further – I have to trim some stuff!!
    So so good!! 🙌🏼💪🏼👆🏼


  12. I’m so grateful to be back in our church and in our places! Church was so great! Here are some things that really spoke to me from services.

    Jumpstart Kidz- continue to seek 1st the kingdom to put Him & His things first & not become distracted by life but to CONTINUE!!!

    Jumpstart PC- I’m not moved by what I see. I’m not moved by what I feel. IM ONLY MOVED BY WHAT I BELIEVE. This whole Jumpstart ignited a fire on the inside of me TO GO HARDER & BE MORE ADAMANT TO GROW & BECOME! Without grace you can’t stand. I CANNOT STAND WITHOUT JESUS! I cannot do the bare minimum and expect to succeed! REALLY GIVE YOURSELF TO THIS-COMMITMENT! ABANDON ALL ELSE FOR HIS SOLE PURPOSE! Goshhhh !! This right here WENT OFF IN ME… I’m in control of my spoon and what goes in me.. SERIOUSLY! What has my attention??? I liked when she said what has your attention has your conversation and life or death will eventually follow! Wow! I will be MORE AWARE of that than ever before! The right way of feeling thinking in acting is in me.. HE DID SOMETHING FOR ME SO I COULD DO SOMETHING FOR HIM!! Grow up patricia and get over self! Seriously! The enemy wants to take me out.. When I know who I am and who I belong to I will find myself with no other alternatives and I will find myself on my knees with a servants girdle! 😭😭❤️❤️

    2nd Service- FOLLOW HIM & FORGET YOUR AGENDA PATRICIA! Strongholds in your mind is not about what anyone does to you but what you do to you! This is about a HEART FOCUS! We only get credit for what we do for Him! RELENTLESS.. FOCUSED! A relationship with him is personal! When he was on the cross I was on His mind! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ embrace his agenda his plan – it’s written and it’s settled! Anything man does is because he’s been given wisdom to do it! TRUST HIM ONLY!!!! I TURN MY EYES TO JESUS!!!!!


    1. I forgot to share my high from 3rd- pre-K/
      We have the answer for people- JESUS.. THE TRUTH!


  13. Jump start// when you know who you are you know what to do. You have to possess your soul. Find myself on my knees surrendered.
    Service highs// a real peace comes in a place where not much is said. When Jesus says come, you can if you believe. Since when did nonsense make sense? If it’s supernatural I have heard from him. Healing is not a miracle. I’m already healed. The best time to fight is now!


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