DEEP 5.18.20

DEEP was so good tonight!!! So thankful for tonight and this year of truth! What was your favorite part of Leadership and Blood Covenant?


Remember, head to the church center app and share your DEEP Light Bulb moments!!


  1. Gosh! I’m so Grateful for Deep Bible College. I learned so much this year! My faves tonight about The Kingdom! What is the Church for? The Church is here for Jesus. For us to do what Jesus did when He was on the earth.To be about His Kingdom business! Teaching, preaching , healing. To learn how we are to be in relationship with God. To put Jesus first in our lives by surrendering everything to Him! This is The Purpose of the Church! To be enthusiastic! knowing who our Pastors’s are and what’s important to them and that becomes important to me! Our Leaders present opportunity to us the church and are to defend the boundaries! So thankful for our Leaders! Thank You! PC😍 Blood Covenant/ I always love to listen to Pastor Kathy teach on the Blood Covenant. I receive revelation of how powerful the Blood of Jesus is every time! In this Blood Covenant as the church we belong to God and to each other in covenant.We are to be dependent on each other and loving one another as the body of Christ Jesus! We all work together in love ! And we should always have each other’s back. To help and encourage one another as brothers and sisters in the family of God! To be Covenant Friends ! Prov. 18:24 thank you Pastor Kathy !♥️

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  2. Last deep of the season 😫 I’ve learned so much though! I’m so grateful for all the tools we have been given!! This summer is gonna me great – I believe we heard exactly what we needed to hear & as we continue to listen to those Words, we are empowered & well prepared for what’s ahead!

    Strongholds happen in people’s mind! This year I got such a revelation of how powerful thoughts can be. This was one of my “light bulb moments!” What we allow ourselves to think on, will be what we speak & what we will eventually have manifest in our life.☝🏼 Prov 23:7
    I’m either building His kingdom or my own!
    Humility & Hunger – will take me in the right direction! What I’m hungry for is what I will go after!
    Producers are productive!! What am I doing with my time?!

    If the family isn’t good – The Church isn’t good. I still remember a conversation I had with TB – that’s one thing she said (my words) “if we aren’t good at home, then what’s the point of all of this?!” This starts at home!! Learning about what Covenant & The Power of The Blood is Jesus truly means has helped me see what was done & provided for me. It also has helped me see how my relationship with The Father should look like – to also help me steward every other relationship I have! 😊

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  3. Deep Highs- this Deep prob had to have marked me THE MOST!! It ministered to me HUGELY!!!!!!! I’m grateful!
    PC-what am I here to do?? I look to the Word & I find out what Jesus did.. he taught, he preached, he laid hands on the sick! IM CALLED FOR KINGDOM BUSINESS 👑….. IM A BUILDER FOR HIS THINGS!!!!! With a focused mind, a right mind set on HIM ALONE! The enemy will press as hard as he can.. knowing this I have to seriously hunker down!!! Goshhh I think of my feet in cement and that cement is the word and Im unmoved and can go no where because the WORD IS MY LIFE! MORE FOCUSED THAN EVER!!!!! What’s important to my pastors is important to me! Restoration involves a lot of process.. I’m grateful!! I will never regret living for Him but I will regret not giving him my All.. MY LIFE IS OVER…ABANDONING SELF!!!!!!

    PK- we are all in this TOGETHER-This blesses me hugely.. COVENANT COMMUNITY! We work TOGETHER! We are all
    Different, look different but we should have each other’s backs! DANGGG YESSS! We love each other regardless of our faults! This here sooooo blesses me because I grew up with such a distorted view of this ….. IM HUGELY HUGELY GRATEFUL FOR THE TRUTH! Pk blesses me so hugely and when she said BE YOUR KIDS CHEERLEADER- I SOOO WILL DO THIS!!!!!!! Together!!!!!!!! NOTHING WILL BE RESTRAINED FROM US- ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!! Encourage one another.. LOVE EACH OTHER!!!! LOVE DEEPLY!!


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