Coffee w/PK 5.18.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy is AMAZING! SO thankful! What are you going to believe next after COVID-19? Which of the Spiritual Steps will you focus most on this week?


  1. I know for sure I am going to keep believing the word of God. As I have already received so many blessings in this strom I am believe for supernatural strength to defend my beliefs and help others. The spiritual step and I will focus on this week is number five- which is run your race to win. As a runner I draw parallels to the word and God and running. When you run you discipline yourself and you run one day at a time to get better which is us as individuals not folding and growing daily, so when it comes down to the race we will win, which is the church as a whole overcoming! Thank you PK for today’s message.

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  2. This was a great word! There is power in numbers and as long as we keep praying and gathering we will OVERCOME! I love my church family and the hunger we have to keep swinging!

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  3. Coffee with PK was so good today! My favorite thing to do! I believe this covid-19 is over , out of here, done!!!! As for me Who do I believe? God every time!! Trusting Him and only Him, being led by the Spirit in faith in Him alone. We are a minority!we have everything we need to stand and overcome! I will be on fire with the Holy Spirit about His business not in fear believing perfect love cast out fear. The church is a place where we can be touched by the presence of God, as well as exhorting , encouraging , and loving one another! We’ve got more in us than we know! I will double up and get stronger. Things can never be the way they were. I don’t want to be caught off guard but to push harder than ever before. Matt. 6:33! The church will prevail!! Thank you Pastor Kathy this Word encouraged my heart! Love you so much!!🥰

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  4. I really really enjoyed Coffee w/Pastor Kathy this week!!
    Of the 7 Spiritual Steps I was encouraged to:
    Fall more in love with Jesus…this reminds me of the Billy Graham video we play in worship before the song Pursue…”just telling the Lord that I love Him.”
    Read the Gospels more
    Everything in life is about Jesus therefore everything in my life will be about Jesus!!!!!!!

    I like when Pastor Kathy referenced like a hurdle…like one after another…we aren’t stopping we keep growing and learning!!


  5. I want to buy a butt mask!! LOL!!!!!!! and also refuse distractions!! These are the last of the last days and it is NO TIME to lighten up!!!! Sooo good!! Thank you Pastor MOM!! 🙂


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