1. My favorite part of Rev. Joe Morris is always how he points to the Word!! Its the Word first!! Also, about how joyful and happy we should be…expectant!! We are about to see the King!! Love Him soo much!!

    Great night at church!! and LATE NIGHT!!

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  2. Service was amazing last night! Rev. Joe Morris brought great light to me! I used to be freaked out by the whole thought of the Rapture and all of that! I believe it was because of not knowing and understanding the truth of it! Well, last night I received revelation of it! I am excited about Jesus return! All I could hear last night as Rev. Joe Morris was speaking was the Holy Spirit telling me to Fear Not! I thought about the many times Jesus said that to His disciples. The Holy Spirit then said this to me in service, “ These signs are for you to make changes and get ready, not to scare you in any way”! For the first time I was genuinely excited about the return of Jesus! I KNOW now!!!! We are going to see the King!!!!

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  3. I really really enjoyed service last night!! As Reverend Joe Morris was going over all of the facts like how two Benjamins will rule Israel at the return of Jesus, and when he was talking about Kenneth E. Hagin, how he is the John of our generation, me and Channing were just like blown-away!! We looked at each other every time Rev. Joe said something just like eye-opening. I really enjoy listening to him, not only because he is so intelligent and educated about the end times, but he is an encourager!! I was so encouraged last night to go so much harder!!! I really liked how he said that you don’t do stupid things at the end of the race, that’s when you’re to go harder!!! I also really enjoyed how when he was talking about the signs, he brought it back to God’s love for us. God loves us so much that He never wants us to be caught off guard! He wants us ready, Jesus will come back for a glorious bride!!!!
    Thank you so much to Rev. Joe Morris for eye-opening revelation and the encouragement to go all the harder!!!

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  4. Wow!!! I was so encouraged last night by this service!! There should be such an urgency about our lives and living for Him with such a joy and anticipation for all that’s to come. Jesus is coming back so move faster and be more focused with a determined purpose to know Him and His Word more than ever before!!!

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  5. Was so grateful for Joseph Morris ,was a great service!Love how full of the joy of the Lord he always is. The Word he brings is always on point with what exactly is happening in the world and the church today speaking on the coming of Jesus! Really like listening to him every Wednesday too! Enjoyed him and was so blessed he got to come! ♥️

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  6. Services were great!!! What a blessing to have such amazing ambassadors sent to teach us, encourage & challenge us to RUN & not give up!!

    I got to serve in 3-4 year old class 😊 these little giants bless me every time!! We were encouraged to not give up – no matter what is thrown our way! We have to continue to keep our focus on The Father & what is at the end – ABSOLUTE VICTORY! And along the way – WE WIN TOO!! Hallelujah!!! the enemy CANNOT touch me – when I CHOOSE to speak The Word!!

    Rev Joe Morris & PD has been telling us, this is not the time to relax!! This is the time to go hard, we’re about to hit that finish line!! I like how he talked about the woman in labor doesn’t stop to do something – that has nothing to do with the mission at hand! Lol I can only imagine that – CRAZY!! A woman in labor is on a mission – she is focused – her breathing looks a certain way – her position looks a certain way – yes there may be pressure – but the focus is just the same – SHE KNOWS SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL IS COMING! Everything she’s done has been in preparation for this very moment! And ofcourse in the end – when she has that baby in her arms nothing else matters, none of the pain, none of the long hours in labor, not the long season that her body was changing. We run, with such focus, with an expectancy!! I see great things birthing out!! Glory!! People being set free! Getting healed! Being encouraged! 🙌🏼 thank you Rev Joe Morris & to our Pastors & teachers for teaching & encouraging us🥊🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏼

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  7. JOE MORRIS IS AMAZING!!!! Late Night and NIght Life were so good!!! When Rev Joe put his glasses crooked, I thought that was hilarious, but more importantly when he said we are engaged…like it is so close and just like Pastor Dean spoke over this year, there is more to know more to do and more to expect!! Like JESUS IS COMING TO GET US!! And then in Late night the explanation of our jewels based on our words and our prayer life!! I DO NOT WANT A BONFIRE!!!! So grateful for the truth and for men and women that study and hear God’s voice and teach us the truth!! SOOO GRATEFUL FOR THE TRUTH!!!


  8. Wow!!!! Just finished listening to this message and WOW!! It was SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! Here are some of my highs-

    This isn’t time to cruise BUT TO GET MORE INTENSE! We are close to the end…. HE LOVES US!!!!! WE ARE FREE, not striving to be FREE!!! My strength is tied to my joy! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO ACCELERATE!!!! Not moved by what I see or what feel!!! USE YOUR FAITH.. Jesus said I could! He’s not mad at us… he isn’t disappointed.. HE LOVES US!!! INTENSITY AN URGENCY ABOUT MY LIFE!!!!


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