Sunday, May 24

1st service

So grateful for the truth!!! The truth is ours to walk in!!! What was your favorite part of first service?

2nd service

Wow!! Service was so great!!! What was your favorite part?

3rd service

We finished the day with another great service!!! What was your favorite part of 3rd service?



  1. There is nothing to compare to the fellowship of believers worshiping together a risen savior. Pastor Charity and the praise team were awesome. Then Pastor Dean brought the most powerful message uplifting our souls and reaching right into our spirit man. The word of God does not change to fit the situation, the situation has to change to line up with the never changing word of God.

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  2. Church was so good today! Jumpstart/ I liked how PC brought Hupo Menene into the message is Patients! to be cheerful, hopeful , to endure powerful , to stand. By Patients (Hupo Menene) you will gain your soul. We have the Victory!To the degree I know the Holy Spirit I know the Father! My faith is always entergized by my stand and endurance! Led by the Holy Spirit I will have peace and know His plan! I will continue to Love Him completely and obey Him having my confidence in Him. Holding myself to accountability!!!! Thanks PC this was so good!♥️ 3rd/ We have been called from the youngest to the oldest to be like Jesus. There is no such thing as unbelief , you are either led by the spirit of darkness or by the Spirit of God! why would I ever buy into foolishness when God has given me everything I will ever need!! 👍🏻🙌🙌🙌🙌

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  3. My thought life determines my spiritual maturity…I don’t have to tolerate or put up with the worlds crap… I just have to HEAR THE WORD, BELIEVE THE WORD, DO THE WORD, SPEAK THE WORD, READ THE WORD and FALL IN LOVE with THE WORD!! He’s waiting on me I AM DAVID I have authority and through the GREATER ONE on the inside of me, with my mouth, I activate His power IF I CHOOSE LIFE! I AM David and there is a PSALM for every giant…Being intentional and consistent in communication and prayer with Him is KEY! I don’t want to lose in fact I hate losing why lose when the GOD I serve already won…it’s just plain STUPID! Plus like Pastor Charity said I am TOUGHER than HELL because he lives in me!!!! Every service was great including Jumpstart the revelation I received was eye opening in so many ways, I can’t get enough…so thankful for TRUE SHEPHERDS! ❤️

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  4. I listened to first service today and it was sooooo awesome!!

    These are my favorites: This relationship requires my zeal and thirst!
    I don’t have to go by them IN HIM!! Glory!!!
    I have a right to everything Jesus paid for!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Word of God=Will of God…that is always my favorite!!
    I can walk on the water of the Word!
    I choose the light on purpose!!!!!!!!!


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  5. I was in 1st service today! It was all soo good!!!
    We have to show up for Him in all we do, ON PURPOSE!!!
    We must choose to walk on the water of the Word, intentionally, every single day!
    Discernment doesn’t need physical evidence! It believes and acts on the Word of God!!

    I also listened to jumpstart tonight!! Soo powerful!! I was challenged to take advantage of all the resources I have available to me right in my room!!! I will let hupomene rise up by intentionally spending more time praying in the Holy Spirit!!! That’s where that patient endurance comes from!!!

    Soo grateful for our amazing pastors at ChooseLife Church!!!

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  6. Jumpstart /
    I have to DECIDE to have hupomene. Staying power! Or I will be defeated by my own self.

    I loved when she said / Everything is about Jesus. EVERYTHING. It’s so so true. Everything I see in the world right now is ALL about JESUS!

    To the degree I have relationship with the Holy Spirit , I will know the father and have hupomene.

    I make a RESOLVE that all i do is for HIM!
    One day at a time ! It’s ALL for him! I serve Jesus. I love Jesus and I promote Jesus with my every breath!

    To the degree I know the Holy Spirit , I will know peace and the plan . This is so huge for me. I have so much on my plate right now with 4 kids at home 24/7 and running a business. I CLING to relationship with the Holy Spirit ! He alone can show me each day and how to do it!!! And he alone gives me hupomene to stand !!!

    1st svc /
    Jesus would never wear a mask. It’s total foolishness. The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. I stick with the word !!! I shine and allow the Holy Spirit to use me !!!

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  7. Sunday’s are the best! Here are my highs:
    Jumpstart –
    * “In patience, possess your soul”
    Patience = hupomene; the power to stand!
    Possess = to have power over
    In my authority to stand, I have power over my mind, will, body, and emotions! 💪🏼
    Who I am, under pressure, is who I REALLY am! Will I STAND or put on the mask? Lol If I allow my soul to take over, I fall victim to myself 🤢 How do I possess my soul? By the Holy Spirit! Larrisa, don’t get caught up in this temporary life; you’re just passing through 🙌🏼 JESUS at the center of it ALL 🎶
    I must take my relationship with the Holy Spirit to a whole another level, if I want to KNOW My Father on a whole another level!
    2nd service –
    * 🥄 Don’t wait for a “feeling”, stir yourself up!! My authority has been RESTORED! Continuing to hear God’s Word produces confidence! A desire to hear plus the light of God’s Word equals FREEDOM!!! Junk will come my way BUT it won’t overtake me in Jesus name! When I walk in the Spirit, I walk in discernment! Hallelujah!

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  8. I was in first service yesterday!!! I really really enjoyed worship yesterday…even though this isn’t about feelings, I was just in awe of the God I serve, isn’t He precious? Isn’t He wonderful?!!
    My highs from first service were:
    – Jesus paid it ALL, He left nothing undone… This became so alive in me, there is nothing that wasn’t finished on the cross!!
    – Delivering people from blindness requires knowing where it’s from and its exact purpose… I really liked this as I was going over my notes, I can’t teach people if I haven’t been taught. I have to know that I know what I’m living, what I’m learning, Who I’m serving.
    – satan personally rules all those who aren’t saved or whose relationship is void of the hunger and revelation required to walk in their restored authority and thereby live in a constant state of deception… this really stood out to me, I am not immune to being deceived. Deception happens every time I go through the motions, when I’m not all in… when it’s just a routine!! I don’t want to be ruled by a worm!!
    I am soo so grateful for Pastor Dean, over the years of sitting in his service from being in 6th grade, I’ve realized how EXTREMELY wise he is. I am grateful that he shares the revelation that he receives.

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  9. Church was sooo good!!!!
    Jumpstart//Encouraged to be even more mindful of the holy spirit and praying in tongues…if i don’t possess my soul it will possess me!! Sooooo good
    1st Service//Darkness is powerless in HIS presence!!! I have to be like those solar powered lights…if I don’t spend time in the light…then when I am in the dark…I won’t shine!!! We must realize that people are blinded by the enemy and it is up to us to be the light!!!!!!!! If God says the world is foolish…its foolish…PERIOD!!!!!!


  10. Sunday = WOOOW!!! So so good!! I heard so much, that I will be meditating on this week🤓

    Patience = Hupomene (How huge is that!!!)
    Walking in Hupomene – I dominate my soul
    Now more than ever – we must keep a firm grip on everything we hear!! We can’t let them slip, allowing ourselves to be steered of course!
    This is supernatural!!! I tap into HUPOMENE BY THE HOLY GHOST!💪🏼
    I can’t live out my destination when I’m focused on the temporary – i can’t get cozy here – I have to be so in tune with His will, His destination
    I decide within myself – to obey, before He tells me what to do ❤️❤️

    1st(3-4 year olds)
    Know The Message!
    Be Bold!
    And don’t quit!!
    I WON’T QUIT!!! Supernatural things are able to be worked in & through me – when I choose to not quit!🙌🏼👆🏼

    This is not the time to be hesitant!!☝🏼
    I serve a Savior – who wasn’t ashamed of His own gospel!! I too will not be ashamed!
    Delivering people from blindness – requires KNOWING where it’s from – and it’s exact purpose – straight from the pits of hell!!☝🏼 (and I just remembered a recent message from PFs class – lifeguard on duty – NOT ON MY WATCH)
    The only way to LOVE people – is to tell them The Truth! This was so big for me!! We just have to keep this in mind – this is all Jesus did – He gave people The Truth!! He wasn’t thinking, “what if they don’t receive it”, or “what if they get mad” – He loved them too much to leave them in the state they were in. He knew His mission & wasn’t moved or even considered the “what if’s”. That’s my part – LOVE THEM ENOUGH SONIA!!!

    Take authority over issues – IMMEDIATELY!!
    I’m either led by the spirit of darkness or The Spirit of Light!☝🏼 there’s no in between!!
    I have to be a doer – on purpose!!
    Say it so long – that you believe it!!
    Darkness is POWERLESS in the presence of Light! Hallelujah!! – He reigns! And He reigns IN ME!!🙌🏼

    This is So perfect!!😫


  11. Jumpstart: You must possess your soul or else it will possess you. Everything is about Jesus – good or bad, it revolves around either promoting or negating that name. Soldiers are soldiers all the time and there is going to be pressure the further you go. You have to decide to obey Him before he is going to tell you what to do.

    Divine Life: Satan rules those who aren’t saved, the Word is bigger than it looks and you have to do it on purpose. The wisdom of the world is foolishness to God and what someone does shouldn’t be considered unless the word of God backs it up and has a promise for it. All you need is a little bit of want to and a dose of light.


  12. Jump start// possessing my souls comes by my relationship with the Holy Ghost. Where am I with the Holy Spirit. I pray in the spirit to possess my soul.

    Service highs// we see who we are in Him so act like we’re in Him. I have a right to everything He paid for. Walk on the water of the Word!


  13. I’m grateful for THE WORD taught here at CHOOSELIFE CHURCH.. here are some things that really spoke to me as I went over my notes..

    Jumpstart – WOW!!! Jumpstart is POWERFUL & all of it sooo helps me!!! In patience I possess my soul- Hupomena! If I don’t possess my soul it will possess me! WE SHOULD NOT LACK IN ANY AREA! The devil wants me to cave.. to give up! I have to activate this Hupomena- THE POWER TO STAND NO MATTER WHAT COMES AT ME! I have to constantly be on myself… I tell my body what it’s gonna do!!!!!! And how it’s going to feel and think. I love God so I should obey HIM! To the degree I know the HOLY SPIRIT I’ll have peace and know the plan!

    2nd Service- goshhh every time I hear the video say “GOD PUT PART OF HIMSELF INSIDE OF YOU, YOUR VALUABLE” it does something to me!!!!! I’m grateful!
    More and more GOOD WORKS!!!! He has a plan for each of us! He is the only one who can help me. All nonsense is because of Jesus! He meets you at plan A patricia! I like when PD said WWJD(What would Jesus Do) but really WWYD(what will you do?) seriously?!!!!?? JESUS PAID THE PRICE FOR ALL OF IT!my relationship with Him has to be THE MOST IMPORTANT! He never changes!!! I’m grateful because people are fickle and things are constantly changing BUT HE DONT! I can trust HIM!!! I can rely on HIM!!!! The violent take it by force!!!! Seriously I have to take it by force! FIGHT!!!! HE IS NOT LIMITED! I refuse to LIMIT HIM! He is the ONLY WAY! NO FEAR HERE!!!!!!


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