1. Coffee with PK was so good today! The Name of God that stood out to me today was Jehovah-Rapha!He is my Healer. I have been redeemed from the curse of the law of sickness and disease. No matter how I feel or what someone says I’am the healed in Jesus Name ! I will believe the report of the Lord. For by His Stripes I’am healed and made whole! God’s Word is the only thing that will carry me through, no sickness no flue or virus or plague can come near me or my dwelling place.God takes good care of His kids.He never changes. Where I can’t see a way He will make a way! He doesn’t want me to worry about a thing! He is More Than Enough!!!! The Word in Jesus’ mouth is the same power I have in my mouth when I speak His Word over my body.Everyday when I get up I say Jesus lives in me! Weakness and failure has no place in my Life! Hallelujah!Thank you Pastor Kathy for this Word, I Love you♥️

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  2. I don’t think we can ever hear enough about how good God is because satan is such a pervert and has tried everything he can to make the children of God think small and live small…I refuse…
    Abraham was not only rich, he was very rich and I am too…I refuse to settle for anything less than ALL HE IS!!

    I was sooo grateful for the handout; it is going with my quiet time essentials so I can confess His name over my life…as He is so am I!!! I am grateful for all the work Pastor Kathy does to resource and train and teach us!! She is the best!!


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