1. The only good life is God’s life. Meditate on the word according to Joshua 1:8 and do what you know to do – if there is no DO, it’s a no GO. When you stand on the Word you won’t fall for deception because the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God. God’s word takes us from comfortable to conformable. By grace we are saved through faith! Jesus = Grace


  2. This message was SOOO GOOD to me!! Prob one of my favvvvvs!!!!! THIS ISNT TIME TO RELAX!!! PRESS FORWARD!!!! I literally got a picture in my head of soldiers lined up and the sergeant yelling MOVE FORWARD!!!! Goshhh I purpose to move forward and let go of it all!!!!! When he gives you something you just STAND… when you continue and you honor Him IT WILL CONTINUE! He’s so faithful!!! The only GOOD LIFE is the GOD LIFE! I CANT SUCCEED ON MY OWN!!! HONOR HIM!!!! He sees me valuable therefore I don’t have to impress anyone! HE DOES NOT HAVE SOME SMALL PLAN FOR ME!!!! I’m not saved by works! He loves me! I created to do good! WHAT DO U WANT ME TO DO FATHER?!! I have everything to gain and nothing to lose!!! I press forward!!!!


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