1. Church was AMAZING today!! Definitely a day I will never forget. I’ve never received the Infilling of The Holy Spirit but PD & PK gave me the best gift I could have ever received!!!! Honestly, it scared me at first but Pastor Kathy was right there with me & guided me through it. I am so grateful for My Pastors & my Church Family!!!

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  2. Church was so Sweet and powerful today ! Here are my highs! Jumpstart/ We either find ourselves in the Word or not, or just giving up. I have to choose to be hungry having an appetite for more of Him. As I trust in Him He is able to shield me when I pick up the Word and recognize as a believer not to settle in as the world does. I have to take up my weapons of warfare. Religion doesn’t make you Spiritual. I’m empowered to dispense the Word by the Spirit of the Lord to others. By the Holy Spirit I receive an abundance of grace for all I need!!!!Thank you PC!💗 2nd/ For those that are born-again babies they have to continue to grow taking baby steps. It should be our desire to help them!! What God expects from us is to be apart of others lives. I must decrease that He my increase! To be filled with some Thunder power and fire (The Holy Spirit) Acts 1:4-8. God can only work through those that will allow Him to work in them. I have to do my part walking with Him to have the benefits in my life! Being led by the Holy Spirit!! 3rd/ The Holy Spirit prepares me for what is to come. We have to love God more than anything or anyone else, then you will love you and others!!!!Thanks PD so much for the truth of the WORD!🙌🙌

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  3. Today was such an amazing Pentecost Sunday!!!! I am sooo grateful for the person of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Dean encouraged us all with such passion concerning our relationship with Him and I was soo excited for all those who were filled!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can and I choose to punk the enemy’s plan!
    The miracle-working power in the Holy Spirit is first and foremost for me!!
    This will be the easiest time as I allow the wind of the spirit.
    He can only work with those who love Him!!
    He paid for me to dominate!!
    I have to remove stuff if I want to move forward!
    I have no excuses to quit or be mediocre.

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  4. Every service was just amazingggg today!! And congratulations @Cheryl, it’s a huge deal, the big step you chose today ❤️, so excited for all your tomorrows, you’ll be empowered like never before!!🙌🏼😃

    Here are some of my takeaways:

    We are protected when we choose to trust GoD! Even when things get ugly, when we choose to rely on Him for strength & deliverance, we are protected & ALWAYS WIN! HALLELUJAH

    We have been called to share Jesus with others – so they then can share Jesus with others! I see it as a domino effect, it keeps going! More & more people are gonna be exposed to The Truth, because people chose to know The Message, chose to be bold, they chose not to give up!! Glory

    Just being at church doesn’t mean that you’re hungry/sincere/humble! Gosh all of this has been such an eye opener – I refuse to be a cute Christian – I refuse to just be religious!!
    What am I hungry for?! What do I really want?! Questions I have to constantly ask myself – where my hunger goes – my life goes!
    Getting hungry physically is an automatic – but I have to choose to be hungry spiritually! Sooo true, my body & mind will definitely not automatically want to get in The Word, want to get on their knees etc, I HAVE TO FIGHT – I have to position myself!
    Even though this is forever settled – doesn’t mean it’s forever settled for me! What’s forever settled is what I say & believe!!! I have to speak to myself!!
    Where there’s the presence of fear 🤢 there’s the absence of Love – absence of The Presence of GoD! We have to be quick to get that handled!!
    If you don’t deal with the gun that’s pointed at you – it’ll deal with you! the enemy is looking for whom he may devour! This will not be me!!
    To overcome the spirit of fear – I have been given:
    POWER (Dunamis – Holy Spirit POWER)
    Sound mind 😃
    I access Power through The Spirit 💪🏼 I am empowered to dispense Power by The Holy Spirit
    A life out of order = a religious life – there’s no gray!!

    Glory to GoD!!! I purpose to be more intentional with my time – to pray in The Spirit – I’ll meditate on all that I have In Him! Wow!! DUNAMIS POWER!!💪🏼 The same Power that raised Jesus from the dead! I refuse to be a cute Christian!! ☝🏼


  5. Oops

    Every day is a new day! I love that!
    I can make my life change quickly – when I CHOOSE TOO!!
    To go further – I have to be willing to do more!! Gosh I can’t do this, In & of myself alone
    His Word is my fuel ❤️❤️
    I must decrease – so He can INCREASE!! I can’t be full of both Him & me!! Gosh I want ALL OF HIM – in & through me!!
    We have to refuse to live carnally – and I like how PC said it, this “low level thinking”
    This is not about us!!

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  6. What a great day! People receiving new revelations and becoming Spirit filled – The Holy Spirit was coming in hot on Pentecost Sunday!
    Jumpstart – What are you hungry for? If the enemy can get in your mind he has won. Don’t allow strongholds to be made. Your life is brought into order by the spirit – you’re empowered by the spirit – if you’re not spiritual, you’re religious. Don’t put the cart in front of the horse, do everything in order or else your life will be out of order.
    Divine Life – Pray in the Holy Spirit! When you don’t know what to say (Which is 99% of the time) He will say it for you, perfectly! You have power – authority – liberty – over all the power of the enemy. Jesus can be your savior and still not be your Lord. You have to choose to let Him Lord over your life.

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  7. Service was so amazing!! During 2nd service PD said to go further you have got to be willing to do more. To witness others hungry for the infilling of the Holy Spirit and to just feel His overwhelming presence re-lit a fire for me. I commit to be more disciplined and consistent with my relationship as it pertains to speaking in tongues. I’m so grateful for people who are hungry too we have developed a small group of women to be accountable to and who also want to be more disciplined. I’m so thankful for church and the people in it!!!

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  8. Jump start// religion vs. relationship…2 Timothy 1:7 fear vs. love…everything is rooted here. Fear is religious. Once you see it you have an obligation to deal with it. If not, you are religious. Religious people see no progress.
    Service highs// the fire of God will burn up anything keeping me from the race. Him being Savior I had nothing to do with. Him being my Lord I have everything to do with. The degree of success I obtain is completely up to me. When my choices are right so is my life.

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  9. Services were sooo awesome yesterday!!!!!
    Going over my notes I was like, oh my gosh!
    I’m so grateful for pastors who are committed to the truth which is Jesus!!!
    – there is a grace to occupy.
    – He is only able to protect me to the degree that I take up the Word as the weapon it is.
    – There is no freedom in religion! There is no growth!
    – No on is watching— so stop putting on a show!!
    I really liked this statement because it’s so true! I can’t be doing this to bring pleasure to others or to receive accolades from others, it’s only for Him!!!
    – Casual relationship with the Holy Spirit will not produce answers for a BIG moment.
    This is so true, I can’t expect to receive an answer for my future when I’m not getting answers for today.
    – The Holy Spirit empowers me to live for Him before I know what I’m called to do

    1st service
    – There should be a love that I have for my God that DRIVES me.
    – Not just protected but AFFECTED.
    – I can punk the enemy, but not if I’m constantly being punked.
    I have to put that worm in his place.
    – I am not common!

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  10. JUMPSTART//There is always a supply when you pray in the holy spirit!
    1st service//The guy getting saved was def a highlight!! 🙂 but from the message, All God needs is my obedience!!! The fire of the holy spirit will burn off those things that do not belong!!!

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  11. Just finished listening to jumpstart from Sunday but GOSHHH Church was SO GOOD SUNDAY!! I’m grateful!!! Here are some of my highs-

    When PC said stir up a spiritual appetite.. just because your at church don’t mean your sincere and humble! WOW!!!!! What are you hungry for???? Seriously so good to me. This is about a life lived in the Spirit! Praying in the Spirit is so important… the enemy is after my thought life and he knows if he can get it he gains a mighty victory over you! I purpose to be humble & grow & continue stirring myself up Spiritually & praying in the spirit all the time.

    2nd Service- WOW!!! This service was so so legit! EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY- MOVE FORWARD! Take control of your race!!!! Humbly and sincerely desire to hear from Him! GO FURTHER.. DO MORE!!!!!! I need Him!!!! I will decrease that he might increase!!!! LESS OF ME!!!!! Don’t firm opinions or answers people need the truth!!! When people know his love they stop doing what they used to do. Grateful for His love! I’m grateful to continue and grow!

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