1. Coffee with PK was so good today! I love learning more about the holy spirit!!! My favorite part was when Pk spoke about the woman who said Jesus doesn’t have a lump…so I don’t have a lump!!! That is so powerful!!!! Life changing!!!!

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  2. Coffee With PK was so good today!!! I always enjoy it when Pastor Kathy teaches on the Holy Spirit , because we can never hear too much about the Power of the Holy Spirit. I learn something new every time. When we receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and begin to have a relationship with Him we have everything we will ever need from our own lives being changed to the boldness to tell others about Jesus and His love for them. The revelation of God’s Word becomes so powerful that you will ask yourself what took me so long to be filled with the Holy Spirit speaking with other tongues! He’s such a wonderful Teacher and Helper that we’ll ever need and the Best Friend! We are empowered to go out and preach the gospel just like Jesus did.To live an overcoming life to be the witnesses for Him we are called to be! We can do this because Jesus said to “GO“ and fulfill the great commission!!!! Thank you Pastor Kathy , I’m so grateful for the Word on the Holy Spirit, love you!!💖

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  3. 1 JOHN 4:17 I am sharing in His life!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooo goood!
    As He is so am I! God lives in me!! God’s plan has always been IN ME! I am soo grateful for the person of the Holy Spirit and I especially liked the handout with all the names of the Holy Spirit!! In hearing about the feasts it just reminded me again how detailed God is and any time we yield to complacency or just winging it…that is subtle but it is demonic…that is not how God works…He does everything in order!! It challenged me to be even more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, wait on Him, stay connected to HIs order…God’s ways don’t make sense they make FAITH!!!!!!!!!! So I need to be led by Him in this day and time to be victorious!!!!!!!!!!!


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