June Book of the Month

The Miracle of Seed Faith

Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts was barely making ends meet when he discovered the three key principles of Seed-Faith in God’s Word. “They have never failed me,” he shares. “When I had no earthly source or person to turn to, when I was alone with nothing but big problems and challenges facing me, these principles showed me God is my Source. They showed me how to use my giving as a seed I was planting, and to expect God to multiply it even if it took a miracle.”

The Miracle of Seed-Faith has revolutionized the lives of millions of people. As you read it, let God show you how you can get your needs met through His eternal plan of seedtime and harvest, sowing and reaping, giving and receiving. Man’s economic systems may fail, but God’s plan never does. By getting into the rhythm of Seed-Faith living, you’ll learn that His more-than-enough resources are always available to


  1. Wow this book!! The foreword got me so excited when he said these principles have changed his life! Chapter 1// whatever you can conceive and believe, you can do! Faith rightly directed is the key to everything! Through Jesus I can make a partnership of blessing with God! Everything God does starts with a seed planted. I’m excited to read more of this book!!!

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  2. This book is sooo good already!!!! Yay!!! So excited to dive right in!
    Chapter 1
    Jesus is the seed God planted in order to reap a huge family!!!! This exploded on the inside of me!! It’s because of the seed of Jesus and His sacrifice that God is STILL reaping more and more people into His family every single day!!
    That’s the kind of increase He wants me to experience in every area but I must do my part in planting seeds of faith!!
    “For faith to become workable, however, I discovered that it had to become and act of believing, something I did, and when I did it, I released my faith.”
    WOW!!! That statement hit me! Faith isn’t just saying you believe it… what am I doing to SHOW that I really do believe it!!!
    I will definitely be making some changes and really PLANTING faith seeds in all I do!

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  3. Chapter 1// Great chapter! It got me excited and I am ready to learn more about Seed-Faith! I really liked when Oral said “I look upon my needs now knowing that Jesus is at the point of my need. He is there in the form of the answer to that need! In reading this the Holy Spirit showed me John 15:5-8! I also like the paragraph where he said about problems, “Problems are real. They exist….but I don’t have to pretend they don’t exist. I don’t have to withdraw from life”. Lastly, everything starts with a seed!!! I am sowing all the time!!! This truth made me take a look at what I have sown and moving forward be aware of it!

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  4. I like this book sooo much!! Here are my highs:

    Chapter 1//Each act of faith is a seed planted and will be multiplied many times!!
    Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can do!!
    Jesus is the seed God planted!!! jesus is God’s covenant of blessing for every man!
    Whatever we do to help people begins and ends with faith!
    Needs exist to be met rather than to harass and intimidate me!
    Keep your eyes on Jesus who must be first in your life!!

    Chapter 2//HE IS THE SOURCE OF MY SUPPLY. I liked the illustration so much of the farmer who to care of his harvest but didn’t steward the source…the trees…GOD IS MY SOURCE!!!
    “It is more productive to give than to receive. For what we receive is not multiplied, but only what we give.”
    Giving was the lifestyle of Jesus.
    Sowers must sow seed!
    What kind of giving…thanksgiving!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What you give is the seed you plant!
    You put Him first, and know that He as your source will add to you the things you need.
    Only what you give can God multiply back.
    Your continual giving produces a continual renewing of your resources.
    Full solution and source=God….so why would I waste my time on any other source.

    Chapter 3//I refuse to be like Peter in this story…occupied with the futility of his own efforts
    A need exists to be met!! Glory!!
    This is my favorite so far, “There is something you need to know and get positive about. No need should intimidate or bully you. If Christ is first place in your life, and you are giving to Him, you are in connection. You are plugged in. God is answering, and you should be expecting. What a difference that makes in your attitude.”
    When I give Him my best then I can ask for the best…my miracle starts at my depth!

    Chapter 4//Every need is there to be met. I know God will do it, if I do something first!!

    SSOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  5. I really really really liked in chapter one where he said he found he could become part of the solution and not the problem when it came to any need. Sometimes I do get in my own way because my focus is not on The Father. I can either align my faith, my thoughts beliefs and actions with God and his word or I can totally jack everything up. I want the first part for sure!! I’ve found myself lately just telling things out loud “No you aren’t bigger than my God and I won’t elevate you in any way in my life. My God will make a way!”

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  6. Chapter 1: GOD is the source! These are the principals used by Jesus and his apostles. Jesus depended on his Father for everything, and we, as his children too should live the same way!
    As long as the earth remains there will be seedtime and harvest.
    Powerful – Jesus was a seed that God planted to bring the rest of us into his covenant. Wow.
    Everything God does starts with a seed. He leads us by example.
    We receive much more with a spirit of faith than with a spirit of doubt, being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

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  7. Chapter 2 wass amazing!!!!
    I really liked when he talked about God alone being your source and everyone and everything else is an instrument!!! We must trust God with the instruments He uses to bless us and not try to figure out how it’s going to happen!!!

    Once you are applying seed faith and giving to Him FIRST, He is going to bless you so he expecting it!!! I will get my expectation up and allow Him ALONE to be my need meeter!!!!

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  8. Chapter 3//
    WOW!!!! This chapter sooooo brought clarity to things I didn’t know I had questions about!!! Praise Jesus!!!

    I must plant the seed and recognize it as seed faith in order to see results!!

    I really like the story of Peter because he probably didn’t think anything about letting Jesus use his boat… like that would have maybe been seen as insignificant to Him, like it was no big deal at all, he wasn’t catching anything anyway… but Jesus was able to help sooo many people because peter said yes you can use my boat!!!!!! 🤯
    It’s not about giving Him some extravagant amazing things!!! Just give Him what you have and he will multiply it!!! He is sooo faithful and no respecter of what kind of seed faith you sow!!! Sow it in faith… expect results and you will see them!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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  9. Chapter 2: Once again, God is the source! It’s easy to try and rely on yourself or other people to provide what you need, but God never intended it that way and that way won’t work for long, or at all for that matter. Don’t be dependent on your paycheck or getting a raise, be dependent on Him to supply and furnish everything! Relying on a person will create resentment and hard feelings when they don’t meet your needs (and they won’t).
    When we give, it will be given (Luke 6:38) don’t hold on to what you have and expect it to be multiplied. Just like the wheat farmer, the yield you receive from the land is proportionate to the seed planted in it. The seed has to go in the ground first, or by faith, before the produce comes up. This is the same principal with our tithing, and giving of gifts. Not that we give to receive, but we are planting a seed each time we do give.

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  10. Chapter 1
    My first high was at the last of the chapter when he said “At all times, keep your eyes on Jesus and realize I am not talking about just a formula or a plan but a PERSON, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who must become FIRST in your life!” Everything is about JESUS! Everything is about Him having the #1 in my life!!! Not the backup plan or the afterthought but #1!!!
    My next favorite was when he said a need exists to be met not to harass and intimidate me!!!! Gosh! Just put things in the right perspective!!! Don’t be intimated or negative when things come but KNOW I have power over them!!! I have seeds to meet the needs!!!

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  11. Chapter 4//
    This chapter was soo good!! Really opened my eyes to some things!!

    You cannot allow the need to become so big that it defies the solution!!
    Regardless of the business I am a part of, God is in the business of meeting my needs and as I put seed in along with the faith and expectation to back it, I will receive a harvest!!
    He wants to be the Lord of my entire life, not just my soul!!!

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  12. My greatest take away from Chapter 2 was to expect!! Expect God to do exactly what he says. Expect him to meet your needs and desires. Don’t limit him to our business or work, just expect your miracle. It reminds me of the passage in the Bible where Jesus tells one of the disciples to get the coins out of the fishes mouth for their taxes. God can do ANYTHING, I just have to truly believe it and expect it!!

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  13. Ch1// this book is so good already (:
    Some of my faves are…
    Whatever you can conceive and believe you can do!
    Faith rightly divided is the key to everything!
    Whatever we do to help people begins and ends with faith!

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  14. Chapter 5//
    Keep God at the center of your thoughts concerning any need you may have!!! This takes the pressure off of you to try to make anything happen in and of yourself because you cant do anything without Him anyways!
    When your thoughts are fixed on Him, there will be no fear or anxiety about anything because you KNOW He’s got you!!
    God supplies all you need according to what HE HAS not what you have in the natural!!!

    This book is literally rocking my world so far!! Changing the way I see how I do everything I do!!

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  15. just finished chapter 1.. my highs… HE IS IN THE NOW!!! when Now is my problem I can FIND HIM IN THE NOW! Problems do exist but I don’t have to withdraw I can face them head on and KNOW GOD IS IN THE NOW!

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  16. Chapter 6//
    All life is in the seed!!
    You open yourself up to God when you give!
    When you truly see God as your source and give the way the Word says, you can expect a miracle! Growth of any seed sown id miraculous and God is in the miracle working business!
    God is concerned with my concerns! I must get concerned about God and what He wants me to do with my life, my ambition and my hopes!

    When I make all I do about Him, He can then be all about me!! If I’m all about me, He can’t be!

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  17. My fav from chapter 3 was to not be intimidated or bullied by my need. I’m in connection with God because of my giving and because of my relationship with him and the time I spend with him!! He will meet all my needs! I’m so thankful for Him 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  18. Seriously!!!! This book just keeps getting better and better!! and it is soo timely!! These are the days to live supernaturally IN EVERY WAY!!! These truths are so timely!!

    Chapter 5//When Rev. Roberts turned his attention from others to God as source…the money started flowing!! Glory to God!!

    Chapter 6//”He is the source; men are the instruments.” THIS IS SOO GREAT! As we give the seed goes to work and the spirit of God moves upon the hearts of the instruments…but He is bringing the increase! He is the source!! “Jesus teaches that giving is far more than money. Money is an expression of self!!” I like this sooo good!! This just kicked it up a notch though, “If I makeGod my source of supply if I cheerfully give as Jesus told me to, then I can expect a miracle!!” EXPECTATION IS KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “The blessing-pact is a principle to help get needs met in my earthly life, and to enable me to help others. It is seed faith when I sow by always looking to God rather than some specific person or institution as the Source of supply for my needs. I give as seed-love or seed-faith or seed-money for God to multiply back. I expect a miracle and watch for it so that I my recognize and receive it. Then I am grateful to God for His blessings!!” –I like this sooo much!!!!!!!
    Ok, but this is total mic drop, “It will work spiritually. It will work for financial needs. And it will work on any amount, small or large. God is concerned with our concerns. WHAT WE MUST DO IS GET CONCERNED WITH HIM AND WHAT HE WANTS US TO DO WITH OUR LIVES AND AMBITIONS AND HOPES.

    Chapter 7//OMG!! The story about the young men and their building company!!!!!!!!!! How precious…what really stood out to me was when they brought their seed to Rev. Roberts he asked them first if they were giving to their church…that is such a big deal and speaks volumes about the character and integrity of his life and ministry! LOVE HIM! Those men expected a miracle every day and I do too!

    Chapter 8//The Harlem guy!! OMG!! Just to think how many men and women have been ripped of of the promises and the blessings of God thinking men and women of God were just after their money! He is such a liar and a perverter of the system! He doesn’t want the people of God to have the money because he wants to pervert entire economies to perpetuate his agenda!!
    “The greater the sacrifice the greater the blessing.” He started with $5. Start with where you are!!

    Chapter 9//I like this so much!! God doesn’t just want your money…He wants you and where your treasure is there is your heart!!

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  19. My chapter 4 high is to really expect in my giving!! I like what he said about the farmer giving his seed and the ground is the farmers source to receive the harvest. In my giving not just in our finances but in serving and in spreading Gods love in the city The Father is able to produce in my life. I’ve just got to expect that. Today there is an issue with our plumbing. But instead of fretting I will trust God. I know he is unlimited and I know we have favor and I know he cares about every part of my life, even our plumbing. I believe he will most definitely come through for us today!! I like how every single month these books are on time and perfect for the season. They really do push growth in my life♥️

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  20. chapter 2// to what source am I looking at my trying to tell God how to supply my needs?
    Only what I give can God multiply back. If I give nothing then even if God were to multiply it would still be nothing. Seedtime and harvest in its purest form is a cause and a result. When you have sown your seed it’s while you are in the state of knowing that you should release your faith and truly expect a miracle.
    When you do your part and release your faith God will send a miracle Hebrews 6:14. Expect it so you will recognize it when it comes. This makes you look forward to every day is the most important day in your life!

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  21. OMG!! This book!!! Thank you Father for life changing REVELATION!!

    Chapter 7//
    I soo enjoyed reading the stories of these two guys!! My favorite part is at the end where Rev. Oral described them! They were steady, reliable, calm, hard workers… they didn’t expect something from nothing… they were full of faith and the Holy Ghost!!
    Because of all these things and their willingness to give and PARTNER with God, they saw supernatural things happen and expected miracles to happen all the time and I CAN TOO!! Holy Spirit help me make the changes necessary to get in line with your plan to bless me in this life!!

    Chapter 8//
    This story… WOW!!
    It so blessed me to see that he started with $5! Its NOT about an amount but the heart behind what you give!!


  22. Chapter 2- ROCKED MY WORLD!!!!! It was SOOOO GOOD! GOD IS MY ONLY SOURCE… I should in no means ever expect from people! I give and I can expect back in the form that I give! WOW! The ending of the chapter was oh so good-
    When you find a full solution to your problems and needs, it will be because you see that God is your Way and your Source, and you finally trust Him. So why waste precious time, talent, and money seeking it through other sources. DANGGGG


  23. Chapter 3: Seed giving is the only way God can multiply your harvest. Reading Luke 5:1-11 was awesome after seeing it from that perspective. This chapter really shows the goodness and the character of God. He sent Jesus to come so that we have life and have it abundantly. He did not come to destroy lives but to save them. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from Him. He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health. The list goes on and on, and Jesus never once wished or put harm on anyone.
    I like how Jesus never sees a need in someones life as negative, he sees it as something positive that needs to be met and fulfilled. God is the source of the supply. Every supply and need is met by Him.
    There is no shortage of God’s resources. The only shortage of faith and our understanding of his goodness!


  24. Chapter 3- this book SOOOO GOOD!!!! Jesus came that I MIGHT HAVE…. a LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!! ALL HE HAS IS MINE…. GLORRYYY! Philippians 4:19!!!!!! Jesus came TO BE MY ANSWER! No need should ever bully me & after this is wont! I have the answer! If Christ is first in my life and I’m giving to him I’m in connection and I’m plugged in! I WILL EXPECT!!!! You become defeated when you take your eyes off the answer- JESUS


  25. Chapter 4-when I give I’m giving to God!!!! I can expect!!!!!! EVERY NEED IS THERE TO BE MET but I do something first! GOD IS MY SOURCE


  26. Chapter 5
    GOD IS NEVER FAILING!!!! He will meet my needs!!!! He is the Source that NEVER FAILS! His help will come when we EXPECT FROM HIMb


  27. Chapter 6-
    I really liked out of this chapter the part that said

    in any area of life, anything that can go wrong usually does. If you leave things to themselves, they will never be put right; they will get worse. It’s like weeds. You have to cut them out and replace them with seed of your selection, seed that you plant and tend and that will produce the right harvest. God is Source, God is Multiplier, God is Miracle-Worker. And it is in your life that it will come to pass.

    GOSHHH!!!! YESSS! Jesus did it all and now it’s up to me to do my part!!!


  28. What I’m learning from this book is sooo good!
    Chapter 1// God is my source! So, when each act of my faith seeds are planted it WILL be multiplied many times, and I can expect God to multiply even if it takes a miracle! He is a miracle worker HELLO!!
    Chapter 2// When I start to look to Him as my source I will become confident, expectant that He WILL provide! And it is more productive to give than receive, receiving doesn’t produce seed, but giving does! Every act of giving is a seed, it is a point of contact for my faith.
    Chapter 3// wow!! “To Him a need exists to be met!” All I have to do is plant my seed! No need should ever intimidate me or bully me because I see Him as my source!! I don’t have to focus on the need, I only need to think about the problem long enough to know what the problem is, that’s all! Because HE IS MY SUPPLY!! Once I recognize my need, I plant my seed and expect my miracle!! 🙂 🙂
    Chapter 4// When I give, I’m giving to God, so when I am looking for my source I will look to God because that’s who HE is! Every need I have is there to be met by Him, I just have to do something first!!
    Chapter 5// Outwardly nothing has changed just yet, but when I have Him in the center of my thoughts as my source for all my needs I can EXPECT for things to happen! Just like Oral went to that banker even though he had already been turned down, God was able to change that bankers heart and be the supply Oral was EXPECTING. God is the source that never fails!!
    Chapter 6// “He is the source, men are instruments” YESSS! If I make Got my source of supply, if I cheerfully give us Jesus told me to, then I can expect a miracle but if I am not expecting then I’ll miss it! This really stuck out to me: “… anything that can go wrong usually does. If you leave things to themselves, they will never be put right; they will get worse. It’s like weeds. You have to cut them out and replace them with seed of your selection, seed that you plant and tend and that will produce the right harvest.”
    The Holy Spirit showed me in a way of renewing my mind, I have to take out all the old and ugly and replace it with what the Word says,or in this case, what the three principles of seed-faith say, then I will be successful! Praise God! So thankful for this book and seed-faith!

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  29. Chapter 8- I like how he explained you start where you are& as you are regarding to your giving! I so enjoyed to story of the Harlem man who ended up owning his home! This book is sooo Amazing


  30. Chapter 10-
    Stability is in God! If your wipes out in one source he will provide you with another source! SO IMPORTANT TO KEEP HIM AS MY SOURCE! He will take care of me!!!!!! The seed I sow is not dependent on anything other than my relationship with HIM!!!! I WILL MULTIPLY MY FAITH


  31. Chapter 9//
    We should be giving our ENTIRE self to God to use to constantly renew and replenish our lives!!
    First, you give yourself over to God, then everything else will come after! When you give God your best, you can ask Him for His best!
    Take God into your life, give to Him with JOY, and He will do the rest!! Let God be God in your life!
    When you truly love God, your money will love God and people!


  32. Chapter 10///
    When you accept the frustration of the need, you deny that God’s supply equals your need! DANG!! Frustration should have NO PLACE in the life of a believer who is truly trusting God!
    the size of my need is not the determining factor of Gods ability to supply!! it’s according to HIS RICHES!!! He is able to meet my every need if i will put my trust in Him!!
    When you fail to keep your mind on God and God alone, the issues around you will seem like giants that can’t be overcome!! It’s SOOO IMPORTANT to keep your eyes FIXED on God!!
    You can either multiply your doubt or your faith with the thoughts you allow to take root! Cast off the wrong thoughts immediately and meditate on what the Word says!!


  33. Chapter 11// God expects me to use my Faith to bring His Kingdom into the area of my present needs!! I must grow my faith personally by always talking about Him and HIs Word, living a lifestyle of giving myself for others on the regular, and always expecting God to show up in BIG ways in my life!!

    This book is just sooo sooo good!! I have already had the opportunity to work the principles of being a blessing pact partner and i have ALREADY seen Him show up in the form of my need in a way i have never experienced before!! It’s all about taking your eyes of the need and the people around you as the source and fixing your eyes on Him and Him alone!


  34. Chapter 3// Luk 5:11-17 there’s always opportunity to fear you just resist it and move with what Jesus says! Seed giving is the only thing God can multiply back to you. Jesus looked on a need differently, in the most positive way. To Him a need exists to be met BY HIM! The moment a need faces me, and I know I have given then the God shall supply promises goes into effect!

    Chapter 4// the story about his sister was so good…when he said Like millions of Christians, it had not entered her mind that a problem or need exists not to torment frustrate but to be met by our Lord and enable us to make further progress with our lives. He told her first put your mind directly on God to open up a source even know the construction business is in a slump. Second he told her to start giving to the Lord and make it a seed Faith for God to multiply and then third he told her to start expecting a miracle. That’s how it works for me!

    Chapter 5// don’t look at others to be the source of my supply, not the bank for a loan, not my employer, not anyone but HIM!! He is my supply.


  35. Chapter 11-
    Jesus was a man who looked to God as the source, who practiced giving as a lifestyle and as Seed Faith, and who expected both natural and supernatural power to work in His behalf… goshhh when I read this I just thought I HAVE TO BE LIKE JESUS.. JESUS HAS TO BE MY GOAL in EVERYTHING!


  36. Chapter 12-
    GOD ONLY HAS FIRST CLASS FOR ME!!!! God is alive. He’s at the point of any need and when I give him my best I can expect his best. GOD IS MY SOURCE


  37. Chapter 13- I so liked the ending of this chapter & I want to leave my children an example of rich faith in God! Goshhh he is the Only source not man!!!!


  38. Chapter 14-I so liked the story of the man and how he had used his job as his source. I DO NOT EVER WANT TO FIND MYSELF HERE!! I want HIM BEING NY ONLY SOURCE CAUSS HE TRULY IS! Miracles don’t happen outside of God! I like this- we’ve got to take Jesus at His Word. Jesus will either do what He said or He is the biggest liar ever born. HE DONT LIE SO I EXPECT FROM HIM


  39. Chapter 12//
    A rejected opportunity to give is a lost opportunity to receive!! I will take advantage of EVERY opportunity I have to give and be a part of all God wants for me!
    When an instrument fails, I will keep my eyes on God as my source knowing that He will make way through another instrument!!
    God is where the need is and as I apply Seed Faith, He will come through for me every single time!!

    Chapter 13//
    You only fail when you seek man rather than God!! God will never fail you!
    I want to make sure I’m giving all the kids I have the honor of leading on a daily basis an example of rich faith in God in all i say and do!! Everything i do should speak for me of the Faith I have in God!

    Chapter 14//
    Evaluate how you are giving!! is your seed that you are sowing seed-faith or seed-doubt!! This will determine what you reap!
    Miracles don’t happen outside of God and doing what He says!
    You can always depend on God who is the eternal Source of supply!
    Once you give, Line up your attitude and spirit of expectancy with the Word of God and all He wants for you!


  40. I am soo grateful this was our book of the month this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 10//God is my source; my blessing is according to His riches, not what I have or what I can make happen!! God’s supply remains stable. His supply is mine now!! I cannot be defeated as long as I continue to look to Him as my source.

    Chapter 11//The work Jesus came to do was for the whole man; like when Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood; He said her faith had made her whole which included her finances!! Or she wouldn’t have been healed in every way after spending all she had on doctors…the work He does is complete…not like this world’s system which will loan you money, with interest or medicate you but with side affects!! Glory!! His work is wholeness!!!

    Expecting!!! LOVE THIS!!

    Chapter 12//A rejected opportunity to give is a lost opportunity to receive…OMG!! This is soo good!!!
    God not only gives the seed but multiplies the seed!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!

    Chapter 13//God has never failed to answer in time …HALLELUJAH!! IT ALWAYS WORKS!!
    You can give them everything that money can’t buy but what is more valuable than that is being rich towards God!!

    Chapter 14//Here is the bottom line:
    Am I looking to Him as my source
    Am I sowing…giving the Father something to multiply?
    I declare that we are increasing…as we work HIs plan He is able to work His plan on our behalf!!

    Chapter 15//How we give matters; it is important to continue to cultivate the soil of our hearts by maintaining relationship with God!!!
    I enjoy giving and I expect to receive!!

    Chapter 16//The greater the sacrifice, the greater the blessing!
    This was so good to me– “The only unit of time God recognizes is the now! With God, this moment is the most important moment in your life. It is now that He will multiply back what you give Him. –whether its love, money, faith, or any other good thing…It’s now that He wants to give you a miracle!”

    Chapter 17//With God there is always MORE!!! Glory!!
    He heals both naturally and supernaturally! He makes you whole!!!
    I give and I expect.
    Your believing can take on opposite forms: faith or doubt! I choose faith!!!
    Doubt cuts you off of sources of unexpected supply!!!! ************************ soo good !!
    HE IS I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 18//You receive through your giving! I really liked the letter he shared from the student; I think that is such a common question and the enemy has used misunderstanding of this principle to keep a lot of believers bound!! But those who work it will be blessed…I will sow, I will continue to sow; I will always give the Father something to work with…if I don’t sow…what does He have to work with!! NOTHING!! He is my source. We are givers and we expect increase!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY!!!!!!!



  41. Chapter 15
    It’s very important how I give! God considers my attitude & my spirit of expectancy. The spirit of My giving reflects my lifestyle. When a farmer sows seed they sow their best so they can get the best harvest. I should be the same! If in my giving I continue to cultivate my relationship with The Father I can expect a harvest! I must experience joy in my giving!


  42. Chapter 17-
    WOW WOW WOW !!
    This chapter rocked my world! It was so good! I sooo enjoyed the story of the man who was so far down he didn’t know if he could ever get up! GOSHH GOD IS IN MY NOW!!! He is a good God! I’m so grateful for this book it couldn’t be more timely!


  43. Chapter 18-
    This last chapter so blessed me.
    The lifestyle of Jesus was giving. Through learning to give of your total self, you are sowing Seed-Faith, and you can, therefore, confidently expect a miracle from our Lord.
    GOSHHHH! We are so blessed!


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