1. Church was amazing today so grateful for the Word!! JumpStart/ We have been called to a Cause and to Fight like Jesus did! This Cause is the local church the believers that defines us! Humility is required , a readiness about my life to keep moving forward! I must decrease that He would increase! Thank you PC ! 💖 2nd/ I will either “Go”harder or I’ll go ! We are all going after something. I will Go tell the gospel to those that will listen about Jesus! You will never enjoy life until you have His Life! My life is totally dependent on Jesus, He is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life ! 3rd/ You should demand of yourself how special you are—Unique, and loved by Him!!!! God has a different Life for us! Thank you PD !🙌

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  2. Jumpstart: The cause for a believer is the local church – You need to take up the cause!
    Don’t drag any shame, guilt, etc from yesterday into today – leave it at the door. Everything from the enemy is rooted in shame.
    There is nothing but Holiness in the Bible and nothing but worldliness in the world. Pretty simple which one we need to be paying attention to.

    First Service: To achieve the prize you must be driven. Don’t let your past become your destiny, we live by the faith of Jesus and we are forgiven and set apart! Don’t be comfortable in your own mess or bondage. Embrace the Word not the world. You can either gather or scatter but not both, old and new don’t mix!

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  3. I watched 1st service today!
    Here are my highs:
    The Prize has been given but only enjoyed by the driven!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo good!!
    …Becoming new experientially is a fight thing!!!!!!!! That’s sooo good!!
    New house rules require new personal disciplines which begin in your heart and mind!!!
    The old and new you won’t mix!!

    We always win!! We have been given the prize up front!! This is soo good! There are no excuses!!!!!
    There will be a parting of ways…what do I really believe?????

    I have to lay aside weight myself!!
    I have to on purpose see me IN HIM on that cross!!

    You will never have God’s life until you give up yours!!!!!!!!

    This was the total mic drop: “You will only be as focused as those you follow!” YESSSSSS!!


  4. Jumpstart// My high was when PC was talking about the individual she told not to call her Pastor Charity! This got me to do a checkup on my relationship with my pastors. I wrote in my journal, are the pastors of Chooselife your pastors?!?
    *There is nothing but holiness in His Word! How is my relationship with the Word of God?!?

    1st Service// * There are different rules when you come out of darkness!
    * The prize is given but only enjoyed by the driven!
    * You’ll only become as serious as those you follow!
    * The old and new you won’t mix!

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  5. I loved when Pastor used the illustration of instant family during first service. I was instantly engrafted into the family but it’s up to me to know the house rules. Personal responsibility shouldn’t be intimidating but rather exciting! We have access to the blessing of the house!

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  6. Everything was soo amazing today!!! I am grateful for church!

    Jumpstart// the enemy continues to attack in ways that you have let him in in the past!!!
    I will recognize what those are and close the door once and for all!!!

    I will stay ready to KEEP MOVING AND PROGRESSING in the things of God!!! No complacency or slowing down!!

    1st service// uhhh… all of it!!!!
    I have been ADOPTED into His family and it’s up to me to take my place everyday and live by the Word of God!!!

    My assignment is to NEVER BOW!!! I will stay in compliance with the Word of God!

    I must choose to see me in Him!!! No shame, guilt or insecurity is welcome!! I am FREE, BOLD AND CONFIDENT!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

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  7. Jump start// the fight is my flesh not the enemy. I am not taking on problems: I am taking on His Word! I have to know Jesus by myself through my relationship with the Holy Spirit.
    Service highs// I bring nothing to the equation but my will. There’s not a feeling yet worth spending time on. I can’t casually do my life. The covenant trumps constitution. Fight for what God paid for! You show me a multitasker and I’ll show you someone who isn’t doing anything well. Jesus is not just important He’s imperative.

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  8. Sunday services were so good!! I’m so thankful for church!!
    My high from service was in second service when PD said you have to acknowledge where you are before you can go somewhere else! I just thought of the map app like you have to have a starting point before you can get directions to where you want to be! I can’t just say I want better I have to admit where I am and choose to change!

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  9. Some of my highs from church as I went over my notes.. I’m so grateful for church!

    Jumpstart- THE CAUSE ( HIS CAUSE ) has to be our life… The fight isn’t with people but against my flesh! DANGGGGGG that is truth right there! Grateful!!! I HAVE TO DECREASE SO JESUS CAN INCREASE! don’t allow my mind to be clouded by distractions- WHAT DOES THE WORD SAY?! I liked when PC mentioned the person she had a conversation with WHO WAS LIKE WHAYEVER YOU THINK I NEED TO DO ILL DO because that person knew they were being governed by their soul.. SO SO HUMBLING!!! I DO NOT WANT TO FIND MYSELF DOING MY OWN THING…. the enemies assaults are specific to how I’ve opened the door in the past! GOSHH so crucial to shut my mouth and trust GOD NO MATTER WHAT I see feel think or experience because all of it DONT MATTER BECAUSE THE WORD SAYS I WIN!!!!!! So I win!!!!!!!!

    2nd service- GODS HERE TO RECUE YOU!!!! Grow & Flourish! TAKE AUTHORITY OVER HOW YOU FEEL!!! Not ruled by senses or circumstances… DO NOT DO NOT LET THINGS AROUND YOU AFFECT YOU! I’m his kid! HES GOT ME!! HE LOVES ME… life isn’t hard… a hard life is you not being right! Dang! YESS! He took my shame so I don’t have to be ashamed… all of it was put on Jesus! I have to be willing make changes/alterations… ENCOURAGED BY THE LORD! WHAT DOES THE WORD SAY HAS TO BE MY LIFE & MY STANCE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! There are no feelings worth being moved over!!! PRESS BY THE MESS & KEEP MOVING TOWARD HIM! I need HIM!!! Never prove your value to no one! HE LOVES ME & IM ENOUGH! GOS IS IN ME


  10. I was in first service this week and it was so good!!!
    Some of my highs were…
    – The prize is a given, but only enjoyed by the driven.
    I really liked this statement! It kind of reminds me of when Jesus said, “many are called, but few are chosen.” There has to be a passion about my life for HIS THINGS.
    – The new rules have to be taken seriously.
    I’m in a new family, so I can’t act however I want to act! When I do I put myself outside of the Father’s protection.
    I also really liked when Pastor Dean mentioned Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, how they were WILLING to burn, without question or hesitation. AM I WILLING TO BURN, without question or hesitation?!
    – My assignment is to never bow!!
    This week I will focus more on being passionate about His things, allowing that to be what I’m focused on most!!


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