Coffee w/Pastor Kathy 6.9.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so amazing!! So grateful for our Tuesdays together! What is one way you can improve your love walk and bring love to your world?

What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Today Coffee with Pk was so so encouraging for me! Here are some of my favs-

    STAY WHERE YOU ARE- this so ministered to me!!!!!! IM NOT FROM HERE!!!!! I have a covenant with GOD & he will take care of me! I WAS CREATED TO THRIVE! TRUST GOD NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Every action of God is love (thought, attitude, motive, & word) & this should be me as well!!!! This challenges me to NOT BE MOVED BUT CONTINUE TO LOVE NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I so liked when PK SAID we should be people who are like IM WILLING TO DO WHATEVER YOU ASK ME TO DO FATHER!!! Loving = not being selfish, prideful, not self seeking .. GOSHHH I’ll grow & become!!!!! I should be one who loves others through good bad and the ugly!!! When I put myself down then I’m not believing in his love for me! WOW! When I’m love motivated I will be confident, full of joy and strength and power!! I am his child & I need Him & I can do this! I can walk out this life allowing love to govern me!!

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  2. Coffee with Pastor Kathy was sooo good!!! Love is something I need to hear preached A LOT lol!!! I didn’t score to high on my Love Test so I know where I can go up! I really liked the story of the woman and her daughter that had the epilepsy and how she didn’t need prayer but for the woman to just take authority because she corrected her love with the mother-in-law!!! I don’t want to be bound in any area i’ve been made free from because of not loving so I will be making my love confessions and choosing to grow!

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  3. Coffee with PK was so good on Love!! God loves us unconditionally and we are to love others no matter what they do or have done to us. His love is already on the inside of me ,I have to choose to walk in Love! We have an assignment from God to walk in Love.My faith will not work without Love! I liked what Pastor Kathy said , Love must be the governing source in our life—our goal!!! I have been commanded to love others even if they don’t love me. Love is not selfish or rude or even demands it is right! I will be motivated and ruled everyday to walk in Love , because Jesus first loved me! Now I can demonstrate this great Love to others , and be the example Jesus was to the world!!!Thank you Pastor Kathy , love you!!!!!♥️

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  4. I am soo grateful for the love test. I did not score as well as I would have liked!! LOL!! But humility accesses more grace!! Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    The best part of the message was how many times Pastor Kathy taught us that love is a demonstration…like it is a sign and a wonder…so many times I think we have the expectation that it takes something supernatural when it is the sincerity and simplicity of practicing the attributes of love that is the best witness and also keeps us in position to receive and lay hold of all that God has provided for us in Jesus!! The Holy Spirit told me to study the word demonstration so I am going to do that…like just be more aware that my love is a DEMONSTRATION…

    Also, my other favorite thing that Pastor Kathy said was, “Believing in love is believing in what love provides for us.”

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  5. I’m so grateful for Coffee with Pastor Kathy!! It’s always exactly what I need to hear.
    Genesis 26: 1-2
    I really liked how Isaac acted as if the famine didn’t pertain to him, he wasn’t moved by the circumstances surrounding him. That’s what I am to do, I am to stay right where I am and to do what He says!
    – I have to be the demonstration of love!
    – Love is the pesticide we need to dispel the hate
    I reaaalllly liked this statement, it’s so easy to get caught up in the “funk” of the world and be bogged down by it and wonder what I could do to change it, and it is through and by my LOVE
    – Tongues is just noise if I don’t love.
    SO GOOD, I really don’t like noise, like the tapping on a table, etc. That kind of bothers me, but I’m not gonna lie sometimes I find myself doing it lol. But that is an opportunity to step out of my love walk, so if I’m not in love when I’m praying in tongues I’m just making noise!
    – Every thought of God is love… so if I have the mind of Christ, I have access to those thoughts of love.
    It should be easy for me to see people how the Father sees them, because His mind is IN me!
    This week I will focus on thinking love thoughts towards not only every person I come in contact with, but every person that crosses my mind.


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