1. I got to serve in Pre-K tonight and it was so so good!!! They kids were so much fun and very attentive!!! We talked about hearing God’s voice and how important what He says should be!!!
    We played different voices they would know and had them guess.. they had fun with that!!! And they got so excited when they heard Paw patrol, peppa pig and PJ mask! The Holy Spirit revealed to me that we should be that excited and even more so to hear His voice!!! I’m grateful for that revelation! I will take everything He says and do it immediately!!!

    Late night tonight was sooo good!!! I am grateful for the truth and the light it brings every time we expose ourselves to it!!
    Pastor Greg taught on the fight of faith! Here are my highs!
    We should be willing to give Him every ounce of our energy everyday!! He deserves it all!
    Faith is a lifestyle!! Your way of living, acting and responding!! You must choose it everyday!
    We have a responsibility to make declarations over our life and believe they will happen!!
    If you aren’t seeing His results, you aren’t really trusting Him! When He says COME, you say COOL!! Do what He says WITHOUT QUESTION!

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  2. NightLife was awesome!!! The Holy Spirit said this to me tonight, “Overcoming evil with good disarms the enemy”!
    My highs from service were when PD said, “ You can’t build on the sand and expect to withstand… and “There are no shortcuts in the Kingdom”. 2 Corinthians 4:13 the part on believing and speaking stuck out to me. The Holy Spirit pointed out to me that if you believe you speak! If you are not speaking you don’t believe it yet! This rocked my world and led me to examine what am I NOT saying and now I know why I have not said it and it is not because I am not a sanguine! Lol!!! God is good!

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  3. Faith is progressive or it fails. It becomes easier to walk by faith the longer you continue to walk it out.
    The people behind the enemies plan have played their hand and it’s just a matter of time.
    We have all been given the same measure of faith.
    Hebrews 11:1 Substance = Foundation = Confidence = What actually exists.
    It is the hungry who will get filled, who would want to serve a a broke God?
    We should remain in a constant state of hearing, speaking, believing and doing the Word!

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  4. Service was awesome!! Here’s some of my takeaway❤️ :

    Starting with praise! Gosh there’s just something so special that happens when you come together with hungry people, those wanting more & willing to do what it takes to fight to hold on to what’s theirs!
    “Faithful You are – Faithful FOREVER You will be”
    “My confidence is Your faithfulness” – there is power in KNOWING Who He is & how much He loves to!!!

    You take The Word at face value & walk it out as if you actually believe it! This gets me every time – FAITH LOOKS A CERTAIN WAY☝🏼

    When we build our life on The Word of GoD – we know our GoD reigns no matter what’s going on around us!

    Demand of yourself to be a producer!!💪🏼

    When He tells you, you can do something, than you can! Even if it looks impossible!🙌🏼

    Locking in on The Promise = the substance of the definition💪🏼 IT IS FINISHED!!

    In a constant state of believing, speaking & doing = brings Glory to GoD & things begin to happen 🙌🏼


  5. I just listened to Nightlife and it was So good! Grateful! Here are some of my highs-
    Faith is progressive or it fails. CONTINUE TO GROW PATRICIA!!!! Your faith has to grow exceedingly! I have to demand of myself to be a producer!! Something bigger and better is available than what the World has to offer. FOCUS ON THE WORD & REJECT DISTRACTIONS!!


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