1. I think one of my favorite things about church is I always leaving knowing there is more! Pastor Dean always encourages me that regardless of how much I know and how far I have come…there is more!! I am going to continue to commit to that MORE! To be a 25% er whosoever who continues in the Word!!

    I listened to 1st service…here are my highs:
    Our Father God knows best!
    When I step out from what I know to do I am on my own
    Willingness =want to
    If you don’t obey the ones you can see you won’t the ones you can’t see.
    I am doing what He says because I love Him!!
    You can’t fake fruit for the long-haul!!
    I have to personally be intentional!!
    I really like 1 Corinthians 9:24-27…run to win; be disciplined, help others with their race, keep my eyes on the eternal; stay focused!!!

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  2. Church was so good today ! Here are my favs! JumpStart/ I will Love the Word more than anything else. In Loving the Word I will be able to reject my senses! An Authentic relationship with the Word of God , the Holy Spirit I will overcome my senses, as the Holy Spirit trains me how to think, to talk , to do the Word like Jesus! The Holy Spirit will not work in my life if I don’t ask Him to help me and be yielded to Him! ♥️ Thank you PC!!!!🙌 2nd/Offering/ Jesus has made me rich not just in money but every area of my life. God wants me to enjoy my life , to find that sweet spot in Him, to do good , to make His Name great, having a good foundation! I believe in His plan for my life to learn of His plan and confess it , then do it with my heart! We are to be just like Jesus , that’s not weird or goofy , but a self-controlled, a disciplined Life, these are the only Ones that Win the Prize! Thank you PD for the truth of the Word!!! ♥️

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  3. There is an absolute need to follow after God once you join His family!
    The moment you step out from what you know to do you are on your own! You come out from under the umbrella of His grace and protection! You have spiritually distanced yourself!

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  4. Jump start// I have to ask for help in the natural and with the Holy Spirit. You can know you need help but you have to be intentional in the ask. It’s pride not to ask.

    Service highs// when pastor dean shares to parents about what you do in moderation you license your kids to do in excess always puts me in check. I really liked how he also said no one can make you sin. Sometimes I justify attitudes or anger or whatever because someone acted a certain way or did a certain thing and that’s wrong. No one can make me feel or do wrong I choose. He said even if someone puts a gun to my head, I still choose.

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  5. I just listened to 1st service & WOW!!! Here are some of my highs-

    GOD LOVES YOU VERY MUCH! HE wants us to be blessed and enjoy this life..
    TRUST IN GOD he gives us richly all things to enjoy!
    FOLLOW AFTER THE WORD! Resist those things that aren’t pleasing to God!
    Your children will be able to walk free of things! Naive of things of the flesh – sin….

    Obey them that have the rule over you! SUMBIT to them!
    If you won’t obey those you can see you won’t obey him you can’t see! Submission- something kids should be trained to do at a young age! GOSHH this something I was never taught but I refuse to look back but become a doer of this like never before! SERIOUSLY!!im grateful!!
    We have people in our life for a reason to bring light to us!

    The truth makes you free Patricia! You need the Word!!!! From the inside out-FREE!

    When You don’t like rules get ready to suffer.. following his plan there won’t be suffering.
    He is ecstatic I’m HIS KID & I want to please him love him and honor him with my life!!! He loves me!

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  6. Services were awesome today, beginning – finish 😃 here’s some of my takeaways:

    In Him – I step into supernatural peace ❤️
    “Don’t think about it that way – think about it this way” – we have to continually be kingdom minded! There’s only one right way & that’s His way
    “It’s not that big of a deal” = a sloppy life! Sooo good! We have to not only be intentional, but watch out for the subtleties of the enemy! Every minute, every thought, every attitude matters!
    The Holy Spirit won’t go beyond your ask – He’s a gentleman! He’s always ready, He’s waiting for us to welcome Him
    Will we allow Him to train us & get those attitudes & thoughts out of us – so we may work with Him and help us fulfill our purpose!

    This is no time to relax. We have to go even harder in these last days, we have to take ground!
    Hold yourself accountable for your time! Time is so precious & valuable!
    “You can’t fake fruit!”
    Life begins when I SAY SO!! (When I say yea to Him) this is an every day thing!
    I focus on my dependence on Him❤️ i am nothing, can do nothing, & have nothing of any worth without Him – but with Him I have it
    I can go as fast as I want to!!
    Where I am – is where He says I am – but how I live – is a tell tell of how we see ourselves
    I am a 25% – disciplined, spirit controlled & focused 🤓
    I’m sooo so thankful for The Holy Spirit Who’s helping us in this race 💪🏼


  7. Services were so good!
    – Talking back is demonic
    – Authentic relationship with the Word will keep you from religion.
    – It’s the work of the Holy Spirit to train and enable you to exist beyond your senses.
    – The Holy Spirit will show me how to think, feel and choose.
    – He does the work, I just yield.
    I’m constantly just so amazed at how easy the Father has made things for us, I just have to yield, I just have to be willing, and obedient.
    – Every allowance you make for the flesh will cost you in your relationship with the Father.
    – The Holy Spirit will never work beyond your ask.
    The Holy Spirit can not train me or enable me unless I ask Him and allow Him to.

    – Willingness is about your WANT TO.
    – People of love ivy and those who are mature are necessary for the success of younger people.
    It’s important for me to have my eyes, first and foremost on Jesus, but then who do I have my eyes on that is following God. Through faith and patience who am I following that is inheriting?
    – I no longer have a sin nature! I am brand new!
    This will be the only life I WANT.

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