Coffee w/PK 6.16.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so good today! To live in the overflow we must:

  1. Glorify God
  2. Be thankful
  3. Control our thinking
  4. Maintain a pure, holy heart

Which of these will you work on this week? What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Coffee with PK was so on point for me today!!! Ask and you shall receive! This message was confirming, encouraging, and revealing! PK exposed darkness and gave me so much light!!! I choose to live in the overflow not just for me and my family but for others around me! A few of my highs were: * The most important thing I do everyday is hear the Word! * Don’t waste time! There isn’t a reason for me as a child of God to be caught off guard! * The only thing that will last is what I do for Him! *Develop a new normal! I will be listening to this over and over again and putting what was given into my life! It’s go time!!! This is the Grand Finale 🎺🎺!!! Maranatha 🙌🏾❤️!


  2. To live in the overflow, we must go harder….now is not the time to slack off…we must be on guard at all times!! We must stay focused and not let things slip up!!
    I want to know Him better today than yesterday!! I want to increase in the knowledge and power of His might!! He will prepare me through His word….it takes diligent effort to hear, speak and do His word…there is always another level to go to!! I will stay powered up and go full force ahead!!
    I’m taking advantage of the time I have to bring Him glory!!


  3. I just listened to Coffee with PK & it was soooo Good & refreshing to my soul! I’m truly grateful! Here are some things that spoke to me…

    When we overflow spiritually we have strength and power and thrive in the midst of destruction and devastation. Goshhh this will require if me to continue and stay consistent.. CONTINUALLY SPEAKING THE WORD, staying in the Word, praying in the HOLY GHOST! I can do better!!!!!! TO CLING TIGHTLY TO GOD HAS TO BE MY LIFE!!!!! He has to be my life!!! Seize every opportunity to use our time for Gods glory! We shouldn’t ever be caught off guard cause we are HIS KIDS! THE ONLY THING THAT LAST IS WHAT I DID FOR HIM??!!! GOSHHHHHH!!!!!!! LET GOOO OF SELF!!!! Make HIM NUMBER 1 … I will be better at these things..
    Glorify God
    Be thankful
    Control thinking
    Maintain a pure holy heart
    I WANT TO PLEASE HIM!!!!!! I refuse to live for others but for HIM!!! I will evaluate myself and have him show me what I’ve put more important than Him…


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