1. I thought it was hilarious last night when pastor dean said you can jump up and kiss my test lol…but it’s true. We have to be so mindful of the enemy’s lies and his efforts to keep us in fear so we choose plan b-z instead of plan A. I want God’s plan A in my life but it’s my job to be aggressive with the Word so Plan A is so big in my heart that there aren’t any other options.


  2. Walking by Faith is simply believing the Word works. Love works Faith, Faith works the Word and the more you grow in Faith, the easier it is to grow in Faith. Love doesn’t judge people, it judges the behavior. We have to refuse to back off the truth, refuse to compromise what we know, and refuse to do anything in fear. Cover the enemies lies with the truth of the Word of God. As Romans 1:17 – The Just Shall Live By Faith


  3. I really enjoyed the truth PD brings each and every time we come together!! Here are some of my takeaways:

    *You can’t make up for what you didn’t do BUT you can start doing what you are supposed to do.
    We all have to start somewhere,
    we are always one decision away from throwing it all away OR making the right adjustments to go in a different direction!!
    We choose to keep making the next right choice, everyday!!

    *With our time, we must ask ourselves will this add value to my faith walk? Will this make me better? Will this bring honor to God? We choose! Yes there are things that I enjoy, if and when they don’t take the place of what He wants for me!!

    *My confession will become a reality…I fully expect my faith to work!! 💪🏼


  4. Night life was so good! Here are some of my favs-
    BE FAITHFUL & RECOGNIZE GOD WANT TO DO FOR YOU SUPERNATURAL-when PD said this during offering time I just thought goshhh so good! GOD IS SO GOOD!

    God deserves my best! when you do things right, he’s able to take care of all the things behind the scenes where your blessed! It should be important to me to walk by faith no matter what I see or face or go through! I have to be willing to contend for the faith! AGGRESSIVE!!!! Pushing forward!
    Love doesn’t judge people! Love judges behavior!!

    Allow your love to deal with issues and not miss a beat! Love and move forward! If you allow what’s happened in the past keep you from moving forward in your faith you’ll never walk in faith & have peace! GOSHHH SO GOOD!!


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