Sunday, June 21

Services were so good today!!! I’m sooo thankful for the truth!! As believers we fight for the right cause, the cause of JESUS!! What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Great Father’s Day services all around 🙂
    Jumpstart: Patterns prevail. The training of the Holy Spirit is to teach you how to think, feel and choose. Keep small company, don’t have too many friends and choose them wisely. You choose your company, the amount of time you spend with them and the activities you do with them. Everything is either rooted in light or rooted in darkness – When your social tank is full of the Holy Spirit, your friend life will be right.
    First Service: The bar is Jesus. Your moments of joy should not be followed with moments of hell. Humility and humbleness will put you in a place better than you ever thought you could be in. People don’t fail due to natural circumstances – to continue to grow you have to continue to push!


  2. Jump start// just because things are bad doesn’t mean you have to feel bad. You choose joy; it’s a decision. You choose silence. You don’t rehearse it. Escape selfishness. What you feed grows. If you water and rehearse the problem it will grow. Paul did most of his earthly ministry behind bars. Bad times expose who you really are…

    Service highs//if I’m not changing I am self deceived. The Holy Spirit will show me what to change but it’s my job to change. Anything in opposition to the Word is SIN!! The more we walk in the light the more we will love upright. Quit dragging what you had nothing to do with into the equation. Such a great day!!!

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  3. Yesterday was soo great for me!! I listened to first service:

    Here are my highs:
    The bar is Jesus! Romans 8:29
    He made me new spiritually so I could change naturally.
    My disciplines without Him mean nothing to Him.
    He will not control anything in my life until I yield to Him.
    The further you go, sin becomes more about consecration, valuing your time with Him not just eliminating the things you knew were taking you out!

    He is my cause….being kind and tenderhearted…
    Unless I stay aware of Him I will be more aware of us!!


  4. I’m so grateful for pastors and leaders who never quit, who have grit!
    My highs from sunday were
    – There will always be triggers, there will always be factors, but patterns prevail.
    This is one of my favorite statements, things and people don’t change me!
    – You cannot possess your soul by yourself.
    It’s foolish to think I can do it on my own.
    – If you hear from them on a regular basis, they’re your friend.
    This was such a huge statement, and it’s so true, it really changed my perspective on voices that I let in.
    – You can’t speak idly in conversations and expect to speak to the mountain behind closed doors.
    Don’t be two faced.
    – Being like Jesus is my bar.
    – Success in Him requires discipline.
    -When I’m about His business, I’ll be in business; I will occupy.
    – One who becomes a new creation: moves from a world focus to a kingdom focus.
    This week I will be more aware of the voices I let in, and I will focus on my goal JESUS, I will be about His business and be kingdom minded!


  5. Fathers Day!!!😊 So thankful for all the daddies who are going hard to better – not only themselves but their family & The Body of Christ! I heard so much good Word today!! Here’s some of my takeaways:

    What I do daily – is more important than what happens to me daily!! This is so good!!! IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT COMES AGAINST ME – I can walk in the victory & freedom that belongs to me – when I consistently take my place! 👸🏻

    The Holy Spirit is so awesome! He teaches us how to think, feel & choose🤓 there’s never a reason to fail! We have The Answer for EVERYTHING!

    Being carnal = being casual

    Just because things are bad – doesn’t mean I have to feel bad! I love that!! I always go back to Paul – though he went through some of the toughest times – he still wasn’t moved!!💪🏼 then Ofcourse Jesus!! He said nothing back! He prayed for people, He wasn’t moved off His course !

    When things are bad – tells where you’re at! This always shows you’re deficiencies, it always comes down to what we’re feeding on the most, The Word or everything else – the issues, the lies etc

    Every time we get in The Word – we have the opportunity to increase in value! WOW!! The more we get – the more we can do!

    When we are born again – we become a new creation! It’s amazing what transformation can take place when we yield to His great Love ❤️


  6. I’m so thankful for our church and for Pastors that preach the truth of Gods Word every week! Jumpstart/ The Person of the Holy Spirit is always teaching us how to think , how to feel , how to choose what the Word is saying to us. Well- power will come up short every time! He cannot work with me outside of the Word. I really like this comment Pastor Charity said, “There will be triggers, and factors , but patters prevail!”What you do daily is more important than what happens to you daily ! Just because things are bad you don’t have feel bad, but you can choose joy instead!!!! Thanks Pastor Charity ♥️ 1st/ God will put me where I’m the Best as I continue to honor Him.Jesus should be the One I aspire to be like. He is our blueprint, and we cannot abandoned truth, even with the craziness that’s going on in the World ! I choose to stand and take the opportunity He gives me to tell people the truth in love. If they reject me it’s all about Jesus not me. Jesus said if they hated me they will hate you! It’s up to me to honor Him at any cost and there is a cost! We are the Church His kids, born-again believers !what will you CHOOSE To Do? Thank you PD for truth!!🙌


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