1. Pastor John George was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!! What stood out to me was Phil 4:19- it was amplified to me in a HUGE WAY!! i like how he broke down Mark 4 when Jesus was asleep on the boat.. WE are in a storm like he said now and as individuals we have to STAND AND SPEAK TO THE STORM.. goshhhh!! so grateful! fear=torment and i RESIST IT!!!! WE HAVE ALL AUTHORITY WHEN WE OBEY GOD AND STAND UP IN OUR PLACES, IN HIM!!!


  2. Late Night with Pastor John George was AMAZING!!!
    Be aware of the things you are allowing in you ! The enemy uses media to train you in his course! I so liked when he told us to stop funding their habit! Death and Life are in the power of the tongue! Even the music you listen to determines the course of your life! What you listen to and sing matters!!
    3 tests… character… information…. wisdom…
    these are the three things that will make you are break you in life!! Look to the Word alone and let Him build that character, fill you with the right information and rely on the Holy Spirit for the wisdom you need for the daily tasks you are responsible for!! He will reveal things to you that no one else can!!


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