1. Church was a so good today! Here’s my highs: Jumpstart/ I have to know who I’am in every setting, that takes humility! My relationships are to be in a small company , those that believe like I do , God’s Word! There are to be certain restrictions applied. A little leaven leavens the whole lump! Wrong relationships will cost me my victory! I will love my peers who are my Pastors , investing in them , loving them, caring about them respecting them! I will follow my leaders , I’am so graced by my leader , I will honor God by honoring , doing what I’m ask to do, to model her! I will stay the course with my leader, whatever is in her heart I’m with her! Follow your leader you win, you don’t follow your leader you lose! Thank You Pastor Charity !♥️ 3rd/ God’s called us to be on fire and go tell people what we know about Jesus ! Not to be in fear!( 2 Timothy 1:7) Color means nothing to God, because without Him we are a ZERO— nothing!!!! We all have the opportunity to grow in Him! Thanks Pastor Dean so good!🙌

  2. Church was soo great today!!

    I listened to first service!! Here are my highs:
    I love that Pastor Dean encouraged and challenged us all to ask ourselves and really evaluate where are we!! What are we even doing with our lives? LOL! What are we expecting? It’s healthy to take an inventory like that and check ourselves.
    I like that he said it is so easy to get comfortable…

    I like that Pastor Dean put the emphasis more on our personal relationship with the Father as opposed to our definition of being productive…this soo great! If He is the source and He is the vine than the most important thing for me to do is stay in FELLOWSHIP with Him by His Word and by His Spirit!!

    I do NOT entertain fear…I have been given power not just do deal with things in this life but OVERCOME them! I have overcoming power in me!!

    I like that Pastor Dean said God isn’t a controller…that is soo good…the enemy is after control but God loves us enough to let us choose…I choose Him because of His love!!

    Pastor Dean said, almost in passing, what hasn’t been taken care of can be and will be in His peace…I have no lack regardless….OMG!! That is soo good to me…the enemy is such an accuser and always trying to get us to focus on what we don’t have or what we “aren’t” but IN HIM whatever we lack is swallowed up in His sufficiency!! Glory!!

    I have a name above all names and at that name the enemy has to leave AND ALL HIS BAGGAGE!! That is soo good to me!! He has to take all his baggage with him.

    Whatever my station in life, I am asking myself what can I do in my position for the kingdom of God!! To shine a light, so more people can be brought into the kingdom…LIFE IS ALL ABOUT HIM!

  3. JESUS the name above EVERY name is my PEACE!!! We have to allow God’s presence to comfort us! If I embrace fear it will grip me & torment me.

  4. WOW!! Just finished listening to Jumpstart!!! CHURCH WAS AMAZING… IM GRATEFUL!!!
    Here are some of my highs

    Jumpstart- The HolySpirit works in me to teach me how to feel, how to thing, and how to chooose.
    IM GRATEFUL!!! he trains and empowers me to do what i need to do!! GRATEFUL GRATEFUL!!! I HUMBLE MYSELF CAUSE I NEED HIM..
    I CANT BE SOFT!! I have to know who i am in every setting and be that and that takes humility. I humble myself and ask him to help me with this… i will grow and i will become!!
    I WILL HOLD TIGHT TO GOD!!! I need HIM!! I CANT LOVE GOD AND THE WORLD.. the enemy is a divider.. I WILL STAY FOCUSED AND IN MY LANE..DEPENDENT ON HIM AND HIS VOICE FOR EVERYTHING.. I refuse to trust myself-my way of doing and being… i let go!!!! THESE ARE MY LEADERS AND I AM GOING TO FOLLOW THEM-DO MY LIFE LIKE THEM.. I WANT TO WIN AND IT IS DEPENDENT ON HOW I PLAY THE GAME.. I FOLLOW.. PERIOD.. end of it… Where would i be and where would i go?????? SERIOUSLY!!

    2nd service-P O W E R F U L !!!!!!! wow!!!! I AM GRATEFUL!!!!! I WAS NOT CREATED TO LIVE LIFE TO PLEASE MYSELF OR OTHERS-only HIM…… i want my life to make an impact on eternity… this so ministered to me by the Spirit when the INTERN video played…YOUR DREAM WILL COST YOU BUT HIS WONT.. SERIOUSLY!!
    When Pd said in the offering-ONE TOUCH FROM JESUS WILL CHANGE YOU LIFE!!!!
    JESUS IS WITH ME 24/7.. im grateful for PD… when he said see you husbands in a different light-encourage and assist them even in their weaknesses.. I WILL DO THIS…!!!! He said men have a special place in the Fathers heart.. GOSHHH thats huge.. WE were created to be TOGETHER-A PLACE OF AGREEMENT.. i will grow and become!!! I WANT MY MARRIAGE TO BRING GLORY AND HONOR THE FATHER.. FOR HIM TO ORDER HIS KINGDOM TO BLESS ME IF FOR ME TO FIND OUT THAT ORDER!!

    both of these services were vital to my growth!! im grateful to be a part of something bigger than myself.. GRATEFUL!!!

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