1. My favorite part of the service was when pastor Kathy read 1 Timothy 1:19 in the Message
    “There are some, you know, who by relaxing their grip and thinking anything goes have made a thorough mess of their faith.”
    This verse stood out to me so much, because it forced me to ask myself, how many times have I thought that such and such was ok and it wasn’t, how many times have I loosened my grip because I got tired?
    In and of myself I will always be tired, but thank you Father that there is a grace, an empowerment, HUPOMENE inside of me! I can stand even when I don’t feel like standing! By the grace of God I won’t make a thorough mess of my faith

  2. Coffee with PK was so good! As I went over my notes here are some of my highs! I like when Pk said we live in a microwave society. LIFE TAKES TIME! This so ministered to me because no matter what I see, face, or what situations or circumstances may be I KEEP STANDING! I know the Word works and I put my trust in Jesus alone and trust that his word will work for me because I’m His kid! THE LIFE OF GOD ISNT FOR WIMPS! Goshhh that so hit the bulls eye because you have to have GRIT! GOD DONT LIE! The enemies plan is to divide. When pk said that It so blessed me and challenged me to be aware and intentional about my life and having the knowing who and where division comes from ONLY THE ENEMY…. The enemy wants to take me out and all those attached to me.. CONVINCED- I HAVE THE VICTORY! ABUNDANT LIFE!!! OVERCOMERS! I will not be ignorant of the enemies devices! We are perfect and entire wanting nothing! You will obtain the victory if you don’t faint or waver PATRICIA! I refuse to fixate in problems but I fixate my gaze and focus only on HIM – nothing or no one else.

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