1. ❤️ I really needed what PD said tonight! My high’s were when PD stayed that “Being Serious doesn’t come naturally-especially about Jesus!”
    I immediately received that because sometimes, (a lot of times) I find it hard to be serious about anything when my flesh/personality takes “chill out” and “unintentional” to shameful levels!
    I am realizing that I have to WANT to be serious, waves of serious have come time and time again and I totally catch a few-but don’t ride on them for too long. 😕However there is way too much going on in the world NOW, for me not to be serious! I don’t want to be not serious, or too relaxed anymore. No more hanging out and being mediocre! It’s time to be serious about the things that are serious! 💪🏽

    Oh and another, Jesus alone matters…🙌🏽oh my, if only the world could see and understand that…things would change in an instant!! ❤️

  2. Service was so good tonight! Here are my highs! When we are serious about “Jesus is all that Matters “ and we believe that, when He is our Life, everything else is made easy! Glory to God! He’s called me to be transformed not conformed by this world , Christianity is to go from faith to faith, glory to glory.I really liked what Pastor Dean said no longer is this about being politically correct but he will be Penticostally correct!! Praise God!!! Jesus made Himself of no reputation , so will I. We have the opportunity to stand out and are supernaturally strengthened to make a difference in the lives of people who are hurting , and lost without Jesus to be saved! There may not be a lot of time left, but it can be our BEST time!! Thank you PD !”Jesus Alone Matters!”🙌

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