1. I had a few favs from today!! The video from Rodney Browne was very eye opening! But I am grateful for the truth it brought. I also appreciated PD reminding me that even though the world is what it is at the end of the day I am a victor in Christ!! And despite the circumstances I win!! And my third fav was serving in the filling station! I like helping others find the books they want to read or find a gift for someone’s birthday!! Church today was really awesome 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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  2. I’m back… LOL
    Jumpstart was good, because it’s always good, and because I’m in my best form to receive at 7:30AM on a Sunday morning 🙂
    As the seasons change, you must make adjustments. What you do anywhere is only as good as what you do behind closed doors. Be sure, your fake will find you out.
    An opportunity is everything that is put in your hand – What will you do with it?
    Rejoice! – Intentionally!
    Religious bullies can kill you, but then what? You win!
    It’s time to bring the supply like it’s never been brung (brought) before!

    Third Service was the best of the day as Pastor Dean was fired up! The stupidity that the world is in right now may not ever back off and return to “normal” as we knew it. We are going to have to fight to keep control of our basic human rights at this point and not be treated like puppets. It’s the Church’s job to lead the way here, and we aren’t getting much back-up, even from other churches! We can’t be cowards! Jesus wasn’t a coward, Paul wasn’t a coward, the disciples weren’t cowards towards the end, and we will not be able to occupy if we are cowards. The church will rise up before Jesus returns, because he’s not coming back to see weakness, he’s coming back for Victory.

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  3. I really enjoyed Sunday; I was in first and I listened to 3rd! I am grateful for a house where we can hear the truth…I really liked in the offering when Pastor Dean said, “my income is up to me”
    You have to be aware of the crap in your life and you have to get it out!
    and not just my personal poo but the poo around me!
    1. Humility prays
    2. Sincerity repents and changes.

    We will stand…Our land is where our feet our and we will take it!


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