July Book of the Month

The Power of Positive Confession

Frederick Price

More often than not the word confession connotes something negative to the average person. But that same word can be a powerful positive when it comes to the things of God.
For example, if an unbeliever would dare make the simple confession that Jesus is Lord of his life, according to Romans 10:9, and mean that in his heart, he would immediately take himself out of Satan’s kingdom and put himself into the Kingdom of God. There is no stronger, more important confession that can ever be made.
In fact, there is more in the Bible about confessing positive things than there is about confessing negative things.
The New Testament was written in the Greek language, and the Greek word for confession is the word homologeo, which means “to agree with” or say what God says about you. The fact is that God says wonderful, life-changing things about His children—those who have confessed Jesus as Lord of their lives. We only have to agree with what He says.
The power of positive confession, in line with God’s Word, will—over time—change your circumstances: your living standard, your health, your relationships, your career, and take you to heights you’ve never dreamed you could reach.
As Apostle Frederick K.C. Price reminds us, “Jesus is the High Priest of our confession. In other words, Jesus is the High Priest of our words.”


  1. Chapter 1/ There is a price to pay to make a positive confession in the Word of God! Hebrews 10:23 is one of my favorite scriptures , it says , Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering , for He who promised is faithful. In other words , do not give up saying and believing , believing goes with faith!!This Word is something I focus on everyday ! We can’t ever give up saying what we hope or have faith for.I must be consistent with God’s plan and purpose for my life and keep saying it! My hope is what God has said in His Word for my life and His Word is forever settled in heaven!! I can count it! Not casting away my confidence which has great reward! The will of God is whatever He tells me to do in reference to what it is I’am believing Him for and hold fast to it!! He is faithful!!!


  2. Chapter 2/ Gosh! This chapter was so good! I liked what Pastor Price said ,A true confession of faith always agrees with the Word of God. When our confession agrees with the Word of God then and only then will we receive what God has promised us! satan wants the church to never get this right , because he knows if we do and find out what Gods Word says about believing in our Heart and speaking what His Word Says our out of our mouth , what we say will come to pass , he will be finished lording negative confessions over us. He will no longer be able to snare us with our words. God has designed His system to work by His Word! I will not be snared by my words or the trap of the devil , but will know what God’s Word says about what I can have and say it out of my mouth then He is in involved in it. That is what makes it work !😃🙌


  3. THIS BOOK IS EPIC!! OMG!! I am sooo excited!! BOM is one of my favorites because it challenges me and focuses me! Like its a big deal…we will have all read 12 books this year!! God can honor and work with that hunger and discipline!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

    Introduction//My life then is controlled by my tongue…I will not let this truth slip! Proverbs 18:21
    There is more in the bible about positive confession than negative confession.
    WOW!! The definition or the Greek word for confession is homologeo//to agree with; say the same thing that God says about you and your circumstances!!! YESSSSS!!!

    Chapter 1//Christians have been guided toward emotion rather than confession…that will not be me!! Christianity is a confession!!! Sin doesn’t break sonship or relationship, but rather fellowship!
    You become a Christian through confession and you continue in Christianity through confession!!
    Never give up saying what you hope or have faith for.

    Chapter 2//Doubt is the opposite of believing! The Word doesn’t say we will have whatever we need but whatever we say! The same law designed to work for me can work against me! The power of positive confession, in line with God’s Word will change your circumstances in a positive way.
    Inhibitions, self-centeredness, not wanting to look different to other people are problems for most people…positive or negative we will have what we say! The enemy can devour me through the words of my mouth!! A true confession of faith always agrees with the Word of God.

    Chapter 3//If God says that’s who I am, then that is who I am.
    This is an epic statement, “If I will have the spiritual sense to bring my mouth, my confession–the words that I say in line with what the Word says I am, I have, and I can do–the things that I find in His Word–I will have that manifested in my personal everyday life.”
    We have to call sin, sin!
    I really like that Dr. Price talked about the fact that there are many methods available whereby we can access what God has provided for us regardless of where we are in our spiritual development.
    Why do we hesitate to trust the authority of God’s Word when we have put our trust in other’s words that have failed and continue to fail!! I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS…IF IT IS IN THE WORD IT IS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!! PROGRAMMING TAKES TIME SO I WILL BE INTENTIONAL!!

    Chapter 4//Ephesians 5:1 says we are to imitate HIm…God is a talker! God is a “sayer”! I am a sayer! I speak intentionally and effectively!!
    I don’t confess what I feel, see or understand but WHAT HIS WORD SAYS!
    If you don’t say anything you won’t get anything!
    I think God’s thoughts and then I say what He says!
    I liked Dr. Price’s confession, “Father I thank you that Jesus took all my infirmities.” If He took them all then I do not have any. Therefore, I confess I am free!
    A negative confession nullifies His Word on our behalf.
    “God clearly tells us what He will do for us in His Word, and from that point on, He deals with us on the basis of what we confess and do about His promises.
    If there is no Word, God has nothing to confirm!!


  4. I’m excited to read this book!!
    Chapter 1// Positive thinking is different from positive confession!! If you don’t move to the next stage as far as your circumstances are concerned you’ll stay in the same environment. I liked his word picture of remission as something you send away from you as in a remittance stub. God treats sin as if it never was for the sinner. Also I liked that he says to keep saying what you are hoping for! Hebrews 10:35-36


  5. So grateful for this book and it always is like perfect timing on the Book that’s chosen for the month for Me..
    Intro- Proverbs 18:21 .. my life is controlled by my tongue.
    Chapter 1 -I will be better off in life if I learn to think positively. Thinking this way is right proper & correct.. I have to confess positive things too! I need to agree with what God says and confess that. DONT BE GUIDED BY EMOTION BUT CONFESS THE WORD! Hold fast to Gods word and confess it!
    Chapter 2-
    Mark 11:23.. sooo good to me! Doubt is the opposite of believing. If I am believing I’m not doubting.. if I’m doubting I’m not believing. I can have whatever I say if I believe with my heart & confess with my mouth! Positive or negative you will have it, if you believe it and say it.. MAKE IT A HABIT OF SPEAKING LIFE PATRICIA! A true confession of faith always agrees with the Word of God.
    Chapter 3-
    God isn’t a man that he should lie!!!!! If God says something about me then what he says is true.. period, end of story! If God says I can do it, I can do it! If God says I can have it, I can! NAME IT & CLAIM IT… I should experience what Gods word says! Confession works when your doing Gods word!


  6. Chapter 2// if you don’t want the negative stop saying the negative. As long as you are functioning inside the law, the law is working for you. Positive confession works! We receive what we say if we believe it with our heart. You can measure a person by their words. A true confession of faith always agrees with the Word.


  7. Chapter3/ Now Faith is! I have to keep my confession in the present tense. At that point I will be speaking life to my life. I’am making a positive confession based on God’s Word! I like what He said,“ Your faith will never rise above the level of your confession!“🙌


  8. I’m getting a late start but this book is so good so far!! Here are my take-a-ways from the first 2 chapters
    chapter 1
    The difference between positive thinking and positive thinking. When your ship is going down positive thinking will let you smile instead of crying and screaming but positive speaking will keep the boat afloat!!! I have to SPEAK the WORD!!! I can’t just think it but i have to act on it!!! I have to agree with it by confessing!!

    chapter 2
    If i am in the habit of speaking negatively or joking; when do I separate the joke from reality. That really stopped me in my tracks lol! I know negative things and jokes I say that are negative and don’t line up with the Word and by saying them I’m training myself to not believe my own words! I will be aware of what i’m speaking so i’m speaking the truth that I believe!


  9. Chapter 3// confession in the New Testament means to agree with, or say the same thing God says. It’s important that all the things I’m saying are lining up with what the word is saying. If God says it’s Who I am then it’s who I am! The law of confession is working whether I know it is or not.

    I am to believe I receive it, not see it or feel it then believe it. You have to say you believe you already have it. That’s faith confession. It’s not lying just like when you order off a menu you are saying what you want even though you haven’t yet seen the evidence of the food other than the fact that it’s on the menu.
    It doesn’t have to make sense…if it’s written in the Word I believe I receive it by faith.


  10. Chapter 4
    If God says I can have it, I Can… I have to speak if and believe it to Rcv it! GOD WANTS US TO COPY HIM- he is a talker.. So I should say! IF I SAY NOTHING I WILL GET NOTHING..
    Chapter 5-God wants me to live victoriously here on earth in the now & if IM not then IM the problem. No one can mess up my life BUT ME.. the past means nothing… MOVE FORWARD .. let the word get down in your heart and be THE BIGGEST DEAL IN YOUR LIFE.. circumstances merely give you an opportunity to reveal the extent of your faith In Gods word. I HAVE THE AUTHORITY! I have to be committed; SOLD OUT TO WHAT GODS WORD SAYS ABOUT ME


  11. Chapter4/ I really liked what Pastor Price said about the hospital experience believing what man (drs.)say about our body ! But will not believe what Dr.Jesus says “With the Stripes of Jesus we were healed!“ 2Peter 2:24! We trust the word of man and make confessions based upon what they tell us.Why will we not trust the WORD of the Chief Resident Surgeon of all ages? Gosh! This chapter so marked me forever! God clearly tells us what He will do for us in His Word. He deals with us based on our confession , what we confess and do about His promises! A negative confession nullifies His Word on my behalf! There has to be some object to set my faith on. In the case of God it is His WORD!! Hallalujah! It is His Word He confirms not people, if there is no Word , God has nothing to confirm. Mark 16:19-20! 🙌🙌🙌🙌


  12. Chapter 6- There is an adversary who is out to take me out! He don’t stop… BUT GOD… Goshh I’m grateful. He has provided me with a public defender who is above reproach. Jesus defends me on the basis of his blood and my confession. WHAT AM I SPEAKING??? What I speak I’ll have because he cannot go against what I speak! SPEAK ONLY THE WORD….. what does the word say has to be what comes out


    1-what I am In Christ
    2-where we are in Christ
    3-what we possess in Christ
    4-what we can do in Christ
    CHRIST DID NOT GIVE UP HIS LIFE FOR ME TO BE DEFEATED! It’s up to me to live the victorious life or the defeated life??! BIND & LOOSE… I have the power!


  14. This book is amazing!!! I am soo happy to recap now!!

    Chapter 5//Matthew 12:34 out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!! God has a plan and has made provision for me to live abundantly here and now…not just in heaven!! I will speak it and receive it and walk in it!! “If you do not like what has been happening in your life, change your words.” No blaming anyone else!! MY LIFE IS ON ME! Let the Word get down in your heart so there is abundance there!! “Circumstances cannot do anything to be without my consent.” We submit to God by submitting to His Word! Circumstances merely give me the chance to expose the extent of my faith! A confession of doubt a confession of fear concerning our circumstances or our situation in life, hinders His ministry on our behalf.
    Sickness, health, poverty, or adversities are directly related to our WORDS!! What does God say about my condition? YOU HAVE TO BE SOLD OUT TO WHAT GOD SAYS OR IT WILL NOT WORK! “NOTHING RUNS IN MY FAMILY BUT DIVINE HEALTH!” 1. WHAT DOES GOD SAY, 2. WHAT DOES SATAN SAY? 3. WHAT DO I SAY What I say will have the final say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 6//The way Jesus defends us is on the basis of His shed blood and our confession!
    If you join your confession with the words of your adversary, then Jesus cannot act as your High Priest…you tie His hands. When we make a confession that is inconsistent with the revealed Word of God…we negate the counsel’s ability to defend us!

    Chapter 7//I will say: What I am in Christ, Where I am in Christ, What I possess in Christ, and What I can do in Christ!

    Chapter 8//Confessing the Word is key to overcoming the onslaught of the enemy.
    The enemy will use any means possible to keep the Word out of my mouth! I choose to ignore signals from my body or from my thoughts!! I SPEAK THE WORD ONLY! YOU CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED IF YOU LEARN TO WALK BY FAITH!! I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE IN CHRIST! I am perfect with Christ’s perfection!! My words release God’s power into my life!! I am demanding the rights that are already mine in Christ Jesus. I am not cursed therefore I do not participate in the curse! The Word of God is like an umbrella! God will hold me accountable…I want to be held accountable!! I want to win!!!!!! I AM IN CONTROL!!

    Chapter 9//The blessing of Abraham is a material blessing! Everything I am involved in will be blessed!! I expect to be blessed everywhere I go!

    Chapter 10//I am a champion!! I know and live from my position…my position IN HIM!! BLOOD-WASHED AND BLOOD-BOUGHT…the enemy has nothing on me!! I have been delegated authority by the head of the church! The ball is in my court!! The enemy wants to quarantine us but he can’t! He can just annoy us but he is defeated and he can’t have us!! I choose to renew my mind to the Word of God!! I SPEAK THE WORD ONLY!

    Chapter 11//I have an inheritance! I am rich! I bring it into reality with my bible confession! To activate the covenant you speak the promises!! HALLELUJAH!! MY CONFESSION IS FOR THE HERE AND NOW!! FAITH IS NOT FOR ISOLATED SITUATIONS…it is a total lifestyle Material blessings are dependent upon spiritual things!!

    Chapter 12//2 Timothy 1:7//I resist fear with my confession of God’s Word and stand of faith!! Fear can’t stay when I speak the Word! His will is my abundance!! Worry is a sin; it is my attempt to do something about the problem…if He has it then I don’t…I choose to be consistent and immovable!! I control my circumstances with my confession! I reign as a king!

    Chapter 13//It is confession through faith that activates the power of God in my life.



  15. Chapter 8- WE ARE WINNERS JUST LIKE THE WORD SAYS WE ARE! The devil knows that once we Christians are empowered with the Word we will be able to keep him out of our lives. That’s why he’s cleverly kept Christians fr
    Reading and studying the Bible! If you walk by the situations of life, if you walk by what your body tells you will constantly be in flux constantly changing. We are complete in Him, lacking nothing!!! I’ve been redeemed fr the curse!


  16. Chapter 9 was SO GOOD! The whole chapter ministered to me HUGELY but my most favorite part was when he said- How much does God have? EVERYTHING! Well you are an heir of God through Christ Jesus, so you should have everything you need and some. STOP BELITTLING YOURSELF. Stop listening to the lie of the enemy through the system, telling you how inferior you are, how homely you are. YOU DO NOT NEED MAN TO TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE. LET GOD TELL YOU! YESSSSS YESSSSS AND YESSS


  17. Chapter 11-
    As a child of God, I have an inheritance. I have something that was left to me by a very rich person! I HAVE TO CLAIM MY INHERITANCE. Satan will try stealing it but I have to refuse to let Him! THE FATHER IS INTERESTED IN ME IN MY NOW! Faith is not for isolated situations. It is a total lifestyle. I have to confess and believe the Word! ALL BLESSING IS MINE – PHIL 4:19


  18. Chapter 12- FEAR IS UNNATURAL FOR A CHILD OF GOD! YOU HAVE TO RESIST FEAR… fear makes no sense…THE WORD WORKS.. FAITH WORKS… CONFESSION WORKS…press through with your confession.. THE WILL OF JESUS FOR ME, is MORE ABUNDANT LIFE! To worry is To sin & when you worry your saying you don’t believe God! Worrying is an attempt to do something about the situation, which means your not satisfied to let God do it. Worry is a lack of trust. It’s a lack of faith in Gods word. 1 Peter 5:7- cast ALL your cares on the Lord for he cares for you Patricia! I control my circumstances with my confession! This chapter was by far my fav!!!


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