1. Church today was jam packed with the truth of the Word!!! 🔥 Some of my favorite statements were…
    There are no exceptions to what the Word says! It will work for you if you embrace it and put it to work in your life!
    Truth is the real deal!
    You can’t mix faith with human wisdom or what the world has to offer!
    Disciples take up residence in the Word!
    So grateful for our church and our Pastors!!! ❤️ We get the TRUTH every time!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


  2. Jump start// press pressure with a press
    If I’m drawing closer to him then I’m pulling Away from the other things that are less important. I evaluate my life by what I’m reading, who I’m watching, and how deep I am with this.

    Some of my Service highs: you can’t be a disciple without continuing in the Word. I am equipped to overcome myself. Nobody can keep me from enjoying this life but me. A person isn’t defined only by what they do but also by what they don’t do.


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