1. Church was so good today ! Here are my highs : Jumpstart/ Winning isn’t for everyone! I have to decide for me how I will live to win, because it requires Obedience , Obedience is progressive! What is the last thing He told me to do?, what is available for me to do? Obedience requires all of me! To know what I have been given! Then to do it with Him , His way! 2nd/ This quote was so good / “Revelation Reveals responsibility then Obedience produces abundance!“ I’am to own my space. I have God business to do, this is why I’m here! He has given me the kingdom keys! I have exceeding precious promises for my life as I have faith in God. His Word is settled in heaven . When I know the Truth there will be experiential growth in every area of my life!!!Thanks PD for Nothing but the Truth of God’s Word! So good!!!!! 🙌♥️


  2. Yesterday’s service was awesome! Pastor Dean was telling it straight up like he always does! I’m SO grateful for that!!!
    Some of my favorite statements were…
    There will be a pay day for you not honoring the TRUTH!
    You have to stand your ground if you expect to be successful!
    If it opposes the Word there should be no consideration!
    Faith it not fake it! The water of the Word will hold me up!
    His love should be the fuel for my life! (:


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