1. I was so thankful to make it to coffee with PK today it was SO good!! Our obedience affects others.. such a good reminder that it’s not about us. I’m so thankful for the truth ❤️


  2. I so so like James 1:3 literal Greek- it blesses me!!!! I continue to refuse to look around but to keep my eyes on Jesus!!! I have right ingredients to go by- hear the word, meditate on the word, believe the word, speak the word & DO IT!! Toughen up Patricia! REFUSE REFUSE TO GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS.. this is the best life!!! Yesterday’s obedience does not count for today! I so like this because everyday matters & I have to stay on myself to continue doing what the My daddy shows me in raising my kids, with my marriage, in my life, in EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE! Goshhhh his yoke is easy & his burden light.. if my life is giving way to anything else then I need to go back to what he told me to do!! SERIOUSLY!!! I’ll grow and I’ll become the doer HE CREATED ME TO BE!


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