1. Night life was SO GOOD & PD is made me laugh!!! He blesses me because the way he communicates the Word & teaches is not only all truth in your face but also SO FUNNY! I love you PD!!!!
    WE HAVE A COVENANT W- THE CREATOR THAT TRANSCENDS ANYTHING NATURAL. So grateful for this!!! I refuse to let go of my hope!!!!!! I like when he said always see yourself as a child needing what he has to offer! I NEED HIM! Continue to grow Patricia & be an asset to the kingdom and people around you! HE HAS MADE A WAY FOR ME TO BE LIKE HIM! Get to a point where I’m not moved by anything or anyone- STRONG IN HIM & IN HIS POWER! I’m not of this world!!!! I HAVE EVERYTHING HIM PAID FOR RIGHT NOW! I refuse refuse refuse to lean on my own understanding- I trust Him!!!!! SMOOTHER- EASIER… GOSHHH YESSS! When he becomes real to you it changes everything! He is an ever present help ALL THE TIME! BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE PATRICIA!!!! I’m an heir of his seated with him in heavenly places


  2. Every promise has a condition – The Father isn’t a sugar daddy LOL. You don’t have to hit rock bottom before you are able to look up. So many people don’t seek God until they’ve crashed. That isn’t the way He intended it to be, he wants us to seek him first ALWAYS. When we do this, then when trouble does occur, we are already prepared and ready to give the devil a black eye! Our purity, conduct and behavior should reflect Jesus’. Be bold and confident, we ARE the sons and daughters of God. Jesus paid it ALL and has done everything he needed to do to set us free. We are the head and not the tail, always on top and never on bottom. The last battle we’ve ever lost should be the last battle we ever lose. Don’t mistake a challenge for a defeat, we are given the power to overcome any challenge.


  3. Service was so good so thankful for our Pastor Dean! My highs were:We are to remember to see ourselves as a child, never to think we can do anything or be anything without Him. That every promise is conditional! We’re not to lean to our own understanding but to know what the promises say and they are tangible in our lives to have them and can see them! I liked what Pastor Dean said, “When He becomes real to you it changes everything that pertains to your life.” Have faith in God! Mark 11:23. For He is our Life!!! Praise God ! Thanks PD ! ♥️🙌


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