1. Today was such a good day! In JumpStart I really liked when PC said without the Holy Spirit you’re unstable at best! LOL it sounds really funny but I don’t want to live an unstable life when I have stability in me!!! I will spend more intentional time praying in the Holy Spirit and receiving wisdom for my life.
    In first service, at the beginning of service Pastor Dean said my life depends on whose voice I expose myself to. I really saw that in a different way then ever before! What kind of life do I want because who/what I listen and expose myself to will bring life or death into my life!
    I also liked when he said “I don’t understand how my car works but I drive it everyday!” That was soooooooo good!!!! I don’t have to know everything I just have to have faith and act on it!!


  2. I’m so thankful for church and the Truth of Gods Word! My highs were: Jumpstart/ How you see is how you live. The Holy Spirit is the Seer, I cannot see the supernatural. It is the Word and Spirit that connects me to seeing and knowing! Vision comes by the Spirit! He is the Guide! I really liked what Pastor Charity said , “Every time the Word comes faith comes, the Word manifest to what I’m already experiencing! Just what I needed to hear today and so much more! Thank you PC!♥️ 2nd/ This statement from Pastor Dean, “The most important assignment is for our Pastor to feed His sheep!” There is a people the 25% who believe what Jesus has paid for ,to be excited when they leave a service to take a stand so what He did can become a part of their life! He ask me to only BELIEVE! To put the Word to work in my life doing it His way. To fight for what belongs to me! I will be CRAZY , sold out for Jesus Christ of Nazareth , the Only One who died and rose from the dead so I could live! To tell others the Good News , His love! My Savior, my Lord! This begins with Believing!!!! Thank you PD!🙌♥️


  3. Service was awesome!!! I’m so grateful for my pastors & the stand they have taken!!! Pastor Dean brought the truth w/some humor like he always does! LOL!!!
    some of my favorite statements…
    You have to believer enough to do! If you say you believe and don’t do your a liar!
    My faith depends on the voices I listen to…I won’t allow my faith to be diminished!
    My word over my life is my first position of stewardship!


  4. Jump start was so powerful yesterday. If I want to be spiritual I have to evaluate my life. Am I humble? How do I come into the presence of God? I can literally be reading my bible and if I don’t invite the Holy Spirit to be a part it can just be religious.

    All the services were so powerful today. Pastor Dean was on 🔥. My favorite service was first and my favorite statement was when he said my first position of stewardship is to speak the Word over my own life.


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