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  1. Coffee with PK was so amazing today with Reverend Melissa Swindle!!! I really liked when she talked about how Muslims pray 5 times a day and their God doesn’t answer but we pray to a living God but don’t give Him time! It’s really pathetic! I will pray more and really fellowship with HiM! There is no excuses!
    I also liked when she said my number 1 weapon is my mouth!!! I have the power but I give it up!!! I will NOT continue doing that!!!!! I will use my weapons!
    My favorite is when she said “the miracle is in your mouth!!!” OMG I seriously have NO excuse!!!! He loves Me and all I need to do is speak to bring things to pass!! I will quit staying quiet about what I should be speaking and start using my voice!!
    Also when she said get the victim out of your voice!! So good! I have the victory so why am i allowing contrary to come from my mouth!!


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