Night Life 7/29/20

WOW! Tonight was AMAZING!!! Praise the Lord! We are so grateful for Rev. Melissa Swindle and her Holy Spirit jump starts! What was your favorite part of service?


  1. This will forever stick to my heart: All we need are “believers” hands. Not pastor hands or any other title. If we are a believer> we should & WILL lay hands, pray & receive healing! Just like “Jumper cables” 👋🏼❤️🙏🏼 thank you Jesus!!!


  2. Reverend Melissa was so awesome last night! I was so encouraged by the story she shared about her mom! We have the power we just have to use it! I’m so grateful she was able to be here with us!


  3. So thankful for night life with Rev. Melissa! Right on time message ❤️ I like how she started off talking about responding/cooperating with God! He will not force me to do anything, I must YIELD! The Kingdom of God is ruled and ran by my words! What I believe will come out of my mouth! The blood of JESUS is bigger than any of my past mistakes…GLORY!!! No more victim mentality!! I’ve been hearing so much about how dead people don’t get sick, don’t get offended, aren’t moved and I’m taking this NOW!!! Larrisa is DEAD!!! I’m now alive IN CHRIST JESUS!!! I love how Melissa told the doctor that she had a different Daddy and a new DNA…YESSS!! Me too!! To think of the devil as a trespasser will help me from giving him any entrance to my body, my thoughts, my life!! Devil, you have no right!! 👊🏼 I will get louder than the symptoms!! Miracles will be common for me…All I see is VICTORY!! My mouth was not made for gossip or negative confessions or doubt or hate but for CREATIVE POWER!! And my favorite, my hands are Holy Spirit jumper cables!! When I lay hands on the sick, THEY WILL RECOVER IN JESUS NAME!! Glory 🙌🏼


  4. I enjoyed Rev. Melissa so Much! Her boldness encouraged me. Her story about her Mom was amazing! God has anointed us that are His kids to do what Jesus did in the earth. Lay hands on the sick , cast out demons, set the captives free. We are only the contact He does the work ! Praise God! No big name title , just Faith in the One who has called us to the Ministry of Reconciliation! 🙌♥️


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